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Don't listen to Mr T - Ditch the snickers bar and give protein chox a try. These luxury chocolate protein bars pack over 20 grams of protein per bar, with minimal sugar & fat, and come in 5 flavours.

For years Mr T told me to grab a snicker and get some nuts. Now I love Mr T as much as the next guy (no homo), but im sure Mr T would pitty the fool who supplements their diet with Snickers.

What if there was a way to get the great tasting goodness of a Snickers bar, in a protein bar? Well Protein Chox, My Protein Bars, do just that.

Available in 5 different flavours, these MyProtein Bars are a high protein, convenient snack, wrapped in a awesome layer of chocolate. Should you include Protein Chox in your diet though? Find out in our MyProtein Chox Review.

Protein Chox – My Protein Bars

my protein bars protein chox reviewProtein Chox, one of the newest additions to the My Protein Bars range, are 60 gram protein bars, containing around 20 grams of carbs, and 20 grams of protein in each bar.

Im a big fan of protein bars. I see them as a ‘clean treat’, as do many other bodybuilders and gym goers. Heck, Quest Protein Bars use ‘cheat clean’ as their slogan’.

Many protein bars that i’ve tried all share one thing in common, their texture. Quite often they are oaty, or really firm and chewy. Not quite a chocolate bar, not quite a flapjack, somewhere in the middle. A lot of the cheaper bars usually give you lock jaw trying to eat them to.

I describe Protein Chox My Protein bars as a ‘healthy chocolate bar’. They are available in 5 different flavours, which i’ll cover in more detail below.

When not preparing for a bodybuilding contest, I have my calories higher, and can easily fit these into my diet. Protein Chox make a nice ‘treat’ that I can enjoy daily as a snack or just whenever I fancy some chocolate. They’re such an easy way to help hit your macro’s, and would be ideal for anyone who struggles to gain weight. Who doesn’t enjoy eating chocolate?

Protein Chox Nutrition

Per Bar (60g):MyProtein Bars Selection Box
Energy: 1013KJ
Energy: 242kcal
Fat: 8.0g
Of which saturates: 3.2.0g
Carbohydrate: 23.0g
Of which sugars: 13.0g
Fibre: 0.4g
Protein: 22.0g
Salt: 0.05g

These nutrition facts are based on the maple & pecan my protein bars. They do state that depending upon flavour, the nutritional facts can differ by around 10%.

So, on average, you’re looking at a chocolate bar that gives you 23 grams of carbs, just 8 grams of fat, and 23 grams of protein.

The protein in these bar is milk protein isolate. This is a combination of casein and whey protein, fast and slow acting proteins, and 2 of the best available. It means that many of the carbs found in protein chox are just the natural lactose from these protein sources.

Unlike some protein bars that get away with using bottom of the barrel protein sources, and a ton of fillers, My Protein give full discolsure on the ingredients used in their Protein Chox bars.

Caramel Peanut Protein Chox

This is the snickers of the MyProtein Bars range. In my opinion the caramel peanut protein chox is the best flavour. I’ve had a ton of these, including a box of just this flavour, along with as part of MyProtein christmas Caramel Peanut Protein Choxselection box, and their birthday gift box.

Think of it as a soft centered snickers bar. The middle is a very soft, melt in your mouth fudge/nougat like texture. It contains a slight essence of caramel in the chewy centre of the bar. On top of this is a layer of caramel & peanuts. The entire protein bar is encased in a thin layer of milk chocolate.
Not enough to ruin the nutrition of the bar, but just enough to give it an authentic snickers type flavour.

I remember the first time I tried this, i went through 2 more straight after without batting an eye lid. The bars are so soft, and literally melt in your mouth. Protein chox aren’t overly chewy like My Protein cookies or oat based bars. You definitely won’t need a glass of water to help you wash these down.

They’re not hard, and don’t take minutes and minutes of chewing to get down your neck.

I’ve since controlled my urges, and Im capable of eating them in moderation. But they really are just that damn good.

If you love nuts, snickers, caramel, or any combination of these, then this is the flavour for you.

