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Interview With Gym Insight

gym insight lawrence

Today, im bringing you a fitness industry related interview, as opposed to a fitness athlete or model. Lawrence owns Gym-Insight, a gym management software company. I was intrigued many months ago about picking his brains. Well, I finally got the

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Laurence Shahlaei Interview

As many of you know, bodybuilding is my true passion when it comes to anything fitness, gym, or lifting things up and putting them down related. Getting bronzed up like a Turkey on Christmas day, shaving my body so its

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Interview With Bodybuilder Andrew Chappell

With a recent partnership between Extreme Nutrition and Cheap Protein Discount Codes, I’ve been interviewing some of their sponsored athletes. I love speaking to like minded trainee’s, especially other bodybuilders, as although we all ultimately end up in the same

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Interview With Dr Zak of Dr Zaks Protein Bread & Bagels

Dr Zak Bodybuilder

If you’re a twitter or instagram user (and these days who isn’t) chances are you’ve seen a few food porn pics of peanut butter sandwiches using Dr Zak’s Protein Bread. It’s not just me who has feeds set up for

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Xenios Charalambous Interview

Xenios Fitness

For anyone who may not know you, tell us a little bit about your background & what you do. My name is Xenios Charalambous, I am 21 years old and I study network engineering at University of Portsmouth. At the

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