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Powerman delivers a power packed protein blend, consisting of casein, whey & egg protein. Its flavour and consistency is unique and one of the best i've ever tried. If you're looking for a tasty, time released protein shake, give this a try.

Imagine if you would, that England lost World War II. Apple Pie would be swapped for Apfelstrudel. A short moustache hovering above the lip would be common place. Powerman would be the UK’s biggest Protein & supplement brand, in replacement of brands such as MyProtein, The Protein Works or Go Nutrition.

Powerman are a Germand based supplements company, which has recently expanded into the UK. I’ve been using a range of their products for the past few months, including their casein & whey protein blend, Powerman Protein 85 Enzyme Release. Should you give it ago? Read our entire Powerman Protein 85 Enzyme Release Review to find out.

Product Overview

Powerman Protein 85 Enzyme ReleasePowerman Protein 85 Enzyme Release is a protein powder blend, consisting of casein and whey protein concentrate.

What I like about Powerman Protein 85 it is that it states exactly what percentages of each protein source is. Some supplement companies hide the quantities used in their protein blends.

Powerman 85 Enzyme Release contains 78% casein protein, 11% whey protein concentrate and 1% egg protein powder. They disclose the quantities of each of the ingredients used. in their supplements. The full ingredients list is quite long, and can be viewed here.

Why is this important? Because if a protein powder is marketed as a slow releasing protein powder, it should contain primarily micellar casein.

Without disclosing quantities, some companies may include only a fraction of casein protein to a whey protein concentrate blend.

Powerman Protein 85 contains a whopping 78% casein protein. Big props to them for disclosing this information.


Powerman Protein 85 Enzyme Release Nutritional Values

Per 100g:
Energy (kJ/kcal): 1575 kJ (376 kcal)
Fat: 2.1 g
of which saturates: 1.4 g
Carbohydrates: 6.2 g
of which sugars: 2.6 g
Protein: 80 g
Salt: 0.55 g

Why Casein & Whey?

Different protein sources and protein types are absorbed by the body differently. They have different amino acid profiles. A whey protein is absorbed relatively quickly by the body, where as casein protein is absorbed slowly.

Having a blend of proteins, in one protein drink, gives your body a full range of amino’s and a balanced source of protein to help with protein synthesis. AKA, increasing gains.

Casein Protein Meme

Taste, Texture & Mixability

I’ve been using the Mango-Lassi flavour.

Mango what I hear you ask? Yea i thought the same when I read it to.

From some research browsing the interwebs, I was able to discover that lassi is a yoghurt drink from India. This makes perfect sense as this flavour is so reminiscent to a mango flavoured yoghurt.

I’ll be honest, if i was reading that as a falvour, its something I would never buy. It just wouldn’t appeal to me. Boy am I glad i received this flavour though.

It tastes awesome. Part of the reason it tastes so great, is due to its consistency and texture. Casein creates a thicker shake than whey protein. As Powerman Protein 85 Enzyme Release contains predominantly casein, with some whey, the texture of this protein shake is like a real icy milkshake.

Combine this with a yoghurt taste, and you’d be damned to think this is a regular protein shake.

Its definitely a unique texture and taste. Something I’ve never experienced from the likes of Impact Whey, MyProtein’s Micellar Casein, or Whey Isolate from Go Nutrition. As much as I like a cherry bakewell flavour protein powder, or a cookies n creme flavour whey isolate, it was very refreshing to have a brand new tasting shake.

For this reason along, the Mango Lassi Powerman flavour gets a big thumbs up from me.

Other flavours from Powerman include chocolate, coconut, frozen yoghurt, strawberry and vanilla. Im looking forward to trying their coconut and frozen yoghurt flavours.

Powerman Protein 85 Enzyme Release Nutrition


As I’ve already mentioned, Powerman 85 Enzyme Release creates a more authentic milkshake consistency compared to a regular whey protein concentrate.

One serving is 30 grams of power, which is recommended to mix with 250 mil of cold milk. I’ve only actually mixed it with water, and the consistency is awesome. Not too thick, but definitely not watery. Pretty much a perfect shake.

There is no clumping of the powder, no froth on the top of the shake.

Value For Money

Powerman Protein 85 Enzyme Release starts from £19.90 for a 500gram tub. This works out at just £0.83 per serving.

Remember this isn’t a whey protein concentrate (one of the cheapest forms of protein). This is a blend of casein protein, whey protein concentrate and egg protein.

For just £0.83 a serving, this is pretty good value for money. You can also get tubs in 3kg, which makes it even cheaper.

Factor in its great taste and texture, and I can’t complain about its price. Get it for even cheaper, when combined when using a Powerman Discount Code.

The Verdict

Should you give Powerman Protein 85 Enzyme Release a go?


Which for you non German speaking folks, means yes.

This is a really great tasting, and nutritionally sound protein blend.

Powerman 85 is a protein blend, primarily containing the slow releasing casein protein, fast absorbing whey protein concentrate, and a medium absorbing egg protein (albeit a very small amount), that is perfect to have before bed or through the day.

I’d recommend this purely on its taste along, for just £0.83 a shake, you should definitely try out one of unique flavours such as the Mango-Lassi, Frozen Yoghurt or Coconut.

Let me know down in the comments below if you do try it, and you can learn more about Powerman Supplements, and browse their latest offers & discounts here.

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Powerman Protein 85 Enzyme Release


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