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Extreme Nutrition Discount Codes

If you’re like me, you want the best supplements, at the lowest possible prices. We all have a mate, or some random nob head on Facebook who has bought 5kg of whey protein in a paint bucket tub and ended up on the toilet for a week after drinking just 1 shake.

By using our Extreme Nutrition Voucher Codes, you get access to some of the best quality supplements on the market at the lowest possible prices.

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What if Your Code Doesn’t Work?

This page is maintained on a regular basis to ensure that all the deals displayed for Extreme Nutrition are valid & working.

If you do happen to come across an offer that doesn’t work, get in touch and the team will investigate the problem.

Sometimes these offers will have ended prematurely if promo stock from Extreme Nutrition runs out. Using an alternative discount code will still ensure you save money on your Extreme Nutrition order however.

About Extreme Nutrition

Extreme Nutrition was launched in 1999 by bodybuilders Douglas Black and Chris Sneddon who were tired of all the bullshit and hype around sports nutrition so they decided to start their own brand to produce the best supplements you can find, with scientific reasoning behind their formulas using the highest quality raw materials and flavours.

Sadly, Chris died of a heart attack 2 years after starting the company, the sad loss of his partner made Doug more determined to make the company what it is today. Partly as a tribute to Chris and also to piss off those who wanted him to fail!Things have come along way since then, Extreme now design and manufacture all their products in their own factory in Wiltshire which is fully Halal Certified.

Not only do they make sports nutrition products that actually do what they say they will but they also import Gorilla Wear and Brachial clothing lines along with the hottest news in the fitness industry at this time – Iso Bags from Isolator Fitness!

The team who work at Extreme Nutrition include a natural power lifting World Record holder, a former Junior Natural Mr Scotland, BNBF Miss Figure (Britain), NABBA Miss Britain (Toned Figure), Bristols and Swindon’s Strongest Man winner, a World Champion natural Power Lifter and a they have a plethora of qualifications in personal training, diet, first aid and human biochemistry between them too!

They like to think that not only do they design the best products possible but due to them all having competed themselves they feel they are better suited to tell you how to use them and understand them better than anyone else, with boxers, rugby players, cyclists, power lifters, cage fighters, bodybuilders, models, an America Football team, swimmers and your average person trying to improve their health and look coming to Extreme to learn how to reach their goals through exercise and diet.

All Extreme products are 100% drug free and IOC/WADA testing safe, there are NO banned, restricted or controlled substances allowed in their factory so there is no chance of cross contamination of your supplements with anything illegal or banned.

Extreme Nutrition are commitment to keeping sport drug free, they sponsor 5 natural professional bodybuilders and 2 natural British Champion power lifters at this time not to mention all the Police, Army and Fire Department staff who use Extreme products regularly and would lose their jobs if they were tested and failed. ALL their labels state their products are drug free and testing safe, this leaves them wide open for prosecution were an athlete to fail a drug test. They take this claim very seriously and hope it re assures buyers that they can trust Extreme Nutrition as a company if you are a drug tested athlete or work in any drug tested professions.

About the Extreme Nutrition Supplement Range

All Extreme Nutrition products are Halal/Kosher certified with all capsules coming in Vege Caps too making many products not only Vegetarian friendly but Vegan friendly too. Extreme don’t use “chocolate flavouring” in their products, they use Coco Powder – the same stuff that makes REAL chocolate, this could be why their chocolate flavour products taste so good.

Extreme have also started making their own, unique flavours, rather than just buying the same ones every other company can buy from a flavour house. After the success of their Extreme Mass in “Strawberry & Banana Smoothie” which contains actual Strawberry pieces they made their “Vanilla Fudge” Mass and then came their Blueberry Cheesecake which has been a huge success.

Extreme always tend to make products with multiple carb and protein sources in an attempt to stagger the rate of the different nutrients hitting the bloodstream, this is also designed to lower Glycemic Load, making the products more Diabetic friendly too and lowers the impact on Insulin Secretions. Less insulin = less chance of fat storage!

They were one of the first people to use Kre-Alkalyn creatine, then to add Rhodiola Rosea to it to make it even more effective! They were also the first company to combine Glutamine Peptides and free form L-Glutamine too making the most comprehensive Glutamine product ever.

After developing the insane pro hormone T-Bullet they developed Reload, a highly effective natural test booster. T-Bullet was soon banned so they developed another natural test booster, Trib-Z, a combination of Tribulus and ZMA, again with great success.

Extreme Nutrition products have very little, if any, thickeners or emulsifiers added. Also, if you look at their labels and compare them directly to rival brands you will see far less gum, E numbers and long chemical names of additives that are certainly NOT food based or natural! If it’s not natural, it should not be in your body!

Extreme Nutrition Athletes

Extreme Nutrition Athletes include;
Laurence Shahlei – Worlds Strongest Man finalist
Hunni Glanville – IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Lynsey Beattie – IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Jon Clark – DFAC Natural Pro Bodybuilder
Rachael Hayes – DFAC Natural Pro Bodybuilder
Kelly Freeman – DFAC Natural Pro Bodybuilder
Andrew Chappelle – DFAC Natural Pro Bodybuilder
David Hannah – DFAC Natural Pro Bodybuilder
Jo Black – Natural Miss Britain
Erin Bonett – Crossfit Champion
Dave Campbell – UKBFF Champion
Lindsay Bruce – UKBFF Mr Scotland/Wales/Bodypower
Jo Stanger – NABBA Miss Britain, BDFPA Champion
Liam Armstrong – BDFPA World Champion Powerlifter, BNBF Mr. Scotland
Paul George – IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, GPC World Champion Powerlifter
Tania George – Multiple GPC World Champion Powerlifter
Rachael Lyons – NABBA Miss Universe
Stuart Core – EFBB Super Heavyweight Champion, NABBA Mr. Universe

We have also worked with IFBB Pro Louise Rogers, NABBA Miss Universe Malika Zitouni, IFBB Pro Toney Freeman, NABBA Mr Universe Shane Copley, IFBB Pro Ronnie Blewitt, NABBA Mr Universe Graham Park, NABBA Mr Britain Chris Wall, NABBA Mr Britain Andy Bell, NABBA Mr. Scotland/England Robin Munro, IFBB Pro Ian Harrison, IFBB JD Dawodu, Colin Robinson – UFC Heavyweight, Irish heavy weight boxing champion, James “The Colossus” Thompson – Pride, Strikeforce + Bellator Heavyweight MMA Fighter, Colin “Freakshow” Fletcher – UFC Fighter.

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