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Mutant Mass allows those wanting to gain weight fast, the ability to do so in a very quick and convenient way. A solid macro-nutrient profile, backed up with a good choice of flavours & excellent taste makes Mutant Mass one of the best weight gainers on the market.

Way back in 2011 I underwent a HUGE cut. I was 219 lbs, and shredded down for summer. By the end of my cut I was left looking too skinny as a result of too much cardio, and not eating enough carbs. Following up from this cut I was left feeling like crap.

With a t-shirt on i was asked by friends “do you even lift bro?”. I wanted to gain muscle mass fast. I didn’t care about being lean, i just wanted to know how to gain weight fast. Then I found Mutant Mass. In this Mutant Mass Review i’ll give my thoughts on why i think this is one of the best mass gainer products for those looking to gain weight fast. I’ll also share how I gained 14 lbs of mass in just 10 days in this Mutant Mass Review.

PVL Mutant Mass Review

Before I jump into this review, I just want to start by saying, proceed by using Mutant Mass with extreme caution. Anyone reading this Mutant Mass Review, wondering if it works or not, it does. Look at my weight gainer transformation here.

I added 14 lbs in 10 days with it. If you’re the type of YOLO teen who wants to be a 150 lb shredded ‘monster’ then avoid mutant mass. Mutant Mass will make you gain weight fast, aid in rapid muscle gain, add size to your frame, and increase your strength.

So those who enjoying floating like a butterly….and stinging like a feather, click off this mutant mass review, and go enjoy your no carb diet. For anyone wanting to gain weight fast, increase strength and add some serious mass, read on and find out why Mutant Mass could be useful for you.

What Is Mutant Mass?

Gain Weight Fast With These 1000 Calorie MealsWith a name like Mutant Mass, its kind of a giveaway that this thing aims to make you freaky big. The name mutant doesn’t do this monster of a weight gain supplement justice however. Touted by many as the best weight gainer on the market, a valid argument, the PVL Mutant Mass weight gainer packs a huge 1,060 calories per serving. That’s right. 1 Serving of Mutant Mass packs over 1,000 calories. Bet you didn’t know that before checking out this mutant mass review. Still wondering how to gain weight fast? Chug this down your turkey neck!

Before You Consider Buying Mutant Mass… 

Make My 1000 Calorie Shake For Under £1 Instead – Recipe Here

To put, what is considered to be the best weight gainer on the market, into perspective, let’s stack mutant mass weight gainer up against other 1000 calories meals. Remember that Mutant Mass is actually 1060 calories. A shake with this many calories will make it very easy to gain weight fast, when supplemented with a high calorie diet geared for gaining weight.

Looking at these 1000 calorie fast food options really puts the calorific content of Mutant mass into perspective. How do you feel after one of those huge Burger King BK Quad Stacker burgers? Lethargic? Tired? Exhausted? Need the toilet? Whilst packing a lot of calories, these aren’t the right calories needed to fuel your body for gaining weight and gaining mass. You wouldn’t fill your car with water, so why fill you body with empty calories?

Mutant Mass contains the following nutritional information 4 scoop serving:

  • 176g of Quality, Clean Carbohydrates
  • 52g of protein
  • 18g Fat

The mix of mutant mass ingredients is actually good quality for a weight gainers shake. Many mass gainers will pack a ton of sugar and fats into their shake, boasting the fast weight gain you can achieve with it. However Mutant Mass can not only boast the ability to make you gain weight rapidly, but to also gain quality muscle and gain healthy weight. The blend of carbohydrates supplement used in Mutant Mass derives from maltodextrin, waxy maize and dextrose, all top tier carbohydrate supplements and energy sources. The protein content stems from a mix of whey isolate, whey protein concentrate, micellar casein protein and hydrolysed protein. This means you’re getting a complete amino acid profile when you opt to drink Mutant Mass.

