Vanilla Protein Coconut Bites Recipe

Vanilla Protein Coconut BitesUp until earlier this year, I was never ever a fan of coconut flavoured things.

Those boxes of celebrations at Christmas, i’d never touch a bounty. Coconut flavour yoghurts, no thank you.

So it was surprising that earlier this year, I started to enjoy coconut flavoured things. Nuts N More Chocolate & Coconut springs to mind. I blame my fiancee for getting me addicted to coconut smelling body lotions (Thanks Connie!).

Im still not a bounty lover, but I love these coconut bites from Rebecca of Good Book Good Tea.

Rebecca has recently provided her banana protein pancake recipe, which you should totally check out to. Today though she’s got these awesome high protein coconut bites. Take it away Rebecca!

High Protein Coconut Bites Recipe

This recipe is enough to make a batch of 16 coconut bites. Of course you can use more or less of each ingredient, or mold them into as many shapes as you like. Use it as a rough guide line, just keep all the ingredient in proportion with each other!


1 cup Protein Powder in Vanilla – I used PhD Support and Recovery but you can use your favourite supplements.
1 cup Coconut Flour (140g)
! cup Coconut Milk (roughly 150ml)
2tbsp Good Dark Chocolate
2 tbsp Coconut Flakes


– Pour the coconut flour into a bowl and break up any lumps.
– Add the coconut flakes to the flour and combine.
– Mix in the protein powder.
– Add in half of the coconut milk and mix together, try squeezing part of the mixture together if it’s holds then it’s done.
– If not continue adding it until it can hold it’s shape.
– Press into a mould that holds around 15/16.
– Place in the fridge for about 90minutes or the freezer for 30 to set.
– Melt the 2tbsp of chocolate.
-Remove the bites from the mould and dip in the chocolate. Mainly to keep them held together. You can completely miss out this step.



Entire mixture: (Divide accordingly to your serving sizes)

Protein: 84g

Carbs: 62g

Fat: 41g

Calories: 1,097

Divided into 16

Protein: 5.25g

Carbs: 3.8g

Fat: 2.5g

Calories: 68kcal


I find the use vanilla protein powder blends with anything, and goes really nice with the coconut. You could always try using different flavours of impact whey protein, or protein from any of the bulk suppliers. Although i’ve not tried it, using a chocolate protein would blend really well with the coconut flavours.

You can always use an unflavoured protein powder, and use a flavouring system to add any flavours you want.

As with all the recipes we feature on CheapProteinDiscountCodes.Co.UK, you can experiment as much you want. This is the easiest way to make these that i’ve found. You can try swapping the whey protein for something like a micellar casein or beef protein. The consistency will likely change, as will the amount you need to use.

If its your first go at making these high protein coconut bites, then i’d recommend sticking to the ingredients and instructions listed above.

Once you’ve made them once, give them a second go and try switching things up. We’d love to see your results!

Over To You

As you can see, this is a pretty straight forward recipe. You need a few more ingredients for this recipe, compared to Rebecca’s last recipe, but they’re all ingredients that you can find easily in the supermarket, and aren’t restrictive to protein baking.

These high protein coconut bites make for a great evening snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, or a dessert for after a meal.

You can also cut them up and take them out with you as a high protein snack for when you’re trying to follow a high protein, healthy diet and on the move. Its an easy, and more important, tasty way, to ensure you’re eating enough protein.

Thanks to Rebecca for sharing this recipe with us. If you want to give it ago, you can check out our supplement discounts page here, to make sure you never pay full price on your supplement orders.

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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