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Breast is Best, and Muscle Food Chicken provides you the best quality protein, from just £4.85 a KG. Moist, Tasty and Easy to cook, get a hand on these breast's today.

Chicken breast is a staple of any healthy or bodybuilding diet. While there is no special sauce to building slabs of muscle, you can guarantee everyone from Arnie to Ronnie went through a ton of chicken to sculpt their physique. And we all know breast is best right?

There is a misconception that eating healthy, or following a bodybuilding diet is expensive. MuscleFood breaks down this misconception with 5kg of fresh chicken breast for just £25. It’s even cheaper if you buy in bulk.

But what if you’re not a full time athlete or bodybuilder? Fitting in the gym, working out and frittering away endless nights on youtube watching cat videos makes it hard for a modern man (or teenager) to go shopping for said chicken breast.

MuscleFood offers a time saving solution to the time deprived moderan man looking to pack on muscle with MuscleFood Chicken Breast, delivered to your door.

You’re already savvy enough to buy your supplements and cheap protein powder online, so why not your food to? Tesco, Asda and other supermarkets have offered this service for years. But not geared exclusive around healthy, muscle building foods.

Enter I recently tried 5kf of Muscle Food Chicken Breast. As someone who normally buys frozen chicken breast from aldi, I was surprised to find high quality, fresh chicken breast, for such a low price. Find out if you should give them ago in this MuscleFood Chicken Breast Review.

Muscle Food ChickenMuscle Food Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is considered the ultimate Muscle Food.

100 grams of raw chicken breast, on average, packs around 20 grams of protein, is low in fat, and you can make any amounts of meals from it. It goes with rice, potato, pasta, bread and tastes great off the BBQ.

But how good is the Muscle Food Chicken Breast?

Nutritional Breakdown

MuscleFood Chicken Breast Nutrition

Per serving is each chicken breast, whilst the nutritional values for 100g is raw weight.

Its good to see that you’re getting over 22 grams of protein per 100 grams of chicken breast.

Muscle Food trims the fat, so you get it as lean as possible, packing just 1.1 grams of fat. Of course, there are only trace amounts of carbs in here.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Each chicken breast comes in a perfect size. Each breast is just the right size, and contains enough protein for anyone who is serious about looking to build muscle.

I find myself weighing everything, and depending upon my macro’s, I would have to trim some of the chicken off, and save it for a later meal. But heck, that just speaks volume about the size of these things. You can’t complain about too much!

Fresh Chicken From Muscle Food

The 5kg of Chicken Breast from came delivered chilled, not frozen, and had just short of a week before their use by date. Of course if you order in bulk, you can always freeze them, and use them as you need them.

As a bodybuilder, I found my way working through the full 5kg of chicken without having to freeze it. This was perfect for me. However had I bought a larger amount, to save more money, they I would have frozen it. If you’ve got the freezer space, then i’d definitely recommend going for their 20kg option, as this stuff tastes spot on.

Muscle Food Chicken – Taste & Texture

Muscle Food Chicken Meal ReviewI’ve already said breast is best. I think i’ll be hard pressed to find a better quality breast than what MuscleFood is offering!

I only ever cook my chicken in 2 ways. Either in the oven, or dry-fried in a pan.

My usual chicken, oven baked, is always edible, but is rather dry. Nothing to write home about. Once defrosted, pan fried it usually tastes spot on.

MuscleFood Chicken on the other hand tastes perfect oven baked or pan fried. Of the full 5kg, I didn’t find any my chicken breast fillets to be dry, tough or rubbery. It’s hard to describe how it tastes other than saying… it tastes like chicken.

But the difference in taste between this and the frozen chicken breast I usually get was immediately noted from my first bite. Muscle Food Chicken delivers on all fronts.

So you might now be thinking, well fresh chicken breast is all well and good for a bodybuilder, but how can i afford it? Well, what if I told you that MuscleFood FRESH chicken breast, was more affordable, and better quality, than supermarket chicken?

Value For Money

Starting at £25, you can get 5kg of fresh MuscleFood Chicken Breast. That’s 1kg of fresh chicken breast for just a fiver. You’d spend more on a magazine and a scratch card when you pop in to fill up petrol.

To put this into comparison, Tesco sells 350g of fresh chicken breast for £4. You can get 2 packs for £7, or 3 packs for £10. So to get a kg of chicken from Tesco, you’re paying more or less double the price than you would from

Not to mention you have to head to the shop, fight your way through screaming kids, and freeze your balls off in the chilled isle to get it. Que at the checkout and drive home.

Buying 20kg of chicken breast lets you grab it for just £4.85 a kg. Thats only 85p more than what Tesco are charging for 350g!

MuscleFood Chicken Breast Fillet Chilled

MuscleFood Chicken – Straight To Your Door

Before trying MuscleFood i was apprehensive about buying meat online. I wasn’t sure how it would be delivered, how long it would keep for, if it could perhaps go off during delivery.

Trying 5kg of Chicken Breast from MuscleFood put all my worries to rest.

As I explain in our Muscle Food Discount Code section, the delivery method that MuscleFood uses ensures you’re order arrives chilled, and will remain chilled for upto 72 hours.

They also allow your to set up a repeat order. That means if you go through 20kg of chicken a month, you can set up a customised repeat order. Pick the quantity you want delivering, pick the date you want it delivered (I’d recommend a day or 2 before you’d run out of your last batch of meat), and MuscleFood take care of the rest.

You can pick when you want it delivered, so you know you’ll be home and won’t miss it. Better yet, you won’t have to do the dreaded supermarket run every week! You can find out more about the MuscleFood delivery system here.

The Verdict

Musclefood com chickenUltimately, chicken is chicken. However anyone who eats as much chicken as I do know’s there is difference between good chicken, and bad chicken.

I can confidently say that MuscleFood Chicken is quality chicken. There are no fillers added here. No water to pad the size of each breast. No additives, preservatives or other crap that makes it slimey, gooey and stinky. Just good quality breast.

And what man doesn’t love a good quality breast?

If you don’t have the space for 20kg of chicken breast, then even £25 for 5kg is a steal. If you have the space however, then you might as well bulk buy and set up a repeate order to make the biggest saving possible. Our Musclefood Discount Code page has a ton of great offers on to, allowing you to save even more with each order at

Try MuscleFood Chicken Today

Stop wasting time drudging around the supermarkets and over paying for your chicken.

Save time. Save money. Get stocked up on Chicken Breast from MuscleFood Today. Postage is only £3.95 or free is you’re spending £75 or more.

There are a ton of other products you can try, check them out in our Muscle Food Review section.

Get Your Chicken Breast From Just £4.85 a KG

Muscle Food Chicken Cooked


Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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