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Now mutant mass recommends 4 scoops as 1 serving. Do you know what 4 scoops of mutant mass looks like? Well its too god damn big for 1 protein shaker thats for sure. With a serving as mutantly massive as this, I had to to split the serving into 2 shakers. Hey if 2 minds are better than 1, then 2 shakers are bossin’

Taste, Texture & Mixability

Splitting the serving into 2 shakers allows you to add a healthy portion of water and mix this bad boy up just fine. No lumps, clumps or clogging. I actually found the less water I used the sweeter the taste, and the more i liked it. I couldn’t even imagine trying to mix 4 scoops in one shaker however. Sounds like an assplosion waiting to happen.

Of course if you’re gonna be drinking your weight gainer at home, maybe as a meal replacement, then shovel 4 scoops of mutant mass into a blender and blend away baby.

Taste wise, this thing, hands down, was awesome. I have only ever used Mutant Mass Vanilla Ice Cream, but damn! If you enjoy the sweet taste of vanilla, without being over-burdened with a sickly taste, then Mutant Mass Vanilla Ice Cream hits the spot. I wish I could do a mutant mass review on each flavour, sadly i’ve only tried the one flavour however. As i’ve already mentioned, depending how strong or how sweet of a taste your looking for, will depend on how much water you need to add. Find your sweet spot and nock these back.

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My Mutant Mass Results – 14 lbs up in 10 days

Spoiler alert – mutant mass helps you gain weight fast. No 2 ways about it. When using mass expect rapid weight gain. When I was bulking up using this weight gainer, I added 14 lbs in 10 days. Now this isn’t some BS “GAIN 10 lbs of muscle in 10 days” ads, i honestly packed on 14 lbs of weight in 10 days. Wanting to gain weight fast? You’ve found your ticket.

That being said….. this was not 14 lbs of muscle. Far from it. To provide a small amount of background to the situation, i had been cutting for 15 weeks. I had ended up too skinny through too much cardio and not enough carbs. I wanted to gain weight as quickly possible and pack on fast size. Hence the reliance of this fast weight gain shake. This 14 lb weight gain in 10 days was a factor of:

So whilst drinking mutant mass is a fast way to gain weight, be realistic with what you’re gonna gain.

If your goal is to add weight fast, bulk up, add mass or you’re just wanting rapid weight gain from a high calorie weight gainer, then you won’t be disappointed with the Mutant Mass weight gain shaker.

Remember not only will this help you gain weight fast, but you’ll also be able to use this calorie surplus to fuel some pretty rapid strength gains also.

Side Effects

Rapid Weight Gain. Rapid Strength Gains. Fast Weight Gain. Read more here. Seriously – if you’re adding this into your bulking diet – you will put weight on.

Mutant Mass Results

Expect to gain weight with Mutant Mass, but set your expectations at a realistic level. The weight you gain from Mutant Mass, a weight gain shaker, a meal replacement shake or even a muscle building, weight gain diet won’t be 100% muscle gains. You can expect to gain a good amount of weight using this, and training hard however.

Value For Money

Is mutant bass the best weight gainer on the market? Its certainly a contender! For the price, the taste, and the results id say arguably, yes. Mutant Mass is a excellent weight gain shaker that offers exceptional value for money. Mutant Mass 6.8kg (15lb) RRP is normally around the £93.59 mark.

Readers of this Mutant Mass Review can get it from Amazon for a big % saving off the RRP!

Mutant Mass Review – The Verdict

So you’ve made it to the end of this mutant mass review, something must have peaked your interest or hooked your long enough to make it down here. Bottom line – If you want to gain weight fast, then this weight gainer is for you. No two ways about it mutant mass is gonna add a ton of calories into your diet. A high calorie diet is essential for gaining weight, and Mutant Mass makes hitting these calories very simple.

BenefitsPVL Mutant Mass Review

Rapid Weight Gain
Convenient Weight Gain Shaker
Exceptional Value For Money
Can Aid in Faster Strength Gains
Great Tasting


Messy To Mix
Medium Sugar Content
Serving Size Scoops Are Huge

There you have it guys.

I would recommend this for anyone looking to gain weight fast, or anyone who struggle with a weight gain diet.

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Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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