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Musclefood hache steaks are a cross between a steak and a burger. If you like either, then you'll love these steaks. Packing around 36g of protein per steak, this is one of the best meals i've had recently. Ditch the supermarket meat, and get this from Musclefood instead.

Is it a steak? Is it a burger? No, it’s a Hache Steak! Wait what?!

Hache Steaks are relatively unknown here in the UK but trust me when I say that you must try these French classics. If you like steak, you’ll like this. If you like burgers, you’ll like this.

If you’re a bodybuilder, athlete, or anyone looking to gain some muscle, you’ll want to add this to your diet. Why? Because it gives you –

  • 36g protein per steak
  • Cheap
  • Easy to cook
  • Quick to cook
  • Tastes good

Before I jump into this Muscle Food Hache Steak Review, let’s kick off by answering one simple question.

muscle food hache steakWhat is a Hache Steak?

Not quite a small steak, but too big and thick to be a traditional burger is where a Hache Steak falls. It’s a tweener of the meat market.

Common in France, over the past few years you might have seen these gaining popularity in London. You won’t be able to walk round Camden Market in London, without seeing a host of food stalls selling Hache Steaks.

Having visited Camden a few times, its almost like an obstacle course of food temptations. From thai food, to chinese, to grilled chicken, to regular burgers, its refreshing to see hache steaks on the stalls there now, providing a bit more of an upmarket meat choice for on the move.

It’s quite possibly possibly the best import we’ve ever seen from France!

If you’re still none the wiser as to what a hache steak is, then just think of a hache steak as a big, juicy thick 6oz meaty burger.

Hache Steak is top quality steak that has been minced. Its then formed into an oval shaped patty. Once formed into a patty, you can add your own seasoning and cook it as you would a regular steak.

This is what separates the hache steak from a regular burger, the quality of the meat that has been used, and the fact that it has not been seasoned prior to being formed into a patty.

If you’re on a low carb diet, then you’ll be happy to know that whilst a hache steak resembles a burger, they are more commonly ate not on a bun.

You might hear people calling it a hache burger, steak hache, or the correct name of a hache steak. So if you ever hear any of these things being mentioned, you now know what it is.

I like to think of a hache steak as a posh burger… that isn’t a burger. Hope this makes sense haha!

Muscle Food Hache Steak Review

Muscle Food hache steak’s come in a pack of 2. Each weighs around 170 grams, and will cost you £3.50. That (obviously) works out at £1.75 per steak. One is enough for a meal, containing 36g of protein. Its a bit pricier than the MuscleFood chicken breast, however its still excellent value.

It’s certainly not the cheapest steak or beef available, however, when you compare the taste of MuscleFood Hache steaks to something you’d get out of the supermarket….

To put it bluntly, there is no comparison. You don’t expect a gourmet burger from McDonalds. For something that actually tastes good, you’re going to pay a premium. This is the case with the hache steaks from

I love having these with boiled potato or sweet potato wedges, or rice and veggies. If you’re a steak and egg kind of guy however, I think combo would go down a treat! Obviously you can have it with whatever you’d like though! If you’d like it on a burger bun you can, however for me, the texture isn’t quite right to eat it as I typically would a burger.

muscle food hache steak review

MuscleFood Hache Steak Nutrition

A typical hache steak from MuscleFood contains 90% Beef (7.5% seasoning and 2.5% water)

The Hache Steaks come from cattle reared Free Range right here in Britain and give you an all-natural protein hit with every bite.

Per hache steak

Calories 306

Protein 35.7g


Of which Sugars 1.5g

Fat 17.0g

Of which Saturates 6.8g

Sodium 1.1g

As you can see the fat content is quite a bit higher than what would typically be in a lean cut of steak. It’s not sky high however. I can easily fit them into my macro’s for the day.

If i was trying to lose fat for a bodybuilding show and really close to a competition, my fat intake may be lowered so i’d perhaps ditch them in the final few weeks of contest prep. However you can still easily lose weight with these in your diet.

When it comes to eating to gain muscle however, these things will be a hard gainers best friend. Containing a solid 36g of protein, and a good amount of fats, this will help you get calories in easily.

How Do Musclefood Hache Steaks taste?

I loved these. Im not saying I could eat these 3 times a day, every day, however as something a bit different, this makes me feel like im ‘treating’ myself, on a budget, and without cheating on my diet.

After cooking them, the hache steak remained thick. A lot thicker than a regular burger would be. This made it a pleasure to eat, and I really felt I was biting into a real piece of meat.

The taste wasn’t too rich or smokey. It was meaty, tender and juicy. Exactly what i’d expect from a top quality cut of beef.

The burger was a little greasier than I expected it to be however. There was a lot of left over fat in the pan, which i damped off with a kitchen towel. For this reason, I wouldn’t eat them multiple times a day, every day.

But like I say, it’s still a healthy burger-like choice.

How can you cook them?

I cooked mine in a regular non-stick frying pan. I added 15g of Dr Zaks coconut oil into the pan and cooked my hache steak until it was medium/well. However for my next pack, I would definitely opt to use something like a George Foreman grill.

However you would cook a regular steak, is exactly how you should cook a hache steak.

Musclefood hache steak reviewQUICK FACTS:

90% Beef
Made with Prime Minced Steak
High protein
Low carb
Free Range


I simply can’t praise these Hache Steaks anymore. They are certainly one of the best thing I’ve cooked recently (although that could be due to by expert cooking skills!)

Muscle Food hache steaks are easy to cook, affordable (£3.50), nutritious, and taste awesome!

It gets even better, if you’ve never ordered from Muscle Food before you can get a variety of free meat with you first ever order!

Try MuscleFood Hache Steaks

You can try hache steaks from MuscleFood Here.

Don’t head over to Musclefood without visiting our Muscle Food Discount & Voucher Codes page though, where you can save up to 50% on your order.

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