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Cyclone contains a perfect blend of high quality protein along with top muscle building supplements such as creatine, glutamine and a rich bcaa profile. If you actually care about making progress, and building muscle faster than your friends & other guys in the gym, invest in this.

Maximuscle Cyclone is the most popular all in one supplement on the market. Created by Maximuscle, the market leader for scientifically proven supplements within Europe, Maximuscle Cyclone is almost a house hold name for anyone who has ever touched a dumbbell, barbell, or seen an old man wiping himself down in a gym changing room (put a damn towel on!).

Maximuscle Cyclone’s popularity has often led to it being recommended willy nilly by any newcomer to the gym, and as such, people have a high expectation of this all in one protein supplement. Its popularity and brand power also makes it one of the most readily available supplements on the market. A junkie want’s a fix, every dealer has a line of coke for them to get their high. A young weight lifter heads into town and walks into holland and barret, boots, asda or tesco, and finds Maximuscle products taking up shelf space (albeit, at inflated high street costs. Remember to never ever buy from the high street if you want cheap supplements. To get the cheapest price use one of our Maximuscle Discount Codes) It’s all well and good having Cyclone readily available, but what good is that to someone who doesn’t know what the hell cyclone is, never mind an all in one supplement. In this Maximuscle Cyclone Review we’ll tell you exactly what Cyclone is, what it does, and why you should use it.

Maximuscle Cyclone Overview

Maximuscle Cyclone is an ‘all-in-one’ supplement. Whilst most people will be familiar with protein shakes, they may not know of other supplements such as creatine, glutamine, BCAA. Confused yet? Don’t be. An all in one supplement is a blend of various supplements, making for a convenient protein shake. Maximuscle Cyclone offers the following nutritional information.

Per 60g Serving:
Protein – 30g
Carbohydrates – 20.9g
Fat – 5.2g
Fibre – 2.2g
Sodium – 0.2g
Glutamine – 5.8g
BCAA’s – 3.1g
Leucine – 1.5g
Isoleucine – 0.8g
Valine – 0.8g
Creatine -5g
Calcium HMB – 1.5g
Black Pepper Extract

Now anyone who is familiar with supplements will be fairly familiar with that list, but may be confused with black pepper being in there. Black pepper has many health benefits including relieving the body from coughs, common cold, constipation, anemia, impotency, muscular strains, diarrhea and heart disease. Its good for the stomach, increasing hydrochloric acid secretion, aiding in digestion. The outerlayer of peppercorn also aids breaking down fat cells, as such it can help fat loss. It’s a general, health improvement ingredient, and as such is included in Maximuscle Cyclone. Cyclone contains a perfect blend of muscle building ingredients, designed to help you gain muscle faster and get stronger quicker.

Maximuscle Cyclone Effectiveness

Maximuscle Cyclone ReviewAs we always like to inform clients & readers, no supplement is going to magically make you grow muscle, or get 4% bodyfat. Supplements are used to ‘supplement’ your training regime and diet. That being said, lets look at how effective Maximuscle Cyclone is, and what you can expect from it.

As seen in the above nutritional profile, Maximuscle Cyclone offers a range of ingredients designed to help you build muscle and increase strength. It’s protein content and carbohydrate content (30g and 22g respectively) make it ideal to have post workout, or pre workout. It contains creatine, which has been scientifically proved to be one of the most effective muscle building and strength gaining supplements available. The all in one convenience of Maximuscle Cyclone means you don’t have to individually buy, weigh out and mix each supplement separately. The bottom line is, Maximuscle contains all the essential supplements you need to help you recover from workouts and to gain muscle faster.

Maximuscle Clone’s protein is comprised of BIioMAX protein. This is Maximuscle’s signature blend of isolate and hydrolysed whey protein. These are 2 of the highest grade protein supplements available, containing almost 100% protein content, and allowing for fast digestion. This is exactly what your body needs post workout, fast absorbing protein and fast acting carbs. As mentioned above in this Maximuscle Cyclone Review, this all in one also contains over 20grams of fast acting carbs. This combination of protein and carbs means your body can kick start the recovery process almost instantly, allowing for improved muscle recovery and faster muscle growth. The range of amino acids in Maximuscle Cyclone means your body is getting everything it needs.

