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Whey More Nuts is a high protein peanut butter spread, packing over 50% protein content. No added crap or filler. It tastes great, and just a single serving is enough to satisfy my peanut butter addiction & give me my protein fix. Available in 3 flavours, this is a must try for any peanut butter lover.

Like a baby suckling on the tender, milk filled breast of mother, I just can’t get enough of Peanut Butter & Almond Butters.

To see GoNutrition venture into the high protein peanut butter market with their aptly named Whey More Nuts protein peanut butter spread raised my brow of intrigue.

Peanut butter and whey protein supplements are staples in any bodybuilding diet.

So to combine the 2 seems like a match made in heaven. Throw this onto some bread, and you’ve got the perfect muscle building sandwhich.

The big question on fellow peanut butter addict minds however is “So, is it worth buying?”. Read my entire GoNutrition Whey More Nuts Review to find out!

Product Overview

GoNutrition Whey More Nuts ReviewGoNutrition Whey More Nuts is a high protein peanut butter. GoNutrition took their natural peanut butter and fortified it with GN whey protein isolate, to give birth to this.

Look at it. Respect it. Appreciate it.

This high protein peanut butter packs over 50grams of protein per 100g, which means it is over 50% protein content. Oh and it tastes as peanut butter should, awesome.

I’ve reviewed nuts n more, and anyone who follows me on youtube or twitter will know how much I love them.

However nutritionally, GoNutrition’s Whey More Nuts trumps them.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Before i dive into the awesome nutritional profile, here are the ingredients for the flavour i tried, Chocolate Peanut.


Peanuts, Whey Protein Isolate (Milk), Cocoa, Peanut Oil, Xylitol, Salt.

Rather than pumping this with stabilisers, e numbers or an absurd number of flavourings and other ingredients to create a chocolate taste, GoNutrition opts for a more natural approach.

The cocoa adds that chocolate element, while keeping things healthy.

Simple. No crap. No Filler.

Whey More Nuts Nutrition

Per 100grams:
35g Fat (4.3g of saturated fat)
8.5g Carbohydrates
51g Protein

GoNutrition Protein Peanut Butter ComparisonThe carb content is super low. In comparison to Nuts n more, which contains 6 grams of carbs in just a 32gram serving.

The fat’s are all healthy fats from the peanut. As good as any other natural peanut butter.

The main event here is that massive 51 grams of protein. That’s huge!

When I first started working out and eating a bodybuilding diet, protein peanut butter’s were not on the market.

The last meal of the day, as part of my bulking diet, would consist of a spoonful of peanut butter & a tub of cottage cheese.

Had a product like Whey More Nuts been available then, I could have gotten away with eating just that. It would have been a lot tastier, and lighter on the stomach before bed!

Throwing this onto some rice cakes or bread makes for a perfect meal. If you’re looking for a quick snack to tie you over until your next meal however, then just eating it off the spoon is the way to go.

Of course, a peanut butter needs to taste awesome to be able to just eat it straight out of the tub….

Taste & Texture

GoNutrition Whey More Nuts tops Nuts N More in the nutritional department.

However when it comes to taste, Nuts n More is the champion. That’s not to to serve GoNutrition’s peanut butter a dis-service.

Think of GoNutrition Whey More Nuts as Kai Greene, and Nuts n More as Phil Heath.

Both are awesome, but one is just better.

The chocolate taste wasn’t too overpowering. It was barely just enough to make it feel as though you’re eating something that has a slight chocolate taste.

Whereas any of the chocolate flavour nuts n more nut butters have a solid chocolate flavour, Whey More Nuts is far more subtle.

My fiancee blind tasted it (not knowing what flavour it was) and whilst she did guess it was chocolate flavour, it took her 2 spoonfuls to get the taste. (Although that could have just been her way of going back for seconds!)

If you’re a lover of a rich, sweet, strong chocolate taste, don’t get your hopes up. Don’t stick your spoon in this and expect nutella.

For me however, the subtle chocolate taste was just enough to make me feel like i was having a ‘treat’ without breaking my diet.

There are 2 other flavours available of Whey More Nuts available, cinnamon spice & chocolate coconut.

I’d be very interested to see how the chocolate coconut stacks up against Nuts n Mores’ chocolate coconut peanut butter.


Peanut Butter Rice Cake SnackRegular natural peanut butter has a very runny and ‘gloopy’ texture when first opened. The peanut oil separates to the top of the tub, and a puddle of oil just floats over the nut butter.

You need to stir it thoroughly before you eat it, otherwise you’ll be almost drinking it. Then as you reach the bottom it is almost solid.

This is perfectly natural, and a clear sign that what you’re eating is natural peanut butter, and not filled with stabiliers and other crap you dont need.

Whey more nuts doesn’t require this level of mixing. No separation occurs, which i imagine is due to the added whey protein isolate.

It is more runny than supermarket peanut butters however.

I love this texture of peanut butter. Its not ‘claggy’ and doesn’t stick to your mouth.

Value For Money

This is the ‘oh no’ moment for me.

GoNutrition sells Whey More Nuts in a 500 gram tub for £9.49.

That’s almost £10 for a 500 gram tub of peanut butter! Bare in mind you can get their natural peanut butter, in a 1kg tub for £5.99.

Granted this does contain an awesome amount of protein, from a high quality whey protein isolate. However the price is still a bit on the steep side.

A tub of Nuts N More can be picked up for around £7-£8 and is roughly the same size. So while GoNutrition isn’t pricing themselves out of their market, its unusual to see them price this so high compared with other high protein nut butters on the market.

Personally, I believe the RRP isn’t the intended RRP. A visit to our GoNutrition Discounts & Vouchers page will let you save over 10% on most orders. If its on sale, or if you’re using one of our promo codes, then go ahead and try this.

At a discounted price, I think this is worth it. However for £9.49, thats tougher to swallow than a full tub of peanut butter. It does have its use, and makes for a perfect high protein, healthy snack. Most importantly, it is a very good tasting peanut butter.

For all CheapProteinDiscountCodes.co.uk readers, we’ve got an exclusive 20% off whey more nuts. That makes it just £7.59, cheaper than many other brands of nut butters.

Get 20% Off Whey More Nuts

The Verdict

Ultimately Whey More Nuts from GoNutrition is an awesome addition to your peanut butter cupboard. Because who doesn’t have a cupboard dedicated to peanut butter?

At RRP its hard to recommend. However if you use our exclusive Whey More Nuts GoNutrition 20% discount code, then this is a must try for any peanut butter lover.

  • Over 50% Protein Content
  • Uses Whey Protein Isolate
  • Does NOT Contain Filler Or Crappy Ingredients
  • Not Overly Sweet

Buy Whey More Nuts From GoNutrition

Want to give it a try? You can pick it from GoNutrition, or get more information about it by clicking here.

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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