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Supplement Reviews from Cheap Protein Discount Codes are honest reviews of bodybuilding supplements. Our supplement reviews look at protein powders, weight gainers, carb powders, pre workouts and more.

Why Weight Gain Supplements Work

Cheap Homemade Weight Gainer Shake Recipe

Weight gain supplements are thought of as 2 things, by 2 different camps of people. A must use supplement if you want to gain muscle mass by noobies. Or, a waste of money by those who are able to put

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Do Protein Shakes Make You Fat?

A fat belly and a whey protein shake

Do protein shakes make you fat? It’s a question a lot of new gym goers have. Probably because there is a lot of misinformation about protein shakes and “bulking up” After spending over 15 years training in gyms, I can

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How Many Protein Shakes A Day Can You Drink?

Whey Protein Shake Chocolate Flavoured With Strawberries and Banana

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a gym, you have probably wondered; if you need a protein supplement how many protein shakes a day you need Depending upon your fitness goals will depend on how much protein you need each

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Can I Drink 2 Protein Shakes a Day?

3 different protein shakes made from fruit and protein powder

If you’re following a high protein diet, you have probably considered using a protein supplement. If you’re like me, you might be asking yourself “Can I Drink 2 Protein Shakes a Day”. I’ve been drinking protein shakes for over 13

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£1 Homemade Mass Gainer 1000 Calorie Shake Recipe!

Cheap Homemade Weight Gainer Shake Recipe

Homemade Weight Gain Shakes are the EASIEST way to add body weight and muscle. Bulking is simple (not necessarily “easy”). To bulk up, all you need to do is eat enough calories. However, eating all those calories from food can

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