Why Weight Gain Supplements Work

Why Weight Gain Supplements WorkWeight gain supplements are thought of as 2 things, by 2 different camps of people.

A must use supplement if you want to gain muscle mass by noobies. Or, a waste of money by those who are able to put on weight with minimal meal replacement shakes.

In order to understood the benefits of weight gain supplements, we need to think about their usage, what they do, and why people take them.

Before we look at what they are, i’ll quickly give you a run down of what they aren’t.

Mass Gainers Are Not

  • A shortcut to gaining lean muscle mass
  • A magic drink that will add slabs of muscle
  • Essential to making gains

With that out of the whey (see what I did there), let’s take a look at what weight gain supplements are.

What Are Weight Gain Supplements?

The name pretty much gives this away, but weight gain supplements are used to help people gain weight. Who’d have thought!?

The most common group of people taking these supplements are skinny guys or “hardgainers” trying to put on weight, usually muscle mass, during a “bulking” period.

Weight gain supplements are sometimes prescribed by doctors for medical reasons to those underweight with medical conditions, however this blog is based around fitness and bodybuilding, as that is my experience – so that’s what im here to talk about today. The only PHD I have is in broscience, so you might not wanna come and get a checkup by me.

Weight gain supplements are powders, that you mix with water or milk – much like you would a regular protein powder. The calories in different types of weight gainers vary massively from a low calorie weight gainer being around 400, to something like mutant mass which contains 1000+ calories.

PVL Mutant Mass Review

Different mass gainers have different ingredients and are often marketed as a meal replacement, pre-workout or post workout shake. The timing of your weight gainer shake will have some baring on how your body reacts to these macronutrients. However, if you’re main goal is to simply “bulk” and gain weight with the help of weight gainer supplements, then aslong as you drink them, regardless of what time of the day it is – you’re good to.

Why Use Weight Gain Supplements?

If it isnt already painfully obvious – to gain weight!

Any weight gain shakes should be used as a supplement to your diet. This means you should continue to eat whole foods, and you should factor these mass gain shakes into your existing diet. For example, you would want to start off by establishing your macros to make sure you’re eating enough protein, and then factor your weight gain supplements into your diet to make sure you’re hitting your carbs and fats.

The biggest benefit to adding weight gain shakes to your diet is to make sure you’re able to take in the calories you need to add weight, muscle mass and increase strength. Some people require a large caloric surplus, possibly by anywhere upto 800 calories over their BMR recommended caloric intake. This is obviously a lot of whole food, but could be as simple as 1 weight gain shake.

Therefore, i’d recommend using weight gain supplements to those who;

  • Struggle to eat and have a little appetite
  • Require a large caloric surplus to gain weight
  • Are very active
  • Do not have time to eat multiple meals per day

Simply drinking these mass gainers alone won’t magically make you increase muscle mass, strength or add weight however. It is the total number of calories & macros you’re consuming that will allow you to make gains.

A weight gain shake is simply a supplement designed to aid your diet goals.

Which Weight Gainer Should You Use?

There are so many on the market. That is why im creating my very own Best Mass Gainer Supplement Guide, where i’ll compare some of the best weight gainers on the market, and compare them against one another on price, value for money, macros, ingredients, taste and mixability.

Conclusion – Are You Gaining With Weight Gain Supplements?

If you struggle to gain weight for any of the above reasons, and are serious about making gains, then I would 100% recommend you start to include them into your diet.

Here is a quick, cheap, weight gain recipe shake to get you started

That is going to pack a ton of calories and help you gain weight. You can pick all those ingredients up from any of the bulk protein suppliers, but I find Mprotein to be the cheapest, especially for things like whey protein and creatine etc. Use a Myprotein discount code to get your supplements for even cheaper.

Happy Gains!

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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