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How to use a My Protein Discount Code

Saving money with a My protein discount code couldn’t be easier. Follow these simple steps to make sure you save money every time you order at using any of our above myprotein discount codes.

  1. Scroll through all of our my protein discount codes, listed on this my protein discount code page.
  2. Find a deal that will save you the most amount of money, depending upon what supplements you are ordering.
  3. Click the green voucher code corresponding to the deal you want to redeem.
  4. Clicking the discount code will open the Myprotein website in a new tab, and also reveal the discount code for you to enter at checkout.How to use a my protein discount code
  5. Continue shopping at Myprotein, adding any further products to your basket.
  6. When you’re finished shopping, head to the checkout.Redeeming our My Protein Discount Codes
  7. Copy the discount code from this page, and enter it into the “Discount Code” box on the checkout screen at Myprotein.Using a Myprotein Discount Code
  8. Once you’ve entered your selected myprotein discount code, click “use code”. This will apply the discount to your basket.Save Money With Myprotein Discount Codes
  9. Once the discount has been applied to the contents of your basket, click the “Checkout Securely Now” button.
  10. Checkout as normal, filling in your payment details and confirming your order.

Help – My Selected My Protein Discount Code Doesn’t Work! What Do I Do?

The discount & deals team at carries out regular checks to make sure all the Myprotein voucher codes listed on this discount page are live, active and working.

Myprotein discount code not working

Why Does This Myprotein Voucher Code Not Work?

From time to time, you may encounter a voucher code that does not work. This could be for a few reasons;

  • Time Based Deals
  • Product Restrictions
  • Expiry Dates
  • Qualifying Basket Conditions

Time Based Voucher Codes

Some of the deals we post are time based. Most codes expire at midnight, however from time to time, we do publish discount codes that expire at midday, or 7pm.

A popular example of this would be the “Myprotein Countdown Offer”. This is where discount drops by 1% hourly, until it freezes at 10%.

We also post “flash deals” that may only run for 12 hours, and then they expire.

Product Restrictions & Promo Code Exemptions

Some deals apply to certain flavours, or sizes. For example, we offer “flavour of the month” deals for Myprotein supplements. You may be trying to redeem a voucher code that does not apply to the flavour you are trying to buy.

Some of the deals that apply to protein may only apply to whey protein, not casein for example.

If your code isn’t working, double check the deal to see if it applies to the product range or supplement type you’re trying to buy.

Expiry Dates

The most common problem for any of our Myprotein Discount Codes to not work is that they have expired.

Check the expiry date. All of the deals we post have an expiry date. We update a fresh selection of Myprotein Discount Codes every Thursday. However, we also add additional codes throughout the week, such as flash deals, or exclusive offers, or deals of the month.

Every deal has its own expiry date. Myprotein reserves the right to end any of the discount codes we post at any given time. This might mean that a deal ends a day or few days before the planned expiry date.

The team at does regularly monitor all codes to ensure that they are all active and working, but from time to time, a code might slip through the net.

If you do find that a code you’re trying to use doesn’t work, then browse our range of vouchers & deals to find a suitable alternative.

Qualifying Basket Conditions

Some of our discount codes have certain conditions that need to be met before they become active. These could be;

  • Minimum spend
  • Products must be added to basket
  • Quantity of product has not been met
  • Correct size is not in basket

If you find a code doesn’t work, then double check what the conditions of the deal are. You may need to add a product to your basket for it to become free, or entitle you to half off.

You might need to add a product from a select range in order to get money off your entire order, or for the discount to be applied to your basket.

How To Save Money With a Myprotein Discount Code

As you’ll have seen above, there are numerous types of discount codes to be used at Myprotein. Below are the different types of my protein discount codes we publish on site, that allow you to save the most money.

Myprotein New Customer Discount & First Time Order Codes

First time customers can always save money on their entire order using a discount code for along with getting a free pouch of impact whey protein. You can pick your own flavour, so browse the codes above, enter the code at checkout, and place your first order.

Myprotein New Customer Discount Code

Using a My Protein Discount Code After First Order

After you’ve saved money on your first order, and received your free pouch of impact whey, you can use any of the below codes to continue saving money, every single time you order at Myprotein.

Percentage Discounts

These offers are your chance to save the biggest amount of money if you’re putting a general order in. They are also the most frequently used voucher codes and promoted deals for my protein.

