High Protein Oatmeal Recipe – Cherry Bakewell Porridge

If you’re looking for a way to add some serious flavour to your oats, and turn your bowl of porridge into a protein packed bowl of porridge, then this Cherry Bakewell High Protein Oatmeal Recipe is for you.

It’s so simple to make, and requires just a handful of ingredients.

Follow this cherry bakewell, high protein porridge video recipe, and check below for detailed instructions & ingredients.

Cherry Bakewell High Protein Oatmeal Recipe


How To Make This Cherry Bakewell High Protein Porridge Recipe

  1. Weigh out your oats into a microwavable bowl
  2. Combine your protein powder, almond milk, almond essence and some water in a shaker & mix
  3. Add your liquid to your oats
  4. Place into a microwave for 2 minutes
  5. Stop, stir and place back in the microwave for around 1-2 more minutes (until the oatmeal is at a consistency you like)
  6. Take your jam, and swirl it into your protein porridge
  7. Place your glace cherry (or cherries) on top


If you don’t mix the whey protein in with your liquid, it will clump and taste like ass. You can add your whey protein after its cooked if you so choose.

About This Cherry Bakewell Protein Porridge

Along with chicken breast, steak, eggs, rice and peanut butter, porridge is a bodybuilding diet staple. It’s also one of my favourite foods. Not only do i enjoy eating bowls of porridge, but pretty much anything containing oats.

Oatmeal, granola, flapjacks, cereal bars, I just cant get enough of them. (Check out my homemade quest bar recipe for a low carb protein bar)

love Cherry Bakewell Flapjacks. However when trying to squeeze the most out of my diet when cutting, I just can’t seem to fit them into my macros. That’s what gave me the idea to try and create a high protein oatmeal recipe, that contained the cherry bakewell flavour, that would be far more filling than a flapjack.

I’ve got to say, I did a pretty good job!

You can place as many cherries on top as you like. Glace cherries add up pretty quickly, so if you’re watching your carbs, be careful how many you add.

The combination of the vanilla whey and almond essence gives the entire bowl of porridge a really moreish taste, without being overpowering. You can add as much whey as you want, but even just 1 scoop really does turn this into a powerhouse of high protein porridge.

The swirl of jam on the top layer of oats captures that essence of eating a cherry bakewell tart. Of course it wouldn’t be a cherry bakewell inspired recipe without the cherry on the top!

Over To You

There are a ton of high protein porridge supplements available on the market now. These are convenient when bought in the small tubs, however can be quite pricey. Following a simple protein porridge recipe like this cherry bakewell oatmeal recipe is so easy, and a lot cheaper.

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