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Daniel Ventura is WBFF pro, personal trainer, nutritionist and also holds the honour of being the first British fitness model to appear on the front of Men’s Health Magazine. Last but not least, he is also a Sci-MX sponsored athlete.

We have recently added a new Sci-MX Discount Code page to our cheap supplements & offers section, and to celebrate the occasion, we interviewed one of Sci-MX’s most decorated ambassadors. We enjoyed interviewing Daniel Ventura, and spoke about his early beginning, fitness, diet, supplements and competing.

You’ve been no stranger to getting in front of a camera, starting your modelling career as a fashion model in 1995. Back then, what was your physique like? Did you weight train, or did you have a ‘natural’ slender physique for fashion modelling?

When I first started modelling it was in the fashion industry and what was required was a more natural slender look, which luckily I had at the time. Because I was younger my metabolism was faster and I had a much smaller frame to wear the clothes. I did however weight train but I didn’t take supplements or protein shakes to help me put on mass.

How old were you when you started lifting?

I was 18 when I first started pumping iron. I remember going to the gym and not having a clue what I was doing and trying to copy big guys in the gym and their exercises.

daniel-ventura-fitnessWhat got you to step into the weight room? Was it to pursue modelling, or something else?

I started modelling when I was 18 and I remember back then I knew I needed to have a six pack and a good physique if I wanted to be successful, so the weight room had to be on the agenda.

As your physique has developed, and matured over the years, do you find it has prohibited you from modelling, or given you more opportunity within the modelling world?

Sadly once your physique has gone past a certain threshold you can’t go back to fashion modelling very easily. But since starting fitness modelling I much prefer this type of work as I’m much more passionate about fitness than fashion. I haven’t looked back since making the transition.

From what I gather your big transition from modelling to fitness modelling came in 2004 when you graced the cover of Men’s Health. Did you adjust your diet or training in anyway getting ready for that shoot?

Yes 100%, I’d never really watched what I ate or drank before. Entering the fitness industry you have to watch everything that passes through your lips. 80% of what your body looks like boils down to what you put in your mouth. So Tupperware became my best friend and I carried all my meals where ever I went. To make sure I always ate clean.

You’re foothold into fitness has grown over the years, you’re a qualified instructor, and a WBFF Pro. Im currently in my 2nd year of competing as a bodybuilder, and have 5 shows under my belt. Tell us a bit more about your background of competing on stage, and your journey to earning your WBFF Pro card.

The recent WBFF show was my first ever competition and I was over the moon to come 1st place. I’ve watched shows with friends before and I’d never thought of doing it myself. The catalyst that made me compete was the fact that I’m developing my own fitness app on iTunes called ‘Daniel Ventura’s cover model body’ to be released this summer. I wanted to get more recognition as a fitness model and also get my name known world wide so when I release my app I can help as many people around the world get fit, happy and healthy. So when I won 1st place it was a dream come true and I’m eternally grateful to the WBFF judges for giving me this golden opportunity.


What, in your opinion, was your defining moment in competing?

I noticed from the playback of the videos that the other contestants although having pretty flawless physiques couldn’t walk or pose comfortably on the stage. It’s alright having a perfect body but if you can’t showcase it to the judges effectively you won’t place. I luckily had an advantage as I’d done 100’s of catwalk shows in my modelling career so I knew how to relax and engage with the audience. So my defining moment was the evening wear round which was a fashion modelling round and catwalk, which of course I nailed! Years of practice came in very handy.

Being a WBFF Pro is an accolade many athletes aspire to achieve. Tell us about what being a pro entails, and what responsibilities you have to the WBFF.

The WBFF is the worlds biggest show for male fitness models and the most recognised brand. Once you join the WBFF team you can’t compete in other competitions otherwise you’d forfeit your pro status. Personally I’d never want any other accolade because the WBFF is famous for being the best of the best! The WBFF are a fantastic organisation and naturally want to protect the integrity of their brand. So a Pro athlete must act accordingly and do nothing to tarnish the name of the brand. I’m a clean living fitness fanatic so there’s no chance of that happening in my case thankfully. You can learn more about the WBFF here: http://wbffshows.com/

What continues to motivate you to compete? Has there ever been any times you’ve considered quitting?

Winners never quit and quitters never win! One of my favourite lines. So true as well.

The WBFF uk championship was my first competition and my next comp will be the world championship in Las Vegas in 2015. This will be competing against the best of each country in the world! To be the world champion is an accolade I have to achieve!

When not training or cooking food, how do you spend your ‘working week’?

Chilling in the spa area of my gym, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi or watching movies with my fiancé on the sofa is my idea of heaven.

