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On March 15, 2016
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A solid, affordable protein powder offering a range of protein sources that gives you a tapered, drip-fed release of protein throughout the day. Not the best tasting, but does the job.

If you live in the UK, have stepped foot in a squat rack, and curled till your biceps can’t curl no-more, then you’ve probably tried at least one supplement from Myprotein.

They were Europe’s first big budget online protein retailer, and I still recommend impact whey as the best budget protein available. Find out why in my impact whey review.

In the name of diversity, choice, and freedom (pretty much all things our Grandmothers never had) I want to bring you a Myprotein Total Protein review. Just what the hell is it, how does it differ from impact whey or true whey.

Most importantly – should you drop your cash on it? Find out in my review of Total Protein from Myprotein.


Total protein reviewTotal protein from Myprotein is a protein blend. Comparable to something such as BSN Syntha 6 or Peptide Fusion from Reflex. It is a protein powder that contains numerous sources of protein powder.

Total protein has been designed with a tapered release in mind. This is a fancy marketing term that Myprotein wants to slap onto their product description.

Essentially this “tapered release” means that it contains a number of proteins all with different absorption times. Fast, medium and slow, meaning your body is being “drip fed” protein for upto 8 hours.

Necessary? Probably not.

Useful? Possibly.

Whats In It?

Total Protein contains the following protein sources;

  • Milk Protein Concentrate
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Egg White Powder

Other ingredients include:

  • 4g of glutamine peptides
  • 5g flax seeds

The inclusion of glutamine peptides in protein powder has long been under contention. Many believe this is a protein scam, used to spike the protein count in a protein powder.

This is known as amino spiking.

Others believe that the inclusion of protein glutamine within protein supplements is an “added bonus”. Make of it what you will. I personally lean towards it being on the “better” side. I supplement with glutamine, so having it included in my protein shake means i don’t have to add it myself.

The ingredient profile is basic, and solid.

There are 2 whey protein sources, a medium acting concentrate, and faster acting isolate. Egg white protein is a medium absorbing protein source. To complete the “drip feed tapered release” we have milk protein concentrate – a slow releasing protein powder.

In theory this protein drink should keep you fuller for longer. Useful for bodybuilders, athletes, or anyone who lifts who cant commit to eating every 3 hours.

Nutritional Info & Macros

Per 60g Serving;

  • 9 kcal
  • 5 protein
  • 4g carbs
  • 1g fat

Absolutely solid macros. No complaints what so ever. Sure if you’re looking for something with lower carbs and fats, you could opt for whey protein isolate.

However this contains 4 different protein sources, and as such the macro profile reflects this.

Taste, Texture & Consistency

Protein powders are always a mixed bag when it comes to taste. You can use 5 different flavours from 1 brand and love them all. Try the 6th and it can put you off that brand for months.

Myproteins’ Total Protein gets a “meh” when it comes to taste.

It is by no means “bad”. There is no horrible, artificial after taste to the product (I HATE that). It won’t make you puke, or want to throw up by any stretch.

Ultimately it is just “meh”. An average tasting shake. In such a competitive marketplace however, “meh” doesn’t really cut it. The vanilla tasted so bland, and more like powdered milk as opposed to vanilla. Perhaps I was expecting something a little more sweet.

Mixing the shake was fine. No clumping, although Total Protein did “froth” more than other Myprotein protein supplements.

This isn’t a supplement you buy to savour & enjoy. You buy it because its on offer, you’ve used a My Protein Discount Code, and you need protein.


The RRP for Total Protein is £35.99 for a 2.5kg pouch. 5kg of this protein powder with set you back £62.99 – definitely not the cheapest product that Myprotein sells.

However in comparison to “branded” supplements, such as BSN Syntha 6 – it is far more affordable.

Of course the RRP at Myprotein is never the real price. You can always get 10% nocked off this price, and more likely anywhere up to 20 or even 30% if you catch it when its on clearance, or in a special promo or sale.

My Protein Total Protein Review

The Bottom Line

Total Protein is a solid protein supplement. Providing 4 sources of variable absorbing rates of  protein, with additional glutamine & flaxseed, for a decent price.

It’s a convenient way to hit your protein macros, and is more likely to keep you fuller for longer, as opposed to something like a regular whey protein powder.

The taste is nothing special what so ever. But if you’re bodybuilding on a budget and looking for cheap supplements or cheap protein sources, then you cant really fall off with this one.

If you’re just starting off in the gym, then i’d probably recommend sticking to a basic whey protein concentrate like Impact Whey.

If you’re more of an advanced lifter, feel like you would benefit from multiple protein sources, or if you’re diet of whole foods isn’t varied, then Myprotein Total Protein is an easy way to add different protein sources into your diet.

Mix it, neck it quickly, and you’re set.

Buy Total Protein

You can grab Total Protein from the Myprotein here:

Before you place your order head over to our My Protein Discount Codes page in order to save a bit extra on your order.

Fancy giving it ago? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments below!



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