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A transparent, no BS ingredient list makes Beyond Limits a serious contender within the pre-workout market. Its high caffeine dosage might be scare some people off however.

Preworkouts are one of the most popular, and saturated product lines with the supplements industry.

Big brands often charge a fortune, for a crappy proprietary blend that is picture next to a top level bodybuilder or fitness model.

Beyond Limits, the Preworkout from start up supplement retailer First Choice Nutrition, goes for a straight forward, ingredients based approach. No hype, no flashy marketing. They rely on the ingredient profile.

Is it any good though? I recently tried 3 sachets of it for my Beyond Limits Preworkout review.

BEYOND LIMITS PreworkoutTry It If:

  • You want an effective pre-workout supplement that actually works
  • You really need a kick up the arse and an energy boost prior to your workouts
  • If you train in the mornings or fasted

Avoid It If

  • You train late on an evening
  • You are sensitive to caffeine


Beyond Limits is a no BS pre-workout supplement, which contains 10 ingredients. What I like about First Choice Nutrition is that they don’t list the ingredients, without the dosage.

You know exactly what you’re getting, and how much of it. Not some bottom feeding proprietary blend.

The ingredients & dosage for each are;

  1. Citrulline Malate – 6g. This has been shown to increase muscle endurance through exercise, and improve blood flow to the muscle, increasing the “pump”.
  2. Creatine Monohydrate – 5g
  3. Beta Alanine – 3.2g – This has been shown to boost muscular strength, endurance, thus aiding in muscle growth. A dosage of 3.2g has been shown to be the most effective.
  4. Betaine – 2.5g – This has been shown to increase strength & endurance throughout workouts in studies conducted among bench press workouts & cyclists.
  5. L-Tyrosine – 1.5 – An amino acid that helps to increase focus, energy output and increase alertness
  6. Taurine – 1g
  7. Beetroot Extract – 500mg – Increases Nitric Oxide in the body to elevate muscle pump via increased blood flow.
  8. Agmatine – 500mg – Similar effects to Beetroot Extract
  9. Caffeine – 400mg – Increases alertness and mental focus
  10. Bioperine – 5mg – This enhances absorption of all active ingredients in Beyond Limits.

My Take On The Ingredients

Ive been mixing my own pre-workout for over a year now. Occasionally I try different supplements for my pre-workout. The reason I mix my own, is because of so many proprietary blends on the market. I don’t want to fall foul of being ripped off.

As you can see in the video above, many of the ingredients I use are all part of Beyond Limits.

The dosing is the same, or at least similar for the most part to.

When ever Im looking at a new pre-workout, i immediately look to see what the ingredient profile is, and if it has some of the key players in there (the same things i use when i mix my own).

The downside to Beyond Limits however is the high caffeine content, which is another reason i like to mix my own pre-workout.

Pre workout supplement Beyond Limits

Throughout the week, I normally start a workout around 6pm. Some days im full of energy, so i’ll take my pre-workout supplement without caffeine. Some days I feel a little lethargic so i’ll have a black coffee or a caffeine capsule (which is 200mg caffeine). Its rare that i’d take 2 caffeine capsules as 1 dose, totalling 400mg of caffeine. And that is what Beyond Limits contains.

It is a very high amount of caffeine to include, especially for anyone who will be training in the evening.

I understand why its in the blend. It does give me a “pick-me-up” when im feeling tired. However 400mg seems slightly excessive for 1 dose. I would sometimes – maybe – take in that much prior to a leg workout if i felt my self falling asleep before even hitting the gym, but that almost never happens to me.

Because the rest of the ingredient profile has, what i’d consider, the “perfect” dosages, it’s not even a case of halfing the serving size, as then you’ll be underdosed on everything else.

It would be good to see the caffeine dropped to anywhere between 200-300mg if First Choice Nutrition was going to adjust the formula. Other than that however, i have no griped about the rest of the ingredients. Some might add glutamine or bcaa pre-workout, which is what i sometimes do. However I also use bcaa & glutamine intra workout, so its no biggie if i don’t take them before hand.


