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New supplement companies seem to be popping up more often than new Pokemon these days.

Having spent a fair bit of time writing supplement reviews for some of the UK’s biggest supplement retailers, i’ve got a pretty good sense of what makes a good product. MyProtein’s Impact Whey, Good. Protein Crispies? Bad.

BFNutrition are a relatively new company, and sent me out 3 of their supplements to review. Typically I’d do an individual post for each supplement I review, however I’ll be reviewing the 3 supplements BFNutrition sent me in this 1 post.

BFN Nutrition

BFN Nutrition was founded in 2014, which makes them very much the new kid on the block. They provide the typical lines you’d expect from any supplements company including, amino acids, protein powders, pre workouts, carb powders and so on.

The 3 products I was sent to try and review were:

  • Casein Delight
  • Diet Whey
  • Metabolic Fuel

Lets take a closer look at what each supplement is.

BFN Nutrition Casein Delight

Casein delight is a casein protein powder (for a comparable product check out my micellar casein review).

Casein protein is a slow digesting protein. It is most commonly used as a pre-bed snack, due it its slow releasing nature. Unlike a whey protein, which is a fast absorbing protein powder.

The consistency of a casein powder is far thicker than whey. Typically when having a casein supplement, i’ll mix it to a protein dessert consistency.

In my Powerman 85 review, which is a casein and whey blend, i spoke about how that had a consistency that sat in the middle of regular casein & whey.

I tried the strawberry Casein Delight from BFN Nutrition.

In terms of mixture and consistency, it closer resembled that of Powerman’s as opposed to a pure casein protein supplement.

The strawberry taste was pleasant, and not overpowering or sickly. For anyone who likes their protein shakes with a natural taste, then you’ll enjoy this by BFN.

My problem with this however is that it isn’t a pure micellar casein protein. Using Calcium Casienate, an inferior version of casein protein, cheapens the product somewhat.

By no means is it a deal breaker, or even a huge issue. Out of preference, probably due to ‘being stuck in my ways’ i prefer to opt for a straight, micellar casein protein.

Nutritional Information For Casein Delight

BFN Nutrition Casein Delight As you can see, the protein content is actually quite low, with just 56 grams of protein in 100 grams of Casein Delight.

BFN recommends one serving as 50 grams, which totals 28.1 grams of protein. Surprisingly, fat and carb content is low, weighing in at just 2 grams of fat and 2.8 grams of carbs per serving.

Its puzzling to see such low protein content though. In comparison, Micellar Casein from MyProtein contains 80grams of protein per 100 grams.

I do, however, like that BFN discloses the entire amino acid profile, for all of their protein supplements. It’s just a shame that their attempt at a casein protein contains so much filler.


I personally wouldn’t buy Casein Delight from BFN Nutrition. It’s priced at £34.99, and contains such a low amount of protein. My Protein’s Micellar Casein is a far better option. Its a higher quality protein. Contains less filler, and offers much better value for money.

Perhaps if BFN were to offer this for a lower price, or if you’re able to pick it up when its offer, its worth while giving a go as it does taste nice. However taste is the only thing going for it.

BFN Nutrition Diet Whey

This is a protein blend, with added green tea extract, l carnitine and EFA’s.

Green tea is a strong anti oxidant which can increase thermogenic output, boosting the metabolism, and making the body burn fat more quickly.

L Carnitine is an amino acid, responsible for metabolising body fat. Supplement with L Carnitine may help to increase fat loss.

EFA’s are essential fatty acids. Fat acids that are crucial to our bodies, but cannot be made by our bodies. These must be consumed through supplementation or eating foods rich in EFA such as fish.

I tried their banana flavour. Usually banana is one of my favourite tasting protein shakes when drank with milk, however i find it tastes like ass when mixed with water.

Surprisingly, this tasted good with both.

Nutritional Information

BFN Nutrition Diet Whey

Much like the Casein delight, the protein content in BFN’s Diet whey is relatively low, coming in at just 60 grams per 100gram of protein powder.

Where BFN redeems itself, unlike with its casein offering, is through the added green tea extract, cla powder & l carnitine. These are not ‘filler ingredient’s‘. These are what separates it from being a regular whey protein.

I personally don’t use diet whey’s, as I drink plenty of green tea, and supplement with CLA capsules and L-carnitine tablets separately.

However for someone looking for a convenient, all in one supplement, that packs a good quality protein, along with enhanced fat burning properties, than you should give BFN’s Diet Whey a try. (Plus it tastes great, which is always a bonus when eating anything with ‘diet’ in its name!)

Metabolic Fuel

bfn metabolic fuelWhen I first received this as a sample, I was left wondering what it actually was. I thought it was a pre-workout at first, however upon speaking with the BFN Nutrition team, and double checking the ingredients and nutritional values, I discovered it was a post workout drink.

Its a fast acting carb drink, with added amino acids, including l-carnitine.

The orange flavour was a refreshing way to finish a workout session. I genuinely looked forward to finishing my workouts just to get this down me.


My problem with this however is the price. For a 1.2kg tub, its going to set you back £34.99. A visit to any of the bulk supplement suppliers websites will reveal 5kg bags of maltrodextrin or dextrose for half the price, if not cheaper.

Granted a carb powder like that doesn’t have the additional amino’s and taste of Metabolic Fuel, however even with these added, the price tag is hard to justify.

Should You Try BFN Nutrition

I honestly can’t fault the Diet Whey from BFN Nutrition. However, I wouldn’t recommend their metabolic fuel or casein delight.

Compared with other protein suppliers, they’re over priced, and any additional benefits do not justify the price tag. The Casein delight is far inferior to a standard micellar casein protein, yet will cost you whey more (pun intended).

Perhaps BFN Nutrition inflates their prices, so they can then advertise them during a sale at a discounted price.

At a discounted price (if they were 40-50% off), i’d say give them a go. Otherwise, there will be better supplements out there you can spend your money on.

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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