5 Dirty Ways You’re Getting Ripped Off Buying Whey Protein Concentrate

protein scamLet me start off by saying there is a difference in the quality of protein you can buy. A whey concentrate protein powder from 1 brand can be vastly superior to another. Bodybuilders will try anything to gain muscle, and that mean’s trying every single protein powder going.

If a company claims that their product will help you build muscle 50% FASTER than a competitor’s brand, a bodybuilder will try it. You can get quality protein powder at cheap supplements prices using our discount codes. However many brands continue to shovel shite into a tub and label it up as protein.

Here are 5 ways that supplement companies will try and con you out of your money. Don’t be fooled any longer. Always check your supplement’s nutritional labels, and check out our supplement reviews for more information.

Trick 1 – Cheap ‘Filler’ Amino Blends

Companies will boast about the amino acid profiles of their protein powders. However tests carried out in the 1800’s, that rights the same time of the civil war, showed that non-essential filler amino acids such as glycine, alanine and taurine can be added to protein because when analysed using these dated tests, they increase the total nitrogen content of the product. This makes it appear as having more protein content that it actually does.

Whey Protein Concentrate Con

Trick 2 – Front Loaded Concentrate Protein Blends

Whey protein concentrate is the most common form of whey protein available. All whey protein concentrate is not made equal however. Protein content within whey concentrate can range from 34-80%. This means that the cheap bucket of protein you’ve just found in your local supplement store could contain just 34% protein content. Unless your protein powder states exactly what % it is, air on the side of caution and assume its on the lower side of that range.

Any whey protein concentrate that lists the primary source as simply ‘protein concentrate