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Dr Zaks Peanut Butter has so much potential with a great choice of flavours, some which are really unique. The texture is really awesome, however an overpowering bitter taste, and disappointing taste across all flavours sends Dr Zak's Peanut Butter's back to the waiting room.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered that Dr Zak’s was launching a cherry bakewell peanut butter.

Anyone who follows my blog, or youtube, should know that Cherry Bakewell is one of my favourite post show treats. I meant a proper Cherry Bakewell, bursting with an almond essence, jam, slathered in icing with a cherry on top.

As you will definitely know, im a peanut butter addict (pretty much guilty of almost all 41 sins on that list). I started a series were I review nut butters.

Its kind of my thing.

So, after months of anticipation, excitement and playing the waiting game, I finally received all 5 flavours of Dr Zaks High Protein Peanut Butters.

Of course Cherry Bakewell was the first to try on my list.

Now imagine my disappointment when I tasted it, to find it resembled nothing at all like Cherry Bakewell. This disappointment was only amplified as I worked my way through each of the other tubs of peanut butter….

I knew this Dr Zaks Peanut Butter Reviews wasn’t going to be a fun experience, but here goes.

Dr Zaks Peanut Butter ReviewDr Zaks Peanut Butter AKA High Protein Spreads

High protein peanut spread , or as I like to call it, Dr Zaks Peanut Butter, is the latest in the Dr Zaks range.

These high protein peanut butters join a range of protein bread, bagels & pasta. I first came across the Dr Zaks brand about 2 years back, interviewed Zak earlier this year, and have met with him at the 2014 bodypower expo.

I know there is a market for “high protein foods” but in all honest, I just don’t get some of these products. 2 slices of his bread comes to 28 grams of protein. Throw some filling in there, and you can easily be clocking in at a sandwhich of 70-80g or protein. Thats about what i’d have between 2 meals. Sure some people think they’re great, and i suppose they are a convenient (albeit expensive) way to add protein to your diet, but they’re not a necessity for me.

I digress.

Today im looking at the Dr Zaks Peanut Butter range.

Its available in 5 awesome flavours.

  1. White Chocolate Coconut
  2. Cherry Bakewell
  3. Salted Caramel
  4. Fresh Raspberry
  5. Apple & Cinnamon

Well they sound awesome, but upon taste, leave  a lot to be desired. Im going to cover the macros, ingredients, yada-yada-yada, but lets be honest, you probably want to know how the hell these things taste, so that’s exactly what im going to start with.

Taste & Texture

Let’s start with the good. Dr Zak’s Peanut Butter texture is on point. In fact, it’s beyond “on-point” its freaking awesome.

From the many nut butters i’ve tried, i’ve came across everything from

  • Too oily
  • Too hard/crumbly
  • Too sloppy & does not “set”

Depending upon your preference of peanut butter, you’ll enjoy your texture a certain way. The most “traditional” I would think, is the “spread type”. Think your Skippy, Jif, or Sunpat.

These “spread” types often contain a fair bit of sugar, and added ingredients to get that spread texture. Some love it, some hate it. I personally think its decent.

The Dr Zak’s is at the half way point from the traditional “set spread” style, and that of a more natural nut butter.

There is n0 oil separation, and it is not sloppy at all. You can dig your spoon or knife straight into the tub and spread it across a bagel, slice of toast, or do what I often do, spread it straight over my tongue. Don’t judge me, I know you do it to.

DR Zakes Protein Peanut Butter Review

The actual texture when eating it is so creamy, with a very slight grit to it. It tastes “natural” as in it doesn’t have that artificial “naughty” taste, that the high sugar nut butters have. The very subtle grainy consistency blends well with the creaminess, making it a pleasure to eat off a spoon, or when spread across something.

The closest comparison I can make is to nuts n more, or p28’s peanut butters. Those 2 brands each require stirring due to the natural separation of peanut oil. However once you’ve mixed these up, and have had a few servings, the consistency is very creamy. Not sloppy or runny, but not “set”. If you turn your spoon upside down, it will fall off.

That might sound like a weird explanation, but if you’ve tried them, you know exactly what I mean. That’s very similar to the consistency and texture of Dr Zak’s Protein Peanut Butters.

This pleasure takes a nose dive for me however when my tastebuds are covered in the things.

