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Top 5 Fat Loss Myths Only an Idiot Would Still Believe

Fat Loss myths

Well it’s that time of year again folks…its beach season!! It’s time to stop eating everything in sight, and show off all of the hard work you have put in over the winter months.  Ever heard that saying “Winter Miles

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5 High Protein “Junk Food Swaps” To Help Increase Muscle Mass

High Protein Junk Food Swaps

Anyone who has ever stepped foot in a gym probably knows the importance of protein. It is essential to gain lean, quality muscle tissue. If your goal is to simply “gain weight” then sure, eating a shit-ton of calories, from

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Why Fat Friday Is Keeping You Fat – Food as a Reward

flexible dieting foods

I’m all about positivity, I hate being around negative people, it brings you down. So I’m sorry if this sounds like a rant but, for the last year I have been working in an office and there’s something that has

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9 Fake Health Foods Preventing Fat Loss – How Many Have You Fallen For?


A flick through any celebrity gossip mag, stroll down a supermarket isle, or even just sitting through tv adverts will present a ton of “health foods” that are ok to eat when losing weight. You know the type’s, breakfast biscuits,

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4 Simple Fat Loss Diet Tips for the Casual Gym Goer

The Simple Facts Fat loss comes down to calories in vs calories out. However making smart choices makes the process of reducing calories, controlling hunger and coping with cravings easier. These 4 steps are simple to implement and will start

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