Homemade Quest Bars – Lucky Charms Quest Bar Recipe

Lucky Charms Homemade Quest BarHomemade Quest Bars are going to save me a ton of money! As someone who is a big fan (see: addict) to quest protein bars, discovering that I can make my own homemade quest bars with this easy protein bar recipe is a godsend.

If you’re like me and have ever wondered how to make quest bars, or what ingredients & supplements you need, then this homemade quest bar recipe will show you exactly how to make a quest bar.

The best part (even better than this low carb, high protein bar recipe) is that it contains lucky charms!

You know, those delightfully addictive marshmallows from your child hood. Yea, this is real.

Lucky Charms Homemade Quest Bar Recipe

Lucky Charms Homemade Quest Bar Ingredients

Homdemade Quest Bar Recipe Lucky Charms Bar


Vitafiber is the key ingredient in making homdemade quest bars. You can make other high protein low carb bars without it, however to make a quest style protein bar, you need vitafiber.

You can read exactly what it is in my vitafiber review. Vitafiber is available from Musclefood.

Whey or Casein protein powder works in this quest bar recipe. I’ve used both, and each bar turns out great. You may want to use slightly less casein powder, perhaps just 20-25grams, or up the amount of vitafiber you’re using.

Lucky Charms Treat Quest Bar

The flavour of protein powder you use is what is going to flavour the bar, so get creative. I find that cookies and creme from The Protein Works compliments the lucky charms perfectly. It doesn’t quite taste like the cookies n creme quest bar, but it is really nice.

As an alternative to using a whey like the one i’ve mentioned above, or something like impact whey from MyProtein, you can also use casein protein powder. I’ve also used MyProtein’s Micellar Casein with this lucky charms recipe, and it turned out great.

Any flavour of protein powder will work though, so get creative! If you’re looking for some more information on different kinds of protein powders, then we’ve put together this dummies guide to protein powder. It uses MyProtein supplements as an example, but it applies to any supplement brand.


  1. Heat the Vitafiber in a microwave or on a hob for around 30 seconds. When it starts to bubble remove it from the microwave or hob.
  2. Immediately after being removed from the microwave or heat, add your protein powder.
  3. Mix the Vitafiber and protein powder together until it starts to become firm.
  4. Add in your lucky charms marshmallow and continue to mix.
  5. Once mixed, form the mixture into a bar.
  6. Place into a fridge for 30 – 60 minutes.

Homdemade Quest Bar Recipe With Lucky Charms Marshmallows


You can use clingfilm, a food bag or a silicone tray to help you shape the bar easier.

Nutritional Values

Calories 206

Protein 24g

Carbs 29g (Without Lucky Charms)

Carbs 34g (with Lucky Charms)

Fiber 19g

Fat 1.5g

Lucky Charms Quest Bar

The Quest Is Over

So if you’ve ever wondered how to make a quest bar, or how to make a homemade protein bar, then now you know!

The core quest bar recipe remains the same, regardless of what filling or flavour you want. Vitafiber and protein powder are needed, mixed together, and then placed in the fridge.

You can get creative with the type of bar you make by experimenting with different toppings, fillings and flavours of protein.

Lucky Charms Bar Homemade Quest Bar

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