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Adam Hayley Interview

Adam Hayley PT

As any long time readers of the site, or viewers of my youtube channel will know, before i competed in bodybuilding, i quite often trained following “powerlifting” and “strength” style routines. Its refreshing for me to me able to interview

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Interview with Paul Carter of

Paul Carter Lift Run Bang

Paul Carter is a life long regular in the weight room, and legitimate strong mofo. I’ve been reading his website, Lift Run Bang for quite some time now. I recently reached out to Paul, and picked his brains about training,

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Interview With MuscleTalk Founder James Collier

james collier interview

I was recently able to interview James Collier, the founder of one of the UK’s most popular bodybuilding & fitness forums, MuscleTalk. I’ve been a reader of MusceTalk for a few years, and an active member for around 2 years.

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Arran Aro Interview

Arran Aro Fitness

Today we’re bringing you an interview with Arran Aro. Arran is a WFC winner and Sci-Mx sponsored athlete, and rocks a great physique to boot! Lets take a look at what he had to say in this interview! How old

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Proteinology Interview

proteinology cheesecake recipe

Thanks for being with us today Nicky! You’ve established Proteinology, which is a great resource for protein baking. How did you get started with it? Thanks Adam! I started baking at university as I was vegan at the time and

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