The Protein Works Protein Porridge Review

protein-porridge-banana-choc-chipDisclaimer – the author of this review (me) is a porridge lover. You have been warned.

Because I love porridge so much, I take great care when tasting any oaty based goods. I was quite critical in my Battles Oats Review regarding the texture.

That same tenacity, intensity and ruthless scrutiny is applied to my latest oaty offering.

In this The Protein Work Protein Porridge review, i’ll decide if this bowl was, as Goldy Locks likes her porridge, “just right”, or a load of shite.


Protein Porridge from The Protein Works is a protein enriched porridge. It is what it says on the tub (or bag).

I’ve been a big fan of protein porridge for years. Its a staple bodybuilding breakfast of mine when im in a rush.

Good slow releasing carbs, high quality protein, and some hearty fats from the oats.

However The Protein Works have looked to make this even more convenient with their protein porridge and protein porridge pots.


Im going to start off with the weakest point, the taste & texture.

Taste & Texture

protein porks protein porridgeEver tried protein baking, and it just didn’t turn out quite right? Have you ever mixed protein powder into something, thinking it will taste awesome , only to be disappointed?

That’s what I thought from TPW’s protein porridge.

I have tried the Banana Choc Chip and Mixed berry flavour. There is also an original flavour, just plain porridge, and apple & cinnamon. In my video review, I tried the Banana choc chip flavour.

First of all, the texture isn’t great. It’s very “powdery” and almost artificial.

It just doesn’t feel like regular porridge. Even when eating sachets of flavoured porridge, the final bowl tastes “normal”. There is no artifical texture or strange feeling to it.

Not the case with this. Very powdery.

I always make my porridge in the microwave. Sometimes with milk and water, sometimes with just water. Because this just required boiling water, and to place the lid back on, that could be be why the texture was strange.

In terms of flavour, it was pretty average. The sense of smell far outweighed the actual taste.

What was odd, and leads me to believe that their could be an error in packaging, was the distinct lack of chocolate in this. The banana smell was very strong. The banana flavour was slight.

However when it came to the “choc chips”, there wasn’t one in sight. You’d probably have an easier time finding someone squatting on leg day than looking for a chocolate chip in here.

Whilst the texture was not too my liking, the taste was ok. Nothing to write home about.

I personally prefer just making my own protein porridge. You can check out my cherry bakewell high protein oatmeal recipe to see how i make that.

In the video I was trying the porridge pots. I believe these were once branded as “The Protein Works Porridge Solo”, but have since been renamed to pots.

Perhaps disregarding the instructions, and making it in a microwave would have improved the taste and texture.

Nutrition & Ingredients

The Protein Works Protein Porridge ReviewEach 75gram serving of protein porridge from The Protein Works (which is the same quantity in their protein porridge solo tubs) has the following nutritional information.

75g Serving
Calories – 271
Fat – 3.7
Protein – 22.0
Carbs – 39.6

For me this makes for a good snack, pre or post workout meal. The protein is over double what you would have from regular porridge, and the carbs and the fat round this out to be a good snack or peri workout meal.

I say peri workout meal, because I don’t like to have something “too heavy” just before the gym. I tend to eat a “regular meal” about 1 hour and 30 minutes before I train.

If im in a rush however, I would happily neck one of these 50-60 minutes before I train. Alternatively, it makes for a great quick post workout meal, with just 2-3 minutes prep time.

If i were having this as a “regular meal” id definitely look to increase the protein. Potentially the carbs and fat’s to, depending upon my macros for the day.

The ingredients are:

Gluten Free Oat Flakes
Whey Concentrate
Milk Protein Concentrate
Colostrum 30% igG

There is a vitamin blend thrown in their to. Along with natural flavours and sucralose and an instantising agent, Soy Lecithin. This ingredient is what allows you to eat it without having to microwave the porridge.

Collustrum is refered to as a “super protein” (as if referring to it as a protein wasn’t enough). This is due to the fact that it contains biologically active proteins.

Solid ingredients, no faults here.


If you’re wondering how to make protein porridge from The Protein Works, its super easy. You could get your little brother, wife, boyfriend, anyone who has never cooked anything in their life to knock it up for you no problem.

Its that easy.

Remove the lid.

Add boiling water.


Place lid back on the tub.

Wait 2-3 minutes.

Remove lid.


Simple right?

If you’re in a mad rush, then you’ve got a meal that takes just a couple of minutes to prepare, and you can quickly eat. Also, for those who might not have access to cooking facilities, student accommodation, hotels, work etc, then these are a god send.

Value For Money

For me this is where things go a bit “muddy”.

A 4kg bag costs £49.99. That’s pretty expensive considering you can buy oats, protein powder, and mix up your own.

The kicker here is the use of gluten free oats.

If you’ve got celiac disease, and can’t have gluten – great.

If gluten isn’t an issue for your diet, then you’re really overpaying for something you could make following one of the easiest protein recipes available.

The, somewhat saving grace, however, is the protein porridge pots.

These are convenient. Getting them as a pack of 9 means you’re paying £1.49 a serving. 39g carbs, 22g protein, and its something that will warm you up.

A decent price, but not awesome. You can of course head over to our Protein Works voucher codes page, and save some more money, making this a little cheaper.

The Bottom Line

Its hard for me to recommend The Protein Works protein porridge, at least in its bulk bag form.

It’s texture, from my experience, isn’t great. The taste isn’t all there either.

You would be better off buying a bag of regular oats, and adding in a protein supplement of your choice. You also get control over the quantity of how much protein you’re having, along with the flavour.

I can see the value in the protein porridge pots. For those working on a building site, with limited cooking facilities, they’re a convenient hot snack.

At £1.49 it’s not a cheap option however.

Your palette may be more suited to the texture of this protein porridge than mine.

Would I buy these again? No.

If you’re really wanting a protein porridge, i would recommend making your own. That’s what I do anyway.

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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