10 Easy Whey Protein Dessert Recipes You MUST Try

gain muscle protein memeWhenever im cutting for a bodybuilding show, or just looking to lose some fat, my cravings for sweet foods go through the roof!

I can be maintaining or bulking and not touch something sweet for months. As soon as my body fat gets low, i crave things i would never normally even want. Plowing into a dessert cart is a diet disaster waiting to happen.

These 10 must try whey protein dessert recipes are an awesome way to satisfy that sweet tooth or craving, without breaking your diet or over eating. No over eating on fats, no sugar crashes and no food babies!

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Let me know which of these Whey Protein Recipes are your favourite!

10 Easy Whey Protein Recipes To Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

1. Lucky Charms Quest Style Protein Bar

I first tried quest bars at the 2014 Body Power. It wasn’t love at first taste, and I dismissed their peanut butter flavours. They were just too salty, too chewy and not very tasty.

For some reason I gave their white chocolate raspberry flavour a try, and then their strawberry cheesecake, and their cookie dough, and… you get the idea. I love the majority of their flavours. So much so that I experimented with vita fiber from Muscle Food to make my own homemade quest bar using lucky charms.

If you’re wondering what type of protein powder to use in this bar (or any of these recipes) i’d recommend reading my impact whey review, Go Whey 80 or The Protein Works whey concentrate. All are fairly cheap, and high quality sources of protein.

Lucky Charms Homemade Quest Bar


2. Sweet Potato Loaf Cake

This high-protein, gluten-free sweet potato loaf is delicious and so easy to make! Ditch the sugar and opt for a slow releasing carbohydrate from the sweet potato.

Get the full recipe here.

sweet potato protein loaf cake

3. Banana Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

Banana + peanut butter is a match made in heaven! I love mushing up the banana and spreading it over my bread with a huge spoonful of natural pb, or anything from the nuts n more range.

If you like them, and if you like cookies, then you’ll love these chewy cookies! Recipe is here.

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banana oatmeal cookies


4. Chocolate Protein Mousse

This will get you through any diet! Super easy to make, this chocolate protein mousse is not just great for your sweet tooth, but is also great for your macro’s.

I don’t restrict myself to eating this just when im dieting, it’s that nice.

Caution – Don’t eat this as a dessert after a meal. Its too filling! Use it as a meal replacement. Watch the recipe in this video:

5. Protein Ice Cream Shake

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my all time favourite ice cream. Unfortunately, its a food i avoid as i just cant control myself with it! However, as i mentioned in my Whey Hey Protein Ice Cream Review, real, thick milkshakes are now a healthy reality.

This ice cream protein milkshake recipe uses strawberry whey protein from The Protein Lifestyle. However any whey protein supplement will do the trick! A blend of whey & casein, like Grenade Hydra 6 would give an even thicker consistency.

6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars

These protein bars are from Anna over at Protein Pow. What caught my eye about these is that they look very similar to some of the Protein Chox Bars from MyProtein.

Caramel Peanut Protein Chox

They taste absolutely unreal. Of course you change change the chocolate coating you put on the outside, milk, dark or white. However its all about the peanut butter centre. Oh and the protein. Can’t forget that protein content.



7. Protein Cookie Dough

Turn your favorite whey protein (or casein) into a hot, gooey protein cookies dough!

Simple and delicious! Get the full recipe here http://francescasfitkitchen.com/vanilla-peanut-butter-protein-cookie-dough-recipe.html/

Tip: You can also microwave this once its ‘set’ for it to go gooey. Yummy!

8. Protein Granola Recipe

I LOVE oats. Seriously. People cannot believe how much porridge I go through. Flapjacks, granola, pretty much anything containing oats is a must eat for me.

Granola tastes awesome, but most are marketed as healthy, when in fact they’re full of crap. High in sugar, usually quite high in fat, high in calories, and extremely low in volume. Not good for those on a diet.

The boys over at LDN Muscle have this great protein granola recipe. Its a good way to get your granola fix and keep sugar consumption low. Check it out here.


9. Nutella Inspired Protein Brownies

This is a must try for anyone who is like my fiance! She loves nutella. So a nutellla protein brownie only seems logical… right? Sure you can go and buy a high protein brownie. But its more fun, and more healthy to make your own!

You can get the full recipe here.

No Bake Nutella Protein Brownie


10. High Protein Cherry Bakewell Oatmeal

Move over Mr Kipling! Keep your fats and your sugars, i’ll settle for this high protein cherry bakewell protein instead!

Combining an almond essence, cherry vanilla protein and cherries, this high protein oatmeal is packed with everything you need to start the day.

You can get the full recipe here.

Cherry Bakewell Protein Oatmeal Recipe

Your Turn

How many of these 10 easy whey protein recipes have you tried? Which ones would you like to try? Let us know down in the comments below!

Be sure to share these with your friends as well!

If you’re dieting, and have found yourself craving sugary treats, then any of these 10 easy whey protein recipes will satisfy your cravings.

These protein desserts are all super easy to make, and the recipes are flexible. You can experiment with different flavours of protein powder, and different toppings or ingredients. Pick what ever tickles your fancy!


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