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Our Protein baking recipes are easy to follow, super tasty and some of the healthiest recipes you’ll find! From no-bake protein cake recipes to recipes for protein desserts, along with ways to add flavour to staple bodybuilding meals. Our recipes will help make your diet a doddle!

Homemade Quest Bars – Mixed Berry Almond & Dark Chocolate Protein Bar Recipe

Quest style mixed berry&almond bars. PC

Protein Bar’s are the bodybuilder’s candy bar. Where as a non lifter will enjoy a snickers bar, dairy milk, or reeses peanut butter cup (ok sometimes us bodybuilders will also demolish a pack – or 5 – of peanut butter

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Healthy Sweet Potato & Oat Protein Loaf Cake Recipe

sweet potato protein loaf cake

Walking down the fresh baked good’s isle in any supermarket always gets my taste buds tingling. (No that’s not the beta alanine tingles, it’s just a good old’ fashioned food craving) From loaves of fresh baked breads, to cakes, and

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High Protein Oatmeal Recipe – Cherry Bakewell Porridge

Cherry Bakewell Protein Oatmeal Recipe

If you’re looking for a way to add some serious flavour to your oats, and turn your bowl of porridge into a protein packed bowl of porridge, then this Cherry Bakewell High Protein Oatmeal Recipe is for you. It’s so

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Vanilla Almond Homemade Quest Bar Recipe

Todays recipe has been brought to you by Si of The Diet Kitchen.  Although today’s recipe isn’t a regular recipe. Its a spin on the ever popular Quest Bar. Everyone loves Quest Bars. Even my fiancée! If she likes ‘protein

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Homemade Quest Bars – Lucky Charms Quest Bar Recipe

Lucky Charms Homemade Quest Bar

Homemade Quest Bars are going to save me a ton of money! As someone who is a big fan (see: addict) to quest protein bars, discovering that I can make my own homemade quest bars with this easy protein bar

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