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On May 26, 2016
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An excellent value for money protein source that is a "healthy cheat". The taste is spot on, but the texture leaves a bit to be desired. Ideal as a snack between meals.

Sticking words into food names is all the rage these days. “Protein this and protein that” is all i see on twitter. From nut butters, to flapjacks and everything in between. The fitfam universe has gone mad!

Myprotein have gone the opposite route with their newest protein cookie and thrown the word ‘skinny’ in there. Why? Because it will make you skinny if you eat them obviously……

Sense my sarcasm there?

Seriously though, i’ve recently tried the brand new Myprotein Skinny Cookie, and this is what I thought.

myprotein skinny cookie reviewOverview

If you’ve ever tried the Myprotein MP Max Protein Cookies you kind of know what to expect with these. A soft baked, not quite cake, not quite cookie hybrid.

They’re weird. They look like cookies but they just don’t taste like a traditional cookie that you’d pick up from the Tesco bakery. Perhaps calling it “cookie” is a bit mis-leading (to an extent) as it doesn’t have the same texture as a biscuit type cookie.

The texture of Myproteins Diet Cookie is much softer, almost sponge like. However, not spongy enough to be a cake. Its hard to explain, and im doing a terrible job, so watch me filling my face with one in the video below.

Skinny Cookie Macros

Per Cookie (50g)
194 kcals
3g fat
16g carbs
25g protein

This is far fewer calories than other protein cookies on the market, including Myprotein’s original protein cookie.

In comparison 1 MP Max Cookie contains

Per Cookie (75g)
317 kcal
37.5g protein
19.55g carbs
3g fat

Myprotein will market this primarily to Women, given the pink packaging and the “diet” in the name. The nutrient ratio is slightly difference to the regular protein cookies, but the skinny cookie is essentially a diet cookie. A smaller, and lower calorie version of the regular protein cookie.

The portion size of a regular protein cookie is perhaps a bit too big for the average female, so it’s refreshing to see Myprotein addressing that.

rich piana cookie


The Skinny Cookie comes in 2 flavours. Cranberry and white chocolate, and lemon and chia seed. The only flavour i’ve tried, which can be seen in the above video, is the cranberry and white chocolate Skinny Cookie.

The cookie is littered with a generous serving of dried cranberries and white chocolate chip. The base cookie isn’t oozing with flavour, but the cranberries and white chocolate provide enough flavour, without overpowering your senses.

Overall the taste is good – but not amazing. Certainly better than a rating of average. However, there is now a massive range of protein snacks available from so many different retailers, such as PHD protein flapjacks and protein brownies or even bars such as protein chox.

I would personally favour other protein snacks over the skinny cookie, but it did provide a nice change to the usual snacks I have.

The taste of the cookie, I couldn’t fault – it was more the texture that didn’t quite hit the mark. I ate it straight out of the pack, but it might be better out of the microwave.

By all means, if you’re putting a supplement order in, and happen to stumble across an offer for free skinny cookies, or find a discount code bringing the price down, add them to your basket and give them a try.

How To Factor Them Into Your Diet

These Skinny Cookies are pretty low in total calories, packing only 3g of fat, under 20g of carbs, and 25g of protein.

If you’re a flexible dieter, and follow IIFYM then you’ll be able to slot these into your evening flexbowl, or as a snack through the day no problem.

The regular Myprotein Cookies are a meal replacement in themself. Eating one cookie is quite filling. These don’t have the same affect.

I can comfortably eat one of these, and still have room left. Id probably think of having one of these if i was looking for a slightly “healthier” version of regular junk food.

I’d eat this as a snack to tie me over between meals if I know ive got a busy day ahead. For example, if im eating breakfast at 7.30, but know I wont have time to eat a whole food meal until 12, id throw a Skinny Cookie in between delivering lectures, or client meetings. Its enough to tie you over for a proper meal, without making you feel overly full.

The Bottom Line

Overall, these are a decent cookie. The texture is a bit “so-so” but the taste is spot on, and the total calories and macro profile is good. The price point is excellent at £11.99 for a box of 12. Thats under £1 a cookie – and contains more protein than your average protein bar. Really good value for money. High protein content, with minimal fat and a low amount of carbs.

The My Protein Skinny Cookie is deffinitely worth trying. If you’re already making a supplement order, then id recommend you try these at least once. However, I wouldnt go out of my way to order these alone – definitely more of an add on item. Say you’ve spent £40, you might aswell add these so your order comes to over £50 and you get free delivery then.

They’re handy to have in for when you’re eating on the move, in a rush and need some quick protein.

Get The Myprotein Skinny Cookie

You can buy them from Myprotein here

Have you gave them a try? Let me know what you thought of them on twitter or facebook.

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