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About Maximuscle

Maximuscle Discount CodeMaximuscle is Europe’s number 1 sports supplement brand. Maximuscle products are some of the highest reviewed and most commonly used supplements in Europe. Their Maximuscle Cyclone is the market leading all in supplement. Maximuscle produces a fantastic range of protein powders, weight gainers, fat loss pills and protein powder for women. Maximuscle products are some of the highest quality on the market, and is one of the most well respected brands in the sports supplement market. Ensure you get discount on Maximuscle supplements using a Maximuscle Discount Code.

The Foundations of Maximuscle

Established by Zef Eisenberg in 1995, he was an aspiring bodybuilder who experimented with mixing his own supplements at home. Eisenberg quickly became fed up of the poor quality supplements that were available in the UK. Being heavily interested in training, nutrition and supplements, Zef took note of the advancing supplement market within America. Zef’s vision was born. To provide, safe, effective and scientifically sound supplements to like minded bodybuilders and athletes. Maximuscle, lead by Zef, pioneered a new age of sports supplements, combining different components together such as creatine and whey protein, to create (at the time) brand new supplements. Maximuscle also introduced the first independent drug testing scheme, and worked with leading sports nutritions and sports researchers to help develop the wide range of Maximuscle Supplements that allowed it to become Europe’s number 1 sports supplement company. This was long before anyone could use a Maximuscle Promo Code or Maximuscle Voucher code, as Maximuscle was not set to trade online as of yet!

Evolution of Maximuscle

Maximuscle products have developed, improved and evolved since its inception in 1995. With an increased protein powder quality, and supplement quality, Maximuscle’s popularity and demand as soared all throughout Europe. Once considered a niche product range for bodybuilders or strength athletes, Maximuscle supplements has become a house hold name. The entire range of Maximuscle products can be found across supermarkets, gym chains, health stores and even petrol stations. However the best value for for money is to buy online using a Maximuscle Discount Code or Maximuscle Promo Code.

The Maximuscle core customer base is still the serious athlete, bodybuilder or sports person. However with the fitness boom hitting the nation in recent years, even the casual gym-goer benefits from the many Maximuscle supplements available. Supplements that were once considered premium products are now readily available and affordable by anyone, using a Maximuscle Discount Code. No longer is it just the muscle bound bodybuilders that require protein shakes, creatine and carbohydrate supplements. In this age of fitness and scientific supplement research, athletes and sportsmen from all strokes know the importance of supplements including, rugby players, olympic athletes, track and field athletes, cyclists, football players, swimmers and marathon runners.

The Maximuscle Supplement Manufacturing Process

Following 16 years of successful trading, Maximuscle was acquired by, now parent company, GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), a scientific research led company whom recognised the work that Maximuscle had been doing since 1995. Each of the manufacturing partners that have been chosen to help produce Maximuscle supplements all must undergo robust and extensive approval to meet a high quality standard. All partners abide to the highest health, food safety and hygiene standards. To ensure these standards are infact being met, internal and external audits are carried out. As Maximuscle supplements are used by a wide range of athletes from amateur to professional level, each back of Maximuscle supplements are tested for banned substances. This ensures that customers can purchase from Maximuscle with complete confidence, and be rest assured that when using a Maximuscle Discount Code, they will be getting high quality supplements.

The Future of Maximuscle

Maximuscle has developed a wide range of product ranges and product line within the supplements industry. Each new supplement produced has always met the the demand of Maximuscle customers in an innovative, effective and healthy way. Maximuscle understands the needs of gym goers, and adapts its product range to meet the needs of beginner lifters and professional athletes. From developing lean muscle mass, weight loss or strength training, Maximuscle allows anyone to maintain a high protein diet, geared towards their fitness goals.

The future of Maximuscle is yours to shape. Using a Maximuscle Promo Code shows your love of the Maximuscle products, whilst allowing you to get Maximuscle Offers at the lowest prices. As long as you want to continue to develop your physique, Maximuscle will be there to keep developing sports supplements.

Maximuscle Partners

Following a range of extensive customer feedback in 2010, Maximuscle decided that product diversification was in order. This allowed the company to offer a wider range of products appealing to a larger customer base. It was following this feedback that the female specific product range was introduced, Maxitone. This supplement range was created to meet the needs of active women. The most popular product from the Maxitone range is Maximuscle Sculptress, a whey protein created with women in mind.

Maxiraw is a throwback to the early days of Maximuscle. The Maxiraw range is a no frills range of supplements that appeals to the cost-sensitive customer. A Maxiraw Promo code means these cheap Maximuscle supplements are even cheaper. This is the cheapest Maximuscle option available.

Maxifuel is a range of supplements geared around energy and recovery. The Maxifuel product range contains supplements with high quality protein & carbohydrate blends. The Maxifuel supplements can be used pre workout, intra workout and post workout. This allows you to be energised for your work out, sustain energy levels through your workout, and kick start the recovery process. Maxifuel can be used by men and women.

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About Maxishop

Maxishop are the official online supplement store for the Maximuscle brand. The cheapest Maximuscle offers are available using one of the above Maximuscle Discount Codes at the Maxishop. This allows you to get cheap Maximuscle products, from the horses mouth. Using a Maxishop Promo Code from the above Maxishop Discount Codes is a safe way to get cheap Maximuscle products, whilst ensuring the quality is legitimate.

Maxishop offer a fantastic money back guarantee. When using any Maximuscle supplements, purchased using a Maximuscle Discount Code at the Maxishop, you’re covered by a 40 day hassle free refund period. If you use any of the Maximuscle products instructed, such as Maximuscle Cyclone, Thermobol or Promax, combined with a healthy diet and correct training regime, and you don’t see any results, you can send them back and receive a refund.

You can place all your Maxishop orders online, and benefit from free delivery to the mainland UK.

Check out our Maximuscle Reviews page for more information on your favourite Maximuscle Supplements, or our Cheap Supplements page for more great protein discount codes.


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