Beyond Limits Preworkout ReviewThis works. As simple as that. I’m not saying that simply starting to use Beyond Limits is going to make you gain 14 lbs of mass, boost your bench press by 20kg in 1 workout, or make you shredded after just a few days. Don’t be stupid.

However, as a pre-workout, it does exactly what it intends to. I’ve tried it prior to 3 workouts. 2 Leg workouts, and 1 morning back workout. Often I feel the need for a pre workout when I train on the morning, as if its an early morning workout, i’ll be in the gym about an hour after I wake up. Not ideal, but that’s how my schedule goes.

I didn’t push more weight out in any of the workouts, but i felt energised throughout each of the workouts, and was able to complete it without too much problem… something that doesn’t always happen when I train legs.

Back-tracking somewhat on the caffeine content. If you’re taking this early on a morning then sure the 400mg is fine. It’s going to set you up for the workout, and you shouldn’t feel too tired after. So i’d probably recommend using Beyond Limits as your pre-workout in the AM, as opposed to in the evening.

Taste / Texture / Mixability

Beyond Limits is available in only 1 flavour. Fortunately the flavour it is available in tastes good – Blueberry. For some reason fruit punch or blueberry flavoured pre-workouts are what i tend to gravitate towards when buying.

The taste isn’t artifical, powdery or gritty. Often with pre-workouts, i find they taste very artificial and i put the minimum amount of water in my shaker so i can neck it. With Beyond Limits I always use around 400ml when mixing it. It’s not as refreshing as a pint of Sunny D, and i wouldn’t be wanting to sip on it all day long, but as a pre-workout it tastes decent.

Beyond Limits Pre Workout

It mixes fine with no clumps what so ever. I was actually surprised about this, as i’ve had problems with Optimum Nutritions Gold Pre-workout clumping in the shaker (the latest pre-workout i was using prior to Beyond Limits). So it was a pleasant surprise to find it mixed perfectly.

Value For Money

A 20 serving batch of Beyond Limits (452g) will cost you £29.99. A standard price point within the market space. There are certainly cheaper supplements out there, but they are cheaper for a reason. They’re normally a bit crap.

One of the reasons I began mixing my own pre-workout was to ensure I was getting quality ingredients, without paying a fortune. First Choice Nutrition has done a price comparison looking at one of the popular cheap bulk supplement retailers (the likes we offer cheap discounts for) and Beyond Limits comes out cheaper.

Beyond Limits Preworkout Price

The value shines through with Beyond Limits for its solid ingredient profile, transparency of dosages, and the convenience. I’ll be honest some nights after prepping food, washing the dishes, sorting my gym clothing out, i cannot be bothered to grab the 7 or 8 supplements I use and start weighing out my own pre-workouts.

Im very much “dedicated” to bodybuilding and fitness, so i know if i sometime scan’t be bothered, the casual gym goer definitely aint got no time for doing that.

At £1.50 a serving, you’re getting a solid deal here.

The Bottom Line

It won’t win any awards for being the sexiest pre-workout on the market, but that’s ok. I could care less about how my products look, or who is featured on the advertisement. When it comes to supplements I always look at the quality of ingredients, and the ingredients used. Other than a super high caffeine dosage, i have no complaints about Beyond Limits.

Try It If:

  • You want an effective pre-workout supplement that actually works
  • You really need a kick up the arse and an energy boost prior to your workouts
  • If you train in the mornings or fasted

Avoid If

  • You train late on an evening
  • You are sensitive to caffeine

Pre workout reviewTry Beyond Limits Preworkout

You can head over to First Choice Nutrition and pick up Beyond Limits at this link here.

They’re a small company that is obviously making an effort to distinguish themselves in the market place through quality.

Give Beyond Limits a go if you’re sick of paying for over priced crap from bigger brands.

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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