Maple & Pecan Protein Chox

my protein bars tasteIn a contrast to the pure nutty overload that is the caramel peanut flavour, Maple & Pecan Protein takes a more subtle approach to its inclusion of nuts.

Where as Caramel & Peanut is the full on Mr T in a tank. Maple & Pecan is the Solid Snake in a stealth suit.

The bar itself looked almost like a coffee flavour, however biting into this delight oozed out its maple sap goodness. I’ve reviewed GoNutritions Maple Syrup Whey Protein Isolate, and loved that.

These Maple & Pecan My Protein Bars literally ooze maple & pecan flavour. The bars are very soft, and don’t have any crunchy bits of nuts.

Cookies & Cream Protein Chox

I may be a little bias to this flavour, as i love the MyProtein Cookies & Cream Flavouring system, along with their impact whey & impact whey isolate in this flavour.

Again the bar is so so soft. Even softer than the caramel one. It has an awesome sickly sweet cookies and cream taste, which for me, makes this flavour my 2nd favourite. On top of the bar is a thin white layer of cream, similar to what you’d find from an Oreo. YUMMY!

If you like any cookies and cream flavoured things, you’re going to love this. If you don’t like overly sweet things, then this isn’t going to change your mind.

Some people believe the cookies and cream flavour is a bit artifical. I would disagree. It doesn’t taste chemical, or overpowering in that sense.


This is a flavour that surprised me. I would never have bought a cappuccino flavour protein bar, as i dislike coffee, and coffee flavoured things.Cappucino Protein Chox

It was part of the My Protein Bars selection box i received however, so i thought id give it a try.

The cappuccino flavour is quite strong, almost overpowering, but I enjoyed it (suprisingly).

That being said, its a flavour I wouldn’t buy again, but I did enjoy it.

Lemon Crunch Protein Chox

The lemon crunch is a white chocolate bar, as opposed to the milk chocolate from the others. The best way to describe this is as a lemon cheese cake.

The lemon crunch protein chox flavour combines a great blend of ‘bitter’ lemon, and sweet lemon.

This is chewier than the other bars, but it is very soft still.

lemon crunch protein chox


These My Protein Bars used to cost £19.99 for 12 bars. Not over priced, but not as cheap as some of the other products from the My Protein supplements range.

They’ve recently stuck at around £16.99 for the box of 12. However we often have exclusive My Protein Discount Codes that can be used to get Protein Chox at a much cheaper price direct from

The RRP is fair, however using our voucher codes can sometimes get you them for just over £1 a bar. For this price you won’t find a better tasting protein bar, that packs as solid protein content as these Myprotein bars.



maple pecan protein choxI really enjoy protein bars. They’re a tasty treat, that breaks up the regular ‘whole meal’ bodybuilding diet routine. Tasting these My Protein Bars for this Protein Chox review truly was a treat.

Protein Chox are a mainstay in my diet when im not dieting for a show. I would put them in my diet even when cutting, but my hunger gets so bad that these just don’t fill me up.

When im not preparing for a contest however, I can literally go through a handful of these my protein bars no problem.

If you’re a hardgainer, i’d recommend them, as they digest easy, taste awesome, and will provide you with much needed calories.

If you’re just looking for a healthy, chocolate style protein bar, that tastes great then give these a go. Quest bars do have a more solid nutritional profile, (give our homemade quest bars recipe a try!) containg less sugar and more fiber, however the taste and textures of the 2 bars are worlds apart.

Taste is subjective, and I would personally rate the caramel peanut as the best, followed by cookies and cream. I’d probably stick with buying boxes of these 2 flavours on a regular basis. Maple & pecan i’d get every so often, but not regularly.

I personally wouldn’t bother buying boxes of the lemon, and cappucino, even though I did enjoy them. Cappuccino just isn’t a flavour id buy. The lemon was really nice, but when the other flavours (im looking at your caramel peanut) are so good, there no comparison! Give Protein Chox a try, find your favourite and stock up!

Remember that our Myprotein discount code page will mean you don’t pay RRP for them. If you do decide to try them, let me know what your favourite flavour is, and which is your least favourite.

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my protein bars protein chox review

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