I wanted so much to love Dr Zaks High Protein Spread. Not because im a Dr Zak’s fanboy. I have 0 allegiance with the brand to be honest.

But because of the flavours on offer. I’m going to break down my thoughts on each flavour individually, but before I do that, let me tell you what all flavours from the Dr Zak’s peanut butter range have in common.

They’re all bitter. The after taste is extremely bitter. I’ve never experienced anything like this from any other nut butters i’ve tried.

At first I thought it was because I hadn’t mixed the peanut butter round. I was very excited to try these when I first got them, so I literally just stuck a spoon in and tried it.

However after mixing the tub round with a knife, I still experienced this bitterness. It doesn’t immediately register. It rears its ugly head in the after taste however. Some flavours this is more present than others.

Cherry Bakewell

By far, the most disappointing peanut butter i’ve ever tasted. Im not faulting this purely on Dr Zak’s however, rather on my own expectations.

As I mentioned in the opening of this Dr Zaks peanut butter review, cherry bakewell and peanut butter are 2 of my favourite foods. As you can imagine, my expectations were pretty high.

Well I can only compare this heartfelt disappointment to anyone who grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy, and were then subjected to Star Wars Episode I – The Jar Jar Menace.

Jar Jar

There was absolutely no essence that this was cherry bakewell. In all honesty, I couldn’t label it as any flavour to be honest. It has no bakewell flavour, and didn’t taste sweet at all.

I just did not enjoy this flavour what so ever. After trying it, then mixing the nut butter round to see if that would improve the taste, I had to add sweetener to it. This improved it slightly but not by much.

I honestly have no idea who thought it was a good idea to call this a “bakewell” flavour.

There was literally no redeeming qualities to this.

I know the die hard peanut butter lovers out there will try this regardless. Curiosity would get the better of me, as i’ve never seen a bakewell flavoured peanut butter before. So chance are you’re going to try it anyway.

If you’re not a peanut butter fiend, like myself, then trust me, and avoid this like the plague. Save your money, or spend it something that tastes good. There are plenty of recommendations in my nut butter guide.

White Chocolate Coconut

This was one of the better flavours, which really meshed well with the consistency. This was “ok”, but the bitterness still destroyed it for me. It was good enough for me to eat, but i wouldn’t ever buy another tub of this when there are so many other brands that do far superior white chocolate flavoured nut butters. P28, nuts n more, PB&Co just to name a few.

The coconut flavour here wasn’t really there. So any coconut fans going into this, you better like white chocolate, as that is all you’ll be able to taste.

Apple & Cinnamon

This is probably the best flavour of the bunch, but not my personal favourite.

It was the only flavour I could personally guess correct in a blind taste test. It really nails the apple cinnamon flavour, however this is just a flavour I don’t care too much for.

However this is one that fails purely because of my likes/dislikes, and nothing wrong with the peanut butter itself so to speak. The bitter taste was still present. However this is a flavour i’ve yet to see any other nut butter company offer, and the actual flavour tasted like the name.

Would I recommend that you try it? Personally no, as I didn’t enjoy it too much. However, if you’re a huge apple pie or apple cinnamon lover, then curiosity is going to get the better of you, and you’ll want to try this.

Again, not one i’d buy.

Dr Zaks Peanut Butter

Fresh Raspberry

With so many nut butter brands on the market pumping out the same flavours, white chocolate, cinnamon raisin, chocolate, honey, I always levitate towards the “unique” flavours.

Fresh raspberry is another unique flavour from Dr Zaks, that i’ve not seen any other nut butter brands offer.

This wasn’t as bad as the bakewell flavour, however i did not enjoy it at all.

Raspberry and peanut butter is a bit of a weird combination to me, but i’ve seen stranger things work (Banana peanut butter for example).

Unfortunately this is another example of experimentation that has just failed to have a pay off. The bitter taste is over powering, I wouldn’t be able to guess that this was raspberry from a blind taste test (although my fianceé connie did guess it was berries).

I like to see innovation of flavours in nut butters, as the market is so saturated with the same few over and over. However, Dr Zak’s peanut butter just don’t seemed to have nailed the core flavour, before experimenting with more unique offerings.

Salted Caramel

This was my favourite of the bunch, which was slightly better than the white chocolate.

It had the least bitter taste to it, and if I saw it for cheap, as in £3 for a tub i’d probably give it ago. However when the RRP is £6.95, i can safely say I won’t be buying any of these in future.

I don’t have much “bad” to say about this. The caramel flavour was present, and easily recognised. The bitter taste did shine through, but was the least “bitterness” of all the flavours.

For me this was the best of a bad bunch, and i’d say my overall opinion on this particular flavour was “ok”.

I would still struggle to recommend this flavour however, especially when the nuts n more toffee peanut butters so much better, as does the P28 caramel turtle.

However, of the 5, this was my personal favourite. Not a lot to say bad, however nothing to call home about.

Dr Zaks Peanut Butter Macros & Nutrition

The Dr Zak’s peanut butter’s aren’t just “peanut butter”. Infact the brand doesn’t even call them by that name. The website refers to them as “Dr Zaks High Protein Spread” – aka high protein peanut butter.

The macros differ ever so slightly depending upon which flavour you’re looking at.

For the cherry bakewell the ingredients are : Air roasted peanuts, whey protein isolate (milk), peanut oil, fruit extract, fructose, emulsifier, sunflower lecithin, salt, cherry bakewell flavour

The macros, per serving (20g) & per 100g are:

kcals: 117/588

Protein: 7g/35g

Carbs: 2.20g/11g

Fat: 8.8g/43.8g

The carb content is one of the lowest i’ve seen for flavoured nut butters, the protein is at the lower end of “average”, but not shockingly low by any means. The fat content is aboute in line with regular peanut butters.

Nothing amazing, but certainly not bad.

Dr Zaks High Protein Spread Review


High protein nut butters seem to be taking over twitter. I LOVE peanut butters, but more so for the taste. I don’t pay extra because there is additional protein in the nut butter. I pay more for the taste.

Dr Zak’s have an RRP of £7.49 a tub, and weigh 450g. This is priced fairly within the high protein peanut butter market. MuscleFood are selling them for £6.49 a tub. So the price is pretty decent.

Im sure when these are available across more sites, the price will probably end up being around the £6-6.50 mark.

I personally do not see these tubs of peanut butter as value for money, because they don’t taste very good. That is just my opinion, im sure there will be some of you guys out there who love them, and think these are a bargain. Not me however.


After trying every flavour of Dr Daks peanut butter on rice cakes, bagels, bread, mixed with cereal, and straight off a spoon ( and my finger ) i would not recommend these.

For those who are curious about the unique raspberry, cherry bakewell, and apple cinnamon flavours, you will most likely ignore my opinion and try them anyway.

Heck, if i hadn’t tried them, i would most likely ignore this verdict, and give the cherry bakewell a try. I can see people enjoying the apple & cinnamon flavour, as this is a unique flavour and tastes like its supposed to. It just wasn’t to me liking.

However the raspberry and cherry bakewell are huge disappointments.

The white chocolate coconut and salted caramel are both “ok”. Nothing more. I would much rather have nuts n more, p28 or pb & co tubs of these flavours over Dr Zaks. All of these alternatives taste better, are priced the same or cheaper, and are easily available for order within the UK.

Overall, Dr Zak’s is more disappointing than it is bad. Many of the tastes were poor or at best average. Even the average tasting ones are ruined by the bitter after taste. The redeeming quality of these Dr Zaks Peanut Butter is the consistency & texture, however that is not enough for me to go and buy these again.

They managed to scrape a 2 star rating, as opposed to 1 based on the price (not stupidly overpriced), and that the white chocolate coconut and salted caramel was at least “ok”. The apple & cinnamon may be enjoyed by people who really enjoy that flavour.

Remember, this is just my opinion. If you’re a peanut butter lover, you’re gonna try these regardless. If you do try them, i would genuinely love to hear what you think. My Fiancee also thought these were disappointing (her favourite brand is Hognuts), but she thought I was being a bit too harsh in expressing my thoughts for these.

Buy Dr Zaks Peanut Butters

If you want to give these a try, you can pick up all 5 flavours from MuscleFood for £6.49.

However if you’re deadset on trying them, then i’d look to get the variety pack, bringing each tub down to just £6 each, and letting you try a few of the flavours.

Buy it here http://www.musclefood.com/high-protein-snacks-1/nut-butters/dr-zaks-variety-bundle.html

Dr Zaks Peanut Butter Review


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