For someone brand new to the gym, you can expect to see a rapid increase in muscle mass and strength when using Cyclone. For experienced lifters who have used other supplements, these gains will not be as rapid, however improvements in gains will be noticed. This is due to the high quality source of ingredient’s Maximuscle uses, along with the blend of ingredients. I would personally recommend benchmarking your current lifts & body weight, take Maximuscle Cyclone for a month, and benchmark your strength lifts and body weight at the end of the month. I promise you wont be disappointed.

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Taste & Texture

One of the most crucial points i was asked when requested to write this Maximuscle Cyclone Review is ‘how does it taste’. Often with all in one supplements, people find they are too sweet, too sickly, or do not mix well. This is certainly not the case with Maximuscle Cyclone. There is a reason why Maximuscle is a market leader, and that’s because people enjoy drinking and eating their supplements.

Cyclone is available in the following flavours; tropical, raspberry, banana, banoffee, chocolate mint,  chocolate, orange, strawberry and vanilla. No matter what your preference is you’ll find something here you enjoy. Strawberry is the one i’ve used in the past, however i’ve been lucky enough to sample each flavour. I personally did not enjoy the tropical flavour. However every other flavour is true to its name and provides a taste sensation when drinking.

Not only is taste important for supplements, but texture and mixability must be spot on also. Again, this all in one supplement from Maximuscle does not disappoint. When mixing Cyclone, you’re left with a smooth shake consistency. No clumps, no grit.

Maximuscle Cyclone – Value For Money

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing someone in a supermarket pick up a Maximuscle product, and putting it back in favour of a non branded, cheaper alternative. Maximuscle supplements, in particular Maximuscle Cyclone, is renown for its quality, as such these supplements command a higher price tag. The adage ‘you pay for what you get’ applies here. What annoys me even more is people buy these lower quality supplements, thinking they’ve got a deal, when in fact all they’ve bought is crap. You can get cheap maximuscle cyclone using a Maximuscle Discount Code and buying it online! Buying it online will also make it cheaper than the supermarket crappy brands to.

People, often kids and students who don’t know about supplements, do not have a solid diet, do no train properly, and can’t afford quality supplements will bash Maximuscle for its price tag. However those in the know, such as England Ruby, England Cricket, Welsh Rugby and Everton FC all use and endorse these supplements. There is a reason professional athletes use Maximuscle.

Backing this price tag up is scientific research and claims by Phamecutical experts GlaxoSmithKlein, the parent company of Maximuscle. When a company can prove its marketing claims with scientific proof, its hard to dispute the price tag.

The Verdict

If you’ve made it to the end of this Maximuscle Cyclone Review, there must be something you like about it. Praised for it’s effectiveness and performance among professional athletes and scientific research, Maximuscle Cyclone is rightfully so the number 1 all in one supplement for Europe.

The thing that will turn people off about any Maximuscle product is the price tag. I understand that not everyone takes working out serious. Some people are happy with inferior products that won’t aid them much. However for those of you who are are serious about their training, physique and want to build muscle and look good, Maximuscle Cyclone is for you. If you’re happy to train casually, and not make progress like the bigger guys in the gym then save your money. If you want to gain strength and build muscle faster than your friends or other guys in the gym, then make sure to at least try Maximuscle Cyclone for 1 month.

Cheap Maximuscle Cyclone

You can order your Maximuscle Cyclone from the official Maximuscle Website. Check out our Maximuscle Discount Code page to get the latest discount codes for Maximuscle.

Alternatively, Amazon sometimes has cheap Cyclone, so make sure to check those out to. You can buy from Amazon here.

Thanks for reading our Maximuscle Cyclone Review guys. If you give Maximscule Cyclone a try, let us know how you’ve got on with it in the comments below!

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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