You can ALWAYS save a minimum of 10% on your order at with a discount code from this page. There is really no reason to ever pay RRP at myprotein again.

We quite regularly feature discount codes allowing you to save up to 30% also.

Sometimes these are just flat rate offers that will apply a percentage discount to your full basket. For example 10 or 15% off.

However bigger savings, such as 30% off usually require you to spend a certain amount, or buy select products.

Sometimes we will publish deals that allow you to save 80% off selected product ranges, or 70% in the My Protein clearance sale. For offers like these, a coupon code does not need to be entered at checkout. This means you can stack that offer with something else to save even more money.

Mystery Discounts & My Protein Countdown Offers

These types of deals are short lived, but pack massive savings.

Mystery discount codes can entitle you to get anywhere between 10% and 30% off your entire order, with no minimum spend needed.

Countdown Offers usually start at 25% off your entire order, requiring no minimum spend. Discount then drops by 1% each hour, until it locks at 10%. Whenever you see this offer live, by ASAP to save the most amount of money.

Free Products or Half Price Products

These types of offers usually involve you buying supplements from a selected product range. Then you will receive another product free or half price.

The best time to redeem these offers is when the products on offer are supplements you regularly use, and are expensive.

For example, you may be able to buy a bag of impact whey, and get a 2nd bag for half price.

Free Gifts at Myprotein

Every week we will have some offer that entitles you to a free gift or free product at Myprotein. The products up for grabs constantly change, and vary from offer to offer but can include;

  • Myprotein Free Blender Bottle
  • Free My Protein Shaker Bottle
  • Protein Snacks
  • Protein Bars
  • Nut Butters
  • Clothing
  • Accessories

Sometimes these offers do not require a discount code to be entered, so you can stack this with another offer.

Free gift deals sometimes require a minimum spend of just £10, which basically means no matter what you’re ordering, you’re going to receive a free product.

Keep checking back to this page to see what freebies are up for grabs each week.

My Protein Free Delivery Discount Code

Whenever you spend £50 at Myprotein you automatically qualify for free standard delivery. If you think that standard my protein delivery times are too long, then you can upgrade to next day delivery.

My Protein Free Delivery Discount Code

My protein delivery costs differ depending on the level of service you want, however when you spend £100 or more, you qualify for free next day delivery.

Using a Myprotein free delivery discount code from this page means, you can get free next day delivery when spending as little as £30. Sometimes you can get free delivery as standard with no minimum spend depending on the current range of offers.

If you’re ever putting in a small order, be sure to check this deals page to see if you can get a free delivery my protein code.

All of the above myprotein special offers means you can save money, or get free products every time you place a supplement order.

Save Even More at

On top of the many discount codes for that are listed above, there are other ways to save at Myprotein.

By being clever and stacking the above voucher codes with on-site deals, you can save an absolute fortune.

Lets take a look at how to do this.

My Protein Referral Code

This also falls under the first time customer discount. A referral code can be entered into the account registration page.

You will save money off your order, and the referrer will earn MP Reward points.

When you become a customer, you will receive a referrer code. Share this with your friends, on forums, or on social. Anytime a new customer uses your code, you will gain MP Reward points to cash in on your next order.

MP Reward Points

MP Reward Points are earned when you place an order at Myprotein. It is a loyalty programme that allows you to get cashback from your orders.

This cashback is built up as MP Reward points. You can then cash these points in to get a discount off your order.

How does the MP Reward programme work?

  • When you spend £1 at Myprotein, you will earn 1MP Reward Point.
  • 1 MP Reward point is worth £0.01 – 1p.
  • As an example, if you spend £100, you will earn £1.
  • MP Reward Points equate to 1% cashback.
  • Your points build up in your account.
  • When you place an order at Myprotein, there is a field on the checkout screen, next to where you enter a discount code.
  • Type in the number of points you want to exchange, and this will discount that much from your order.
  • For example, if you have 100 points, you can get £1 off your order.

MP Reward Points

I know what you’re thinking “spending £100 to get just £1 is a lot”. You’re right. However, not all companies offer this.

You don’t go into a supermarket and get credit off your weekly shop.

