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Muscle Mousse is a casein, whey and egg protein blend that 'sets' to create an authentic mousse dessert. Its nutritional values are good, but it's taste and consistency is out of this world. A must have for anyone dieting who suffers from a sweet tooth.

Much like the bird, plane and superman conundrum, I was placed in a similar situation when I first saw Muscle Moose at the 2014 Bodypower Expo. Well I had to figure out and bring your this Muscle Moose Review.

Is it a protein powder, is it a dessert? Muscle Moose is actually a blend of a protein powders that is presented as a high protein mousse. Muscle Moose isn’t just a casein protein powder (I made this mistake).

Back at the 2014 Body Power Expo, the stand was packed so I dismissed it. I told my mate i’ve got MyProtein’s Micellar Casein, I don’t need this.

How wrong I was.

The next day, the Muscle Moose booth had quietened down. I sampled some of it, they had a few flavours to try, and over the duration of the weekend I worked my way through quite a few of them.

The first one I tried though was white chocolate, or as the rep called it milky bar. DAMN. I felt like the milky bar kid on a intervenus drip of of this white chocolate goodness.

So, 8 years after first trying Muscle Moose – the brand has absolutely exploded. They now offer a range of high protein snacks and supplements. However today I am bringing you my updated Muscle Moose review, to help you decide if it’s worth buying.

What Is Muscle Moose?

Muscle Mousse ReviewMuscle Moose is a micellar casein, whey protein, and egg protein blend from Genetic Supplements. It’s not designed like a regular protein shake however. Rather it’s designed to be made into a mousse (catchy name eah?)

Muscle Moose, nutritionally, is very similar to many other protein supplements. However, I don’t associate Muscle Moose as a protein shake. Rather I put it in its own category of being a protein dessert or protein snack.

These kind of products are so popular now. Every bulk supplier has their own high protein desserts, so is Muscle Moose worth paying a premium for?

Unlike some of our protein baking recipes, Muscle Moose does not require any additional ingredients, no awkward or confusing preparation, and no cooking. Its as simple as mixing with water (or milk) and letting it set.

I remember when I saw these being pulled out of the fridges at Bodypower, I was sure that there must be some wizardy going on in the background. However after trying it myself, and following the instructions, its just like mixing a regular shake.

The tub states to use a maximum of 150 ml of water per 50g serving. The first Muscle Moose I made, I used just 100ml of water. The consistency was thick, like a regular mousse, and the white chocolate taste was awesome.

However I then tried 150ml, 175ml ,and even 200 ml of water. I find 175ml keeps the thick texture, but you get a lot more volume. (Which means more to eat!). After 30 minutes its done. However when i made one with 200ml of water, I left it in for an hour, just to give it a little extra time to set.

I saw a post on the Muscle Mousse facebook page a few days before I set this review live. The post asked “When do you eat your muscle mousse?”

For me, it makes for the perfect late night snack for a few reasons. Firstly it contains micellar casein, a slow releasing protein which is believed to stay in our system, drip feeding the body with needed protein for around 6 hours. Eating a casein protein source before bed means you’re body isn’t entering a catabolic state.

Secondly, Muscle Mousse is the ultimate craving killer. I personally can stick to my diet 100% EASILY throughout the day. Im busy, my mind is on work, and I just don’t crave anything sugary.

However come night time – BOOM. Those sugar cravings kick in fast and hard ( that’s what she said ).

White Chocolate Muscle Mousse

The only tub of muscle mousse i’ve had is the white chocolate flavour. However I at the Bodypower Expo I tried butterscotch, strawberry and peanut choc caramel. All tasted awesome, however white chocolate was by far my favourite.

Muscle Mousse Nutrition

A 50 gram serving of Muscle Mousse contains:

175 kcal
30g Protein
11.9g Carbs
0.84g fat

The carbs are a little higher higher than something like a regular whey protein. Muscle Mousse isn’t your typical protein shake though.

