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These Protein smoothies are much more comparable to a think drinkable yoghurt, which for me, is a good thing. The fruity taste, and creamy texture makes these a nice treat from a regular protein shake, and they have a solid protein to carb & fat content ratio.

Protein shakes are getting a bit fruity these days. Long gone are the days of paying £50 for a tub of 908g piss like tasting protein from Holland & Barrett.

Once upon a time, a tub of powder was the only way to get your protein. Then, over time, ready to drink shakes or RTD’s for acronym inclined folk out there.

You’ve probably experimented banging a load of protein powder, milk and fruit into a blender, and just hoping for the best, trying to palm it off to your girlfriend or mam as a COCKtail, or “smoothie” when they’re getting pissed and you’re just sat their counting macros.

If you’re keen on smoothies, then you might have seen Protein Smoothies from My Protein.

They sent me some out to try. I’ve had a few of their flavours now, so here is my full MyProtein Protein Smoothies review.

MyProtein Protein Smoothies ReviewOverview

Protein Smoothies from MyProtein are a ready to drink protein shake, with a smoothie or yoghurt like consistency, as opposed to something like a protein shake made from their impact whey.

My Protein, along with pretty much all of the discount protein retailers are offering ready to drink versions of their protein supplements now.

What i’ve not seen a great deal of though is the fruity based smoothie style shakes.

To be honest, if i didn’t get these as a freebie  with my order using a MyProtein Discount Code it’s not a product i’d have ever considered buying.

They seem very gimmicky. If i want a protein drink im much more likely to buy a bag of whey, or if i really need the convenience of a ready to drink shake, then i’d buy something from the RTD My Protein Supplements range.

Anyway, I got a mix of strawberry and banana, but they also do a banana flavour.

Taste / Texture

Ill be honest, im not a massive smoothie person. I never buy smoothies from the shady looking smoothie bars fronted by bruised banana’s and overpriced protein bars at the counter.

I sometimes blend ice, banana and berries up into a shake, but that’s about as common as a Shiny Mewto. Or a blue moon.

So, im perhaps not the smoothest of operators (bad and forced pun right there) to be giving expert smoothie recommendations.

That being said, I think that these MyProtein protein smoothies have much more a yoghurt like consistency, as opposed to a smoothie.

They are what id imagine a Dragonball Z Fusion dance of actimel yoghurt drinks and frube yoghurts.

These things need a real thorough shaking before drinking them.

I opened one after it had been sat in my fridge for quite a while, and i having it mixed with some MyProtein protein granola as a quick snack before bed.

What came out was a liquid, almost juice like looking. I thought that the look didn’t match up to when I drank one before.

After pouring it out, the bottle still seemed heavy, as if it had smoothie left in, but nothing was pouring out.

I dug a knife into the bottle and scraped out a ton of yoghurt. I ended up binning the bowl, the shake, and going for take 2. This time making sure to shake it thoroughly before pouring it onto my granola.

Second time worked like a charm.

Both flavours, strawberry and banana tasted nice. Pretty much as you’d expect them to. Easily identifiable, and quite natural. Nothing more to say really. They tasted as you’d expect.

There is also a mango flavour which I have not tried.

MyProtein Protein Smoothie ReviewNutrition & Macros

The macros on these things are awesome.

200 ml serving
Protein – 15g
Fat – 3.2g
Carbohydrate – 2.7g
Kcals – 105

A solid protein to carb & fat ratio.

The majority of the flavouring comes from fruit puree, and the small amount of fat is largely derived from milk cream.

As a ready to drink shake, that gives you a bit of a variety from a regular whey protein shake, then these things are solid.

Value For Money

I got mine free when I spent x amount on an order, using one of the myprotein discount codes here on Cheap Protein Discount Codes.

However the RRP for 8 bottles is £12.99 here

That works out at £1.62 each, which lets be honest, is cheaper than any ready to made drink you’ll buy in a supermarket.

Obviously you’re paying for the convenience here, as you can also buy a bag of protein smoothie mix here with an RRP of £12.49 for 500g. This gives you 20 servings, so just £0.62 a serving.

Obviously the bag of smoothie mix is the cheaper option, but the RTD’s stored in the fridge, ready to just shake and open is really convenient, and fresh from the fridge these do taste very good.

We all know however that the RRP is never the real price at MyProtein. You can always save money when you use one of our discount codes, so you’ll always get it cheaper than its listed as.

Buying a bag of protein powder and mixing your own shake is definitely cheaper, but as a “treat” every so often, these things are decent to keep in the fridge for if you’re in a rush, or just fancy a chilled low calorie, high protein smoothie.

My Protein Protein Smoothie Review

The Bottom Line

I’ll be honest, these things are more comparable to a drinkable yoghurt as opposed a smoothie in my opinion. For the die-hard smoothie drinkers out there, this is probably not a good thing.

However for me, who was just trying these because I got them free with an order, they tasted really nice.

I liked the thick, consistency, and the authentic fruity taste. It made a nice change from a regular protein shake, however it was quick enough to mix with granola, so perfect to use in a flex bowl.

If you’re looking for a value for money smoothie, then go for the bag and mix your own. However nothing beats a chilled out the fridge bottle in my opinion, and that’s worth paying the extra for.

I definitely wouldn’t drink these every day, as I think they are a bit “gimmicky” Being a bodybuilder, Im probably a bit too “bro” in my diet ways – a protein shake does me fine.

That being said, every now and then even the most bro of bodybuilders gets the urge for something different.

These MyProtein protein smoothies are nice to just keep in the fridge for when you fancy one, either post workout, when you’re in a rush, or when you just want something different to your normal protein shake.

Buy Protein Smoothies

You can pick up the RTDs here:

Or the bag of mix here:

Remember to use a My Protein Discount Code from our offers page here to receive money off your order.

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