MP Reward points means you’re getting 1% cashback on whatever you spend. That means if you’re placing an order every month (and if you’re serious about the gym, you will be), your spend is going to add up.

Any amount of money you can save or get back is a bonus. Between the voucher codes on this page, on-site deals at Myprotein, and MP Reward points, you can make a massive saving.

You can check your total amount of MP Reward points by visiting the “Your Account” section of

You can use these points whenever, and however you like. If you want to use them every time you order, you can, and you might save a couple of pence, or a few quid.

Alternatively you can save your points, until you have enough to make your next myprotein order free.

The choice is yours.

Why Use a MyProtein Discount Code?

Using any of the above My Protein Discount Codes means 1 thing. You save money. The voucher codes and deals we bring you apply to the entire range of supplements available from

Whether you’re loooking for cheap protein, a free shaker, money off amino acids, looking to try new protein snacks, or are in need of some new gym clothes, the Myprotein discount codes on this page mean you get everything you need for cheaper. offers supplements for every type of athlete. This includes supplements for;

  • Bodybuilders
  • Rugby players
  • Football players
  • Powerlifters
  • Olympic Athletes
  • Crossfit trainees
  • Strength Athletes
  • Sprinters
  • Marathon Runners
  • Athletic Stars
  • Casual Gym Goers

No matter who you are, or what your sport is though, you want the best quality supplements, for the cheapest possible price. That is why you need to use our My Protein Discount Codes every time you order.

Get the supplements you love, at prices you’ll love even more! Exclusive Offers & Vouchers For

The team is comprised of competitive bodybuilders and serious athletes. We know the importance and benefits of having quality supplements as part of our diet, in order to maximise gains made in the gym.

We have an extensive myprotein review section, which gives our insights into which supplements we feel work, and which are a waste of money. Our honest supplement reviews will help you separate the fluff from the buff, and ensure you only pay for the supplements that will help you get the most from your workouts and training. We know what supplements work, and what don’t.

Buying cheap supplements and cheap protein powder shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. You can get some of the cheapest whey protein in the UK from MyProtein, and be rest assured that it is also one of the best value protein powders. No matter what your budget, you can find high quality, cheap protein, that provides results with our exclusive discounts for My Protein.

Due to our knowledge & reviews of MyProtein supplements, and our no BS approach when it comes to what works and what doesn’t, we have a very close working relationship with In our review section we give our honest thoughts on the quality, effectiveness, and value for money of these supplements. Our Impact Whey Protein Review is an example of reviewing supplements from experience, and giving an honest opinion.

This working relationship allows us to deliver a range of exclusive offers and vouchers for MyProtein. This means you’ll find discounts here that you won’t find anywhere else. So for the best Myprotein deals, offers, vouchers and discounts, make sure to check back here every time you order to save money on your next supplement order.

About My Protein

My Protein was founded in 2004 by Oliver Cookson. After growing the company from humble beginnings, using just £500 of savings in a lock up, he was able to grow Myprotein to become the number 1 sports supplement retailer in Europe.

He sold the company to the The Hut Group, and subsequently went onto start up another sports supplement company.

The brand has grown massively over the years, with an ever growing range of sports supplements featuring;

  • Protein Powder
  • Protein Drinks
  • High Protein Snacks
  • Ready Made Meals
  • Amino Acids
  • Protein Bars
  • Nuts & Grains
  • Gym Clothing
  • Lifting Accessories

The company also features free, helpful information on its blogging platform, and across social media.

Some of the key points to the success of Myprotein are;

  • Quality supplement range
  • Some of the cheapest pricing on supplements in Europe
  • The ability to save money using My Protein Discount Codes
  • MP Reward Scheme
  • Free Next Day Delivery
  • Ever growing product range
  • ISO9001 standards
  • Price match
  • Easy to use website

My Protein Sponsored Athletes sponsors and supports some of the best bodybuilder, fitness models and athletes across Europe.

The product range from Myprotein is diverse so suit anyone who trains. This is reflected by their diverse ambassador and athlete panel.

Some of the key Myprotein athletes include:

  • Simeon Panda
  • Terry Hollands
  • Kirk Miller
  • Benedikt Magnusson
  • Alon Gabby

Myprotein also sponsors athletic teams such as members of the Olympic GB team, Castleford rugby club, Burnley football club and Saint Helens rugby league football club.

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