It contains casein protein, which is why the carbs are a little higher. Its low in sugar, and extremely low in fat. Everything you’re looking for from a healthy snack and protein supplement.

Because of the higher carb content, and the mousse setting nature of muscle mousse, I would never replace my regular protein shake with Muscle Mousse.

Genetic Supplements Muscle Mousse

Instead i prefer to have it to satisfy my sweet tooth. Where I would perhaps use something like impact whey throughout the day out of necessity to make sure im hitting my protein intake, Muscle Mousse is reserved for when I want to cheat clean.

Seriously, if you like white chocolate, then you’ll be adopting a mousse and be giving the milk bar kid up for adoption.

Other protein desserts are nice. They make a decent change to the regular protein shake, and make you feel like you’re having a treat. The same can be said for making a protein dessert using casein protein.

However the texture of these does not even come close to the gloopy, cheese cakey, authentic mousse goodness that is delivered from Muscle Mousse.


Muscle Mousse Recipe IdeasJust like any other protein supplement, Muscle Mousse can be eaten at any time of the day. Whether you want it for breakfast, as a pre workout snack, an after sex snack, a before bed treat. Whatever.

No protein powder is going to magically make you add 10 lbs of muscle overnight. Protein supplements are intended to help aid us reach our protein intake, through easy to digest, high quality protein sources.

With these intentions, Muscle Mousse does exactly what you’d expect.

Unlike a protein shake however, I wouldn’t be using Muscle Mousse multiple times a day, every day.

Nutritionally it’s got everything you need from a protein shake. However for a regular protein drink, i prefer the carb content to be a little lower than what is in Muscle Mousse.

If you’re needing a change from the regular protein shake however, then Muscle Mousse is a perfect alternative.

Its an effective protein supplement, that will help you hit your daily protein intake to build muscle.

I find Muscle Mousse to be more effective as a way to satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking diet.

However you have Muscle Mousse, its going to help contribute to your protein intake, recovery, and muscle gains or fat loss goals.

Muscle Mousse Taste

Value For Money

Compared to a regular tub of of whey or casein protein, Muscle Mousse is a bit more on the pricey side.

Your looking to pay around £19-£20 for a 750g tub. Each serving is 50 grams of powder, which means you’re getting 15 servings, each priced at roughly £1.33.

Its important to remember though, that I don’t personally use, nor would I recommend using Muscle Mousse as a replacement for your regular protein supplement.

My ‘go to’ every day protein shake would still be something like impact whey. This is a regular, no thrills, affordable protein shake that I can drink on the go, between meals or post workout.

Muscle Mousse is a luxury protein dessert. You can go into Asda or Tesco and pay £3 for a slice of cheesecake. This is going to be full of fat, sugar, and not macro friendly for anyone dieting, or looking to build muscle.

Muscle Mousse, at just £1.33 a serving, is giving you a healthy, guilt free dessert, containing 30g of protein.


High Protein Muscle MousseOverall, im glad that Connie (my fiancee) surprised me with a tub of this. Its probably something i’d have dismissed thinking “its not that much different to regular casein.”

However after working my way through the white chocolate tub (which i’ll be buying another of) im looking forward to adding the butterscotch and caramel peanut (snickers anyone!?) to my treat cupboard.

As a regular protein supplement, its not worth it. However using it, as its intended, then Muscle Mousse is well worth the money. I’ve yet to find a better tasting protein dessert than this.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can always try making a healthy protein cheesecake recipe using Muscle Mousse.

There are a ton of ways you can enjoy it, and with the range of flavours offered, you’re going to be spoilt for choice.

Buy Muscle Mousse

Like I said, Muscle Mousse typically runs anywhere between £21-22.

I find that Amazon has the best range of flavours, at a consistent price of just £21.67. This is the cheapest i’ve been able to find it for. You can check it out clicking here.

You can always save money on protein powders and supplements using the discount codes right here on our site. If you want to try Myprotein’s variation instead, make sure to use a Myprotein Discount Code when you buy.

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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