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Sick of using low quality whey protein concentrate? Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex combines only the best protein sources, isolate, hydrolysed and egg, to create a unique, muscle building, protein blend. If your pockets are deep enough, add this to your supplement cupboard today.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex is one of the most recognisable protein supplements available. It is a blend of whey protein isolate, hydrolysed whey protein and egg albumen, making it a high biologically available protein source. Should you use it? Find out in this Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Review

What is Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex?

As already mentioned, Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex is a protein powder. Unlike a whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate, which are whey proteins, Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex is a protein blend of Hydrolysed protein, isolate protein and egg albumen. Hydrolysed whey is added in small amounts as it is partially digested and thus absorbed very readily. 

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex ReviewFor some who need possibly a serious health intervention may consider this remarkable product. The, perhaps slightly expensive, but worthwhile and effective additives used in Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex is the Aminogen, as it sets it apart from other brands of protein products that do not use it. The purpose of Aminogen cannot be underestimated; it serves a very important purpose in enhancing the body’s natural talent of taking in the protein while making its way through your body and into your digestive system. This product, particularly the Aminogen, makes efficient use of the protein you are intaking, as it helps utilize what other products might wastefully send through your system unchecked and unabsorbed (and utterly wasted). That is money going down the drain, my friend. The extra bit of cash that you decide to spend on a product like Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex (for the Aminogen!) is very telling in the quality of their product and perhaps, even if you think it further, a reflection on their general attitude and seriousness toward everyone’s goal of a better, more fit, more appropriately and efficiently massed body.

As a disclaimer of course, this does not mean the inclusion of Aminogen magically makes your body absorb every ounce and breath and speck of protein. I would not even recommend using more than one scoop of protein because, let us face the facts with honesty here, no one’s body is realistically going to absorb all that protein even in the heaviest of workouts, and even with Aminogen in your system. Not going to happen.

However, if you are one of those who take a certain kind of protein like Hydrowhey (which, in case you are not familiar with this type of protein, it is a micronized or pre-digested protein that will, because of its state, get absorbed much, much, much more quickly into the bloodstream) then this product will certainly go hand in hand with the more protein-happy bodybuilder or athlete. A seriously good thing to take if you are in dire need of an instant boost of protein before your extensive workout. Really a good bit of advice is to use this after you get up if you are the type who work out really early in the morning, and let it have a chance in your system before you head to the gym. Then your body will be primed and ready to go.

I will also make use of Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex with casein powder too, which is, in case again you are not aware of it, is made from milk but is generally larger on the molecular level, which obviously makes it far more difficult to be absorbed than the popular whey protein. You can easily think of it as the opposite of micronized whey protein, really. That’s how I think of it at least.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Effectiveness

But really, the important question is, results, results, results? Yes, using this product, I have had some pretty amazing results. In fact, with all of the Optimum Nutrition products, you seriously cannot go wrong. I have been using this for years and have never noticed a drop in its quality, in its effectiveness, and in how quickly the mass builds and my body tones. Just think about all the different product out there, all the different choices and things you could take for these kinds of results, and realize how much of that stuff just goes straight through your system. You might as well literally be burning your own money, or eating it and working out, for all the results you will see. Trust me, Optimum Nutrition products are the way to go, and Pro Complex has done me wonders.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Nutritional Information

As for pricing, Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex runs at about £53 a tub. Think on it for a minute, and go off and compare it to the product you use now. Considering everything this offers, that is really a pretty decent price for a protein blend. Quality, my friends. You pay extra for the Aminogen that Optimum Nutrition puts in this product because the effects are boosted and the end result is satisfaction. And that should always be the end result! Expect nothing less!

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex – Taste & Texture

This Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Review wouldn’t be complete without telling you about awesome it tastes. I’ve tried a ton of protein powders, you can check them all out in our supplement reviews. Optimum Nutrition supplements are among the god tier when it comes to taste and texture. Their Hydrowhey tastes awesome. Their Casein tastes awesome. Pro Complex tastes awesome. Its available in a ton of flavours, but my favourite is chocolate. It literally tastes like a melted chocolate bar, and the texture is exactly like a real milkshake.

Do a blind taste test on your girlfriend, brother, sister or mother, and they won’t be able to tell that this is a protein shake.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex – The Verdict

Sick of using low quality whey protein concentrate? Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex combines only the best protein sources, isolate, hydrolysed and egg, to create a unique, muscle building, protein blend. If your pockets are deep enough, add this to your supplement cupboard today.

This should not be confused with the Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer however, which is a mass gain supplement. This is a review for the Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex protein supplement, a protein blend. This is not to say that Pro Complex can’t be used for weight gain. Simply adding carbs to your shake will help you pack on mass, or you can opt for Pro Complex Gainer. The choice is yours.

Guess what? It also can be used in the opposite direction, depending on your purposes. Not just used for the buff and beautiful (hah) you can also use this product to lose some poundage. Take this product as a meal replacement for breakfast, also for lunch, and couple that with servings of vegetables (lots of servings) and fruit in your day. My friends, as well, do not forget to keep hydrated, as this product will guarantee the shedding of water and fat through its natural means.

Overall what you’re getting here is an excellent protein powder. Yes, its a touch on the expensive side, but you know that any supplement carrying the Optimum Nutrition label also comes packing awesome quality. If you’re pockets are deep enough, definitely add this to your supplement stack.

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