I’ve been lifting since I was a teenager, and im now 23. I personally don’t miss ‘bad food’ and find eating ‘clean’ relatively easy. When prepping for a show, in my limited experience, what i Shreddybrek Skinny To Muscle Transformationstruggle with is the quantities of food. Increasing cardio levels, and restricting carbohydrate intake took its toll on my hunger levels. What tips do you have to stay fuller for longer when dieting?

Great question, my coach always told me to fill up on greens. Eat as much broccoli, greens, sprouts, asparagus and salad as you like. Another trick I found myself is when you feel you need some carbs try eating zero noodles (they’re carb, calorie and fat free) and you’ll feel a bit more carb satisfied.

What is a typical day of dieting like for you when you’re looking to add muscle mass?

When I want to fill out a bit I always use brown rice and steamed sweet potato in my meals. They fill my muscles with glycogen and I notice the results quite quickly.

How does this change when your preparing for a contest?

Before a contest I’ll lose all the carbs for maybe 1 week and a day before a show or shoot I’ll carb up.

What is your take on cheat meals? Do you have them, and if so, do you factor them into your macro’s, or see them as a ‘free meal’?

Cheat meals are essential, I try to have clean cheat days whenever possible. But I do live a life as well so if I’m out at a restaurant I’ll treat it as a free meal.

How often would you incorporate a cheat meal or cheat food into your diet?

You need to cheat at least once a week and sometimes twice is good. Typically I’ll cheat on Wednesday and Saturday.

Some people struggle to draw a line between cheat meal and cheat day. How detrimental, in your opinion, is a full blown cheat day when trying to lose weight?

The more calories you consume the more you have to burn, so if you overload on one day it’s just going to take you longer to burn off.

Not everyone who goes to the gym wants to compete or be a fitness model. What tips would you give these people who want to get in shape and follow a healthy diet?

Train at least 5 days a week and mix cardio with resistance. That’s girls and boys! When it comes to diet, try eating out of Tupperware. So when you go to work you’re not tempted by bad foods.

Lets shift gears to training, can you give us an overview on your training style. Do you prefer high volume, heavy weight low reps, a combination of both?

My training sessions differ each and every time, I never do the same workout. The reason being your body gets immune to exercises just like it gets immune to anything else. By doing something completely different each time I shock my body and my metabolism spikes and my muscles grow.

Can you talk us through a typical week’s training split?

Legs will be twice a week, then chest and biceps, back and triceps and lastly shoulders and core. All sessions start with 20 minutes HIIT training.

Does this differ when you’re preparing to compete?

Before a comp or shoot I ramp up the training. More compound exercises and cardio at the start and the finish.

How long does a typical weight session last for you?

I normally train for about 1 to 1 and a half hours.

Do you prefer low intensity, long duration cardio, or a HIIT style?

HIIT all the way, long duration is bad for the joints, bones and lowers testosterone. High intensity raises testosterone. It’s a no brainer!



You’re sponsored by Sci-MX. Tell us about how you landed that gig.

I appeared on the front covers of the leading mens fitness magazines and a fellow model Ben Kirby who has also appeared on countless covers was already sponsored by Sci-mx and they got in touch with me through him.

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Which of their supplements are your favourite?

Too many to mention, but my absolute favourites are CLA , Tri omega, ultra whey protein , 17_T , SHRED-X , BCAA’s  and their cookies  are to die for! You can get them all from the Sci-MX Website.

What does your current supplement stack look like?

All of the above are the main contestants.

How important do you feel supplements are to those looking to either add muscle mass or drop body fat?

I find them essential, I thank SCI-MX for supplying me with the right supplements that got me into shape to win the WBFF. It’s because of their high quality products that I won.

Is there any ‘essential’ cheap supplements you’d recommend to someone wanting to bulk up or cut up?

To bulk up its important to preserve the muscle you’ve already made, so BCAA’s and glutamine should be taken daily. Then with your protein and training bulking should be easy.

To get cut up I strongly recommend xplode rippedcore  and SHRED-X, they’re phenomenal products that really work well.

Tell us about any up coming competitions you have.

My next comp is the 2015 world championship WBFF in Las Vegas

Where can our readers follow you and learn more about you?

My fitness app ‘Daniel Ventura’s cover model body’ will be available to download for free soon on iTunes this summer. Plus they can like and follow my Facebook page ‘Daniel Ventura Fitness’
Twitter @dan_ven_mar and Instagram danielventuramartin

Also check out my website and shop for products I use and recommend danielventurafitness.com

Do you have any final words for our readers?

Eat clean and train dirty!


Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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