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On July 2, 2015
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DynaPro puts its whey protein blend competitors to shame by the quality it offers, price point & taste, albeit with a limited selection of flavours. This blend of 3 whey protein sources offers the highest protein content on the market - with an almost non-existant carb & fat content. Come for the banana shake flavour - stay for the gains.

The Scoop:

  • 26g Protein Per Serving
  • 0.4g Fat Per Seving
  • 0.5g Carb Per Serving
  • Whey Protein Isolate, Concentrate & Hydrolysed Protein Blend
  • Added Leucine & Digestive Enzymes
  • Great Tasting (Even With Water)
  • Limited Selection of Flavours (Only 5)

DynaPro Any Time Protein Powder Review

Whenever I hear “dyna” i immediately jump to the conclusion of “dinosaurs” – which conjures up a combination of awesome nostalgic memories of power rangers & Turok, along with terrifying images of being eaten alive and humanity running like a pack of scolded dogs from a T-rex.

You can put those Turok-inspired home made paper catapults & BB guns away however, as today’s “Dyna” comes in the form of Dyna Pro Any Time Protein. A whey protein blend from a supplement company founded in 2014, Protein Dynamix. They’re Dynamic… which is where the Dyna Comes from.

power ranger

I’ve been using a couple of different supplements from Protein Dynamix over the past few weeks, but today im giving you my thoughts on their whey protein blend, specifically their banana flavour protein shake.

Does it pack the power of a fully powered Mega-Zord? Or should this protein powder have been left in the land before time? Read my entire Protein Dynamix Dyna Pro Any Time Review to find out!

Dyna Pro Anytime Protein Dynamix ReviewOverview

DynaPro is a whey protein blend. It contains 3 different sources of whey protein;

  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Hydrolysed Whey protein

Our beginners guide to whey protein concentrate, isolate & hydrolysed protein will shed some light on the differences between these different whey protein sources.

In a nut shell however, a blend such as this means you’re getting a combination of different speed absorbing whey proteins. Hydrolysed being the fastest, and concentrate being the slowest.

Why Does This Matter?

Whey Protein is the fastest acting protein source, much faster than something like a casein or vegetable protein. For post workout nutrition, a whey protein has long been considered the optimal source of nutrition. This is due to the fast acting nature of the whey protein, along with it having such a high bio-availability, full amino profile, and is the protein source that contains the highest amount of leuicine -essential for kick starting protein synthesis.

It may be a bit “bro” to believe that you NEED to consume a protein shake within 15 minutes of your workout – and I would agree to a certain extent. However when working out, this puts your body into a catabolic state.

Whilst the 15-1hour “anabolic window” may have undergone the hyperbole treatment, and total overall macros for a day is more important than the timing, there is no doubting that it is still important to provide your body and muscles with the correct nutrition following a workout to optimise recovery.

A blend of whey protein means you’re providing your body with a high quality protein, that will help kickstart protein synthesis, help your muscle recover, and ultimately grow.

The Right Blend

It was once believed that whey protein was all that was needed post workout, however some studies and research reviews have proven that a whey & casein blend could prove to be more effective.

Just how more effective? That’s hard to say.

DynaPro Anytime contains just whey protein.

Whey is the protein source that contains the highest bio-availability, meaning your body can utilise it easily and effeciently, and a complete amino acid profile. Whey is simple, cost-effective and proven to work.

This is exactly what your body needs to spike protein synthesis, thus putting you on an express track on the gain train. Follow this up with a regular “whole food” meal of protein, meat, eggs, you know the score, and you’ll continue to ride that gain train to muscle-gain city.

Why a Blend?

When I first started out working out as a teenager I used Impact Whey from Myprotein. This is just a bog standard whey protein concentrate. As i’ve educated myself more over the years, I see the benefits of using an isolate, and particularly an hydrolysed protein supplement post workout.

I rarely, if ever, use a single source protein powder anymore. I much prefer using a blend. Whether that’s a whey blend, a mix of protein sources, or a shake I make myself. I find that the body is able to absorb the multiple sources better, and protein synthesis is pro-longed.

Whey protein isolate is a higher quality of protein than concentrate, but costs more. Hydrolysed is the best post-workout protein to have due to the very fast absorbption rate. This is even more expensive however.

DynaPro Anytime offers the higher quality isolate as the main ingredient, along with concentrate, and hydrolysed, meaning you’ve got all basis covered, without the hefty price tag.

DynaPro Anytime Macros & Nutritional Breakdown

Per 30g ServingDynapro anytime nutritional information

26g Protein
0.4g Fat
0.5g Carbs

A straight up whey protein concentrate would usually contain around 1.5-4g of fat per serving, along with anywhere between 2-8g of carbs!

I can’t stress just how high of a protein content DynaPro actually packs. For a “casual” gym goer, sure, the extra couple of grams of protein, and slightly lower carbs and fat might not be that big of a deal.

However for a serious athlete, bodybuilder, or physique competitor, then to have a protein supplement that contains such a high serving of protein, along with minimal carbs & fats AND tastes good…. its like Christmas in a shaker cup!

The 1 thing I don’t like about DynaPro nutritional profile is the lack of ingredient quantity. We know that isolate is the main protein source used, followed by concentrate then hydrolysed. However it would be nice to know the exact ratio of each protein source used. It’s a minor gripe, and certainly not a deal breaker. However it is information that would be so simple to share with us, the customers.

Easy On The Stomach

DynaPro also contains digestive enzymes, something you may be familiar with if you’ve ever used True Whey. “Digezyme” is an enzyme complex, which allows your body to digest it easier, in turn helping the absorbption and effectiveness of the protein supplement.

I don’t typically have any problems when drinking protein shakes. Sometimes a “bad batch” might leave my stomach feeling a little windy or “rumbley”, or perhaps sampling new brands (i had a lot of these to try from Body Power), but generally i cope ok with protein powders.

I’ve had 0 issues with my stomach since using DynaPro.

Cost Breakdown & Value Comparison

A 1.2kg tub of DynaPro Anytime from the Protein Dynamix website will cost you £29.99. £2.5kg will set you back £57.99.

Per serving that is £0.75 or around £0.69p

Compared to a regular concentrate this might be expensive, but when you consider the 3 different protein sources used & digestive enzymes, its not a bad price at all.

  • Isolate as the leading ingredients
  • Concentrate as the 2nd leading ingredient
  • Hydrolysed Protein
  • Digezyme

To put this in comparison with some of the competition, lets take a look at similar blends from other UK retailers, and their price points.

The below comparisons are all using RRP. You can pick each of these supplements up for cheaper using our cheap supplements discount codes of course, but for the sake of fairness, lets take a look at the RRP.

Also – pay consideration to the amount of protein per serving, none of the below come close to Dyna Pro.

The Protein Works 100% Whey Advance

Price 1kg – £24.99 / £0.62 per servingtpw comparison

Contains; Concentrate, Isolate, Hydrolysed (Concentrate being the leading source of protein)

GoNutrition 100% Whey

Price 1kg – £21.99 / £0.55 per serving

gonutrition comparison

Contains Concentrate 76%, Isolate 20%, Digestive Enzymes

MyProtein True Whey

Price 2.27kg – £39.99 / £0.44

true whey comparison

Contains Concentrate, Isolate, Digestive Enzymes

Wheying it up

As you can see, DynaPro comes in at the most expensive, however look at the serving sizes & macros for each. Protein Dynamix has ensured that Dyna Pro, per serving, has the highest protein content. If you were to take each of the above at a 30g serving, as opposed to 25g, the serving size would cost more, and the protein content wouldn’t be as high as Dyna Pro.

Also, none of the comparable products contained Isolate as the main ingredient AND hydrolysed protein. Infact, only The Protein Works contained any Hydrolysed protein. GoNutrition and MyProtein didn’t contain any.

GoNutrition’s Supplements policy of transparency does shine through here however, as they gave the quantity breakdown of each protein source used.

That being said however, none of comparison supplements used contained as much protein, from as many sources as DynaPro.

The RRP for DynaPro Anytime may be set at £29.99 or £57.99 – however you can save money using any of our Protein Dynamix Discount Codes. This brings it from a “fair price” down to a “bargain price”.

Taste / Mixability

This shhhh is bananas – B.A.NA.N.A.S!

Seriously though, this tastes damn good!

I love Banana flavoured milk shakes. Not protein shakes….. milk shakes. Banana protein powder when mixed with milk tastes awesome.

However when mixed with water…. not so much.

I rarely drink protein shakes with milk anymore, so i tend to avoid banana protein powders, as i know from personal experience that when they’re mixed with water they don’t taste very nice at all.

It was important for me to test this first of all with water, to see if it tasted good enough to help me pack on mass, or if the shake just tasted like ass….

I can confirm, this will help me put on mass. I had it following a workout, mixed with about 350ml of water. I didn’t measure the water out, but at a guess, thats how much it was. I

t tasted so damn good. The consistency was pretty thin, i could have maybe used less water for a thicker shake (or used milk). But on taste alone, it was so nice. Not sickly, not artificial, and most of all, it didn’t taste like ass.

It mixed fine. No clumps, no bits, and no powder stuck to the bottom of the shaker.

Show Me The Flavour

There are 5 flavours in total, which is a huge let down for me. Im a fan of trying lots of different flavours of protein shakes. The Protein Dynamix range consists of

Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla, Chocolate Mint. Not a single one of these jumps out as “oooo that’s unique” or “damn – i gotta try that flavour!”. Its just your standard range of flavours.

I understand Protein Dynamix playing it safe. They’re a fairly new company, so they probably didn’t want to go all out getting a huge assortment of flavours for their infant year.

I’ve heard that their chocolate flavour is meant to be really good. To be honest, whilst none of these flavours are over “exciting”, Protein Dynamix have absolutely nailed the banana flavour. I’d be keen to try the other 4, just to see how nice they are.

I would definitely like to see more of a flavour selection as the company grows however.


I’ve been using this consistently for probably around 2 weeks now. Im not claiming that this is sky-rocketing starting my gains, or that it’s made me pack on 5 lbs of lean mass. However, I am impressed with it so far. My key take away points are;

  • Great tasting with water or milk
  • One of the best macro profiles for a whey blend
  • Strong Protein to carb/fat ratio
  • Solid Amino Profile
  • Easy on the stomach
  • Poor choice of flavours

From a quality stance, I honestly cant think of a better whey protein blend i’ve tried. Its offered at a fair price, contains awesome protein sources, and added digestive enzymes.

Literally the only thing that is preventing me from giving this a full 5 start rating, is the limited choice of flavours. If Protein Dynamix can offer a wider range of flavours (and if they taste as good as the Banana i tried) then i’ll be revisiting this review to give them an extra star. Just like Super Mario.

If you’re serious about your nutrition, and want a quality supplement then give DynaPro a try. Sure there are cheaper options out there, and if you’re on a budget, then you may be better suited to getting a more affordable protein powder, and putting your money towards food. OR you could stop blowing £50 on WKD’s every weekend, and get yourself a tub of DynaPro.

A must try for the taste alone – however the ingredients are absolutely spot on, making this a great tasting, and great quality supplement.

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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