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On October 30, 2015
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I thought these brownies were decent until I microwaved them, then I realised I had a game changer on my plate. Awesome tasting, really good macros (23g protein) and dirt cheap. If you like brownies, then you definitely need to try these.

Update: 25th May 2016 – Protein Blondie Review (White Chocolate Chip Protein Brownie) Added

Ever been dieting, craved a brownie, and spent countless hours looking for a healthy brownie recipe to make yourself?

It probably involves using weird protein powders, beans, and a load of other shite you’d have to go into a vegan store to find, and then throw away after you’ve made a brown gooey mess that ends up in the bin?

Just me?

With so many protein snacks invading the fitness market, from protein flapjacks to protein cookies, to the head scratching (and dreadful) protein crispies, or pointless protein cereal (which contains like 2 extra grams of protein compared to the normal variety), it’s easy to get caught up in a “protein craze”.

Among the crap though, there are some genuinely good protein snacks that crop up every now and then. The latest that i’ve tried, being Protein Brownies from My Protein.

MyProtein Protein Brownies ReviewOverview

Protein Brownies from MyProtein are pretty self explanatory. They are a high protein brownie. Go figure.

These things pack 22grams of protein per brownie, with a fraction of the carbs and far lower fat than a traditional brownie (and a lot of competitor “protein brownies” for that matter).

Do you need them in your diet to make gains? No.

Should you include protein brownies in your diet if you love regular brownies, want a macro friendly version, and an easier way to hit your protein intake…… ?

To quote Daniel Bryan “YES! YES! YES!”


Like many “protein snacks” these things taste a little different to the brownies your used to getting from costa coffee, or the ones your mam makes for you to have after Sunday.

Of course they’re going to taste different, these things have a fraction of the sugar, and far less fat than normal ones.

Do they taste massively different? No.

In my GoNutrition Protein Muffins review I pretty much said if you love muffins, you’re better off getting a regular muffin, and having a protein shake.

Something MyProtein does well with their protein snacks, is that more often than not, the “health alternative to your favourite junk food” is just as nice as the regular version.

Different – yes. But just as nice.

Update 25th May 2016 Brief Review Of The Protein Blondie (White Chocolate Chip Flavour Protein Brownie)

Tastes… LUSH! Even nicer than the original chocolate flavour. The blondie is as moist as a slappers tush when out of it on Vodka on a Saturday night. The texture is cake like, and does not ache your jaw when eating it. The blondie is littered with white chocolate chips, and compliments the base taste of the blondie perfectly.

Would highly recommend!

End Of Update

When I first saw these protein brownies online, I expected them to basically be a reshaping of their double chocolate chunk protein cookie.

Opening the pack, there was no confusing this for a brownie. It looked and smelt like a chocolate brownie. So far so good.

After biting into it, there was no confusing this for a protein cookie, it was definitely a world apart from what I expected. It actually tasted like a brownie.

There was a decent, authentic chocolate taste to the protein brownie. Definitely not artificial, or not “weird”.

My Protein Protein Brownies Review


Sometimes when I have protein fortified foods, the artificial sweeteners absolutely ruin it. I’ve had some crappy protein powders and protein bars that taste like a crime in my mouth.

Then there those “healthy” foods that just don’t taste “right”. They leave a strange after taste, make my mouth clag up, give me lock-jaw, and just aren’t pleasant to eat.

These protein brownies did not suffer from any of these faults however. Eating it, tasted slightly different to a sugar packed and fat-laden “normal” brownie. However the texture was very good, and in no way came across as artificial.

However, this being said, my overall opinion after taking my first 2 bites where “it’s decent”. Better than “good”.

From just 2 bites i thought “yeah, i’d buy these again if MyProtein were running an offer on them” but certainly nothing to rave about.

That was of course until I decided to go Fallout on this brownie, and nuke it in the microwave.

Full power on 20 seconds, and the result was…..

Protein Brownies Game CHanger

This is game changing level stuff right here. Seriously.

The brownie top remained “firm”, whilst the centre and bottom went very soft, doughy and cakey. The chocolate chunks throughout melted ever so slightly, oozing a further chocolate flavour into the brownie.

Don’t get me wrong i’d eat these straight out the pack. I’ve got a box of them at home, and i’ve actually put one in my bag, and in my car incase i need a “quick protein fix” while im on the move.

However if im at home, the microwave is the way to go.

Every. Single. Time.

I’ve yet to try it, but I imagine some whey hey ice cream, and My Proteins Natural Peanut Butter or some type of flavoured peanut butter would make this a borderline cheat meal (or binge) waiting to happen.

Seriously tasty.

Oh, and I gave my mam one to try.

Little side story – Connie used to be my guinea pig for trying protein foods. That was of course until she lost about 5 stone, and became a lean, mean, barbell squatting machine. Now she’s more addicted to protein bars and protein powders than me!

Protein Brownies My Protein

So the guinea pig role how been delegated to Mammy-Bear. When ever I had a day out in Newcastle there’s a little brownie stall inside called “The Brownie Bar” I always bring my Mam one back, because you know, im a top Son. They’re her favourite dessert, and my Mam has a very sweet tooth.

Well I gave her a my protein protein brownie to try. I halved it for her, giving her the first bit as “normal”. She thought it was “ok”. Already knowing these things are 100 times better heated up, i whipped the second half into the microwave for her.

After she had the heated bit up, she proceeded to ask how many more of these brownies I have… a sign she wanted more.

I always know when something genuinely tastes good when my mam like’s it, as she could care less about the healthiness or protein content of it. FYI – she also loves Oh Yeah Protein Bars, so she has good taste.

Of course any food can taste good. However taste normally comes with an expensive price. And the currency we’re talking about here are calories.

How does a My Protein Protein Brownie hold up in the nutritional department?

Brownie Macro Comparison

Protein Brownies Nutrition & Macros

Its refreshing to see My Protein touting the macros of their protein brownies. Quite often you’ll see shady protein bars with “20 g protein” on the label, and that’s it.

You have to get a magnifying glass out to check the full nutritional info on the back of the pack, because they’re pumped full of sugars, fats, essentially becoming nothing more than an expensive, protein packed chocolate bar.

Well, My Protein have actually put some effort into making their protein brownies taste good, AND have a good macro profile. Who’d have thought eah!?

my protein protein browniesEach Protein Brownie is 75g and contains the following:

23g Protein
27g Carbs (4g sugar)
9.7g Fat

Solid macros, for such a tasty snack. Far less than calories than the My Protein Cookies (320kcals in a 75g protein cookie)

Yea these brownies contain less protein, but considering how good they taste, and if you were going to have one as a snack between meals, or just wanted something “healthier” to satisfy your sweet tooth, this is a pretty good lower calorie option.

I always like comparing the macros to other brands or “normal” versions when I review “protein snacks”.

Here we go – Lenny & Larrys – I chose you!

Per 40g Serving

Kcals 170
10g Protein
19g Carbs
6g Fat

Lenny and Larry Muscle Brownies MacrosWhat I hate about Lenny & Larrys is that they miss-lead when talking about serving sizes.

A muscle Brownie is 80g. 1 brownie = 1 serving. However they insist (and they do it with all their products) that 1 serving is HALF of the product.

Yeah, like im going to eat half of a tiny brownie, and save the other half for later?

Let’s double that up so its roughly on par with a MyProtein Protein Brownie, and so that it gives the correct nutritional info for a full Muscle Brownie.

Per 1 Muscle Brownie – 80g Serving

Kcals 340
20g Protein
38g Carbs
12g Fat

A Lenny & Larry equivalent serving would contain 11g more carbs, over 2 g extra fat, and not as much protein!

My Protein’s Protein Brownies wins this round (and they taste better to) … oh and they’re cheaper!

When you compare Protein Brownies from MyProtein to a regular brownie, the macro’s are off the scale.

Tesco Brownie Tray Bake – 74g ServingTesco Brownie

Tesco actually recommends that 1 serving is 37.5 grams. So i’ve doubled it up to be the same weight as a MyProtein Protein Brownie to give a like for like comparison.

Also, who are you trying to kid Tesco – no one is going to only eat 37.5g of your brownie tray bake!

Kcals 316
4g Protein
42g Carbs
13.6g Fat

The results speak for themselves…. I’ll let that just sink in.


It’s good to see that milk protein is the first ingredient, meaning its the highest dosed ingredient. The full list is here:

Milk Protein, Glycerine, Glutamine Peptide (Wheat), Oat flour, Vegetable Oil (Palm), Chocolate Chips (9%) (Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Flavouring), Maltodextrin, Soy Protein, Cocoa Powder, Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar), Flavouring, Sweetener (Sucralose)

Pretty standard stuff. No nasties, just your typical “protein goods” or baked goods ingredients.


A box of My Protein Protein Brownies will cost you £11.99 for 12. That is a bargain.

Whenever I review protein fortified foods, snacks, or just do a general supplement review, i usually find that if a product is really good, the price often casts a dark shadow on my whole opinion of it. For example, in my Muscle Food Prepped Meals review, Protein Pizza and Protein Granola review I talk about how good each of these taste. How good the macro profile is.

But the price for every one of those products is a bit steep for my liking.

An average protein bar is anywhere between £1.50-£2.50. There are some cheaper, and some more expensive, but i’d say anywhere between that price range is “average”

So to consider that you can get these protein brownies for £1 each is absolutely mental. Im honestly surprised that MyProtein haven’t priced these more in line with their protein cookies which are £16.99 , to then discount them down at a later date in one of the never-ending sales or offers they run.

My Protein Protein Brownies Macros

However, with £11.99 being the RRP – that mean’s you’re never going to pay more than £1 for a single protein brownie. Even at £12 for a box of 12, there’s very little risk involved here.

Often protein bars are £25 or more for a box of 12. So its a hard plunge to take, especially if you’ve never tried them before.

Of course here on Cheap Protein Discount Codes, I specialise in bringing you the best My Protein Discount Codes, so realistically you’re never going to pay full price. You’ll always be able to save at least 10% on the RRP by using a discount code.

Genuinely surprised with the price of these.

Myprotein blondie review


Should you try them?

Yes. Simple as that.

They’re cheaper than the competition. They taste “nice” as is, but taste absolutely awesome heated up. They pack an awesome macro profile, and a good serving of protein (23g) per brownie. They’re a great snack for on the go, or an awesome healthier dessert option when your late night sugar tooth bites you in the ass.

If you like brownies, you’d be stupid not to at least try these.

These will be a regular for me going forward.

my protein protein browniesTry Them Yourself

You can get these from My Protein shopping here. Remember the RRP is £11.99 , but if you head over to the my protein discount code page you’ll be able to save some money.

I’d love to hear what you think of these after you try them, so shoot a comment down below, or tweet me.

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