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Grenade Hydra 6 is a 50/50 protein blend containing high quality whey isolate and micellar casein. Its fast and slow acting proteins can benefit your training and help maximise gains.

Grenade are best known for their Thermo detonator fat burner supplement (along with their plastic grenade packaging).

They’ve been pumping out supplements, and pumping up expo’s with tanks and muscle bound, action-man-esque, models for around 4 years. Over this time they’ve launched a few different products, including creatine and flapjacks. You can check those out in more detail here:

But the main thing we’ve all being waiting for is Grenade Protein! Typical Grenade, they’ve come up with something totally unique and well versed in the Grenade theme. Grenade Hydra 6 Protein Powder.

Can grenade protein answer the call of duty, or should it be AWOL from your supplement stack? Find out in our Grenade Hydra 6 Review.

Grenade Hydra 6 Protein

Grenade Hydra 6 ReviewIn keeping with the over the top, camouflaged, plastic action man theme, this Grenade Protein is named after some kind of gun (trust me, i’ve googled it).

Grenade Hydra 6 is a  multi source protein blend, but nothing like we’ve seeing before. This Grenade Protein is world’s first Patent Pending 50/50 protein! It contains Whey Isolate (fast absorbing, low fat & low lactose protein) Micellar Casein (a slow release protein), so basically a Fast/ Slow release protein blend. Hydra 6 contains both protein sources at a 50/50 split.

Right off the bat, the transparency that is shown by Grenade here with their protein is excellent. Unlike some protein blends which hide the ratio of each ingredient, Grenade fully discloses that Hydra 6 is 50/50. This is excellent, as it does not lead to questions or confusion about what we’re actually getting. I constantly see questions coming up about which is better, true whey or impact whey because of such confusion.

What does that mean in English?

You basically get best of both world’s because no other protein can crank up essential amino acids (EAA) higher and faster than Whey Isolate (Perfect for post workout). However Whey Protein isn’t enough on its own, several studies have shown that Whey Protein stops delivering the amino acids after a few hours, whereas other slower release proteins such as Milk or Casein (which is the other protein inside Hydra6), not only deliver there amino acids TWICE as long but have shown to be superior for ensuring that muscle growth activity exceed muscle breakdown.

Hydra 6 Nutritional Value

Grenade Hydra 6 Nutrition

Here is the nutrition information for Hydra 6. For each 35g serving you’re getting

Every serving has 12.5grams of premium Whey Isolate (with no inferior concentrates and delivers all its Amino Acids within 3 hours) and 12.5grams from low-heat, ultra filtered, Micellar Casein (no inferior caseinates which drip-feeds and delivers its Amino Acids to the blood in around 8 hours) for a total of 25 grams per serving

Protein 25g
Carbs 2.8g
Fat 1.8g

As you can see the only 2 protein sources are in fact whey protein isolate, and micellar casein.

For a 35g serving this is spot on. The fat and carb content is bumped up slightly, in comparison to a whey isolate, due to the micellar casein that has been used in it. To put this into perspective, you can check out our MyProtein Micellar Casein review to check out the nutritional values of that.



Grenade protein recruits the usual suspects of flavours. The standard protein shake flavours that all protein bulk suppliers and brands release with are here; chocolate, strawberry, vanilla.

Because of the innovative approach that Grenade applies to its marketing strategies, branding and packaging, its disappointing to see such a limited choice of flavours.

Companies such as Go Nutrition or The Protein Works have a vast range of standard, and unique flavours to pick from. Chocolate mint brownie casein protein, maple syrup pancake whey isolate and cherry bakewell whey protein are just some of the flavours they offer.

Even MyProtein has just launced over 10 new flavours across their impact whey, and whey isolate. A limited range of flavours is to be expected from smaller brands such as The Protein Lifestyle or start ups. I would have liked to have seen more of a choice from a company with the brand presence that Grenade has.

The flavour that I have is the Chocolate Charge (which is 1 of 4 flavours available). Believe it or not, even the flavour names stick to the a military theme! Starting off with Killa Vanilla, Strawberry Siege, Cookie Chaos (that actually had cookie pieces) and finally the flavour I went for Chocolate Charge.

Anybody who follows me on my Twitter, Instagram or is subscribed to my YouTube channel, knows that I’m a chocoholic and 9/10 proteins that I do review are chocolate flavoured. Grenade do not drop the ball on the flavour front, with their Hydra 6 protein unleashing a volley charge (pun intended) on my taste buds. As someone who tries a lot of chocolate protein shakes, im happy to say that Chocolate Charge Grenade Hydra 6 is fit for duty.


Grenade Hydra 6 is thicker than a regular whey protein shake. The thickness in texture is due to the addition of casein protein.

As Hydra 6 is a protein blend of 50/50 Whey Isolate (which is very fine) and Casein (which is very thick and filling), it creates a unique texture, that mixes surprisingly well considering the casein content.

Overall Hydra 6 protein is a thick milkshake like consistency. No where near the thickness of micellar casein on its own, but definitely not as ‘runny’ as just a whey shake. The texture is smooth, and mixes well with both water or milk.

Value For Money

My 908 gram tub which has approximately 26 servings costs around £35  which costs around £1.34 per serving isn’t that bad considering that your getting the fastest protein and pretty expensive (Whey Isolate) and slowest digestion protein (Micellar Casein) in a perfect 50/50 blend.

However you can get it from Monster Supplements for just £27.99. Order using a Monster Supplements Discount Code and you can get it for even cheaper.


So its time to give my verdict in this Grenade Hydra 6 review.

Grenade has to be commended for creating a 50/50 blend, and not using fillers, or opting to use cheaper proprietary blend containing largely whey protein concentrate and marketing it as a casein/whey mix.

Instead Grenade packs Hydra 6 Protein with only 2 protein sources. Whey Protein Isolate and Micellar Casein. You could always purchase whey isolate and micellar casein separately, and make your own blend. However for the convenience, and at a fair price of 27.99, you can save yourself the hassle.

The benefits of having 2 protein sources, both fast and slow acting protein, makes this perfect to have at any time of the day, and as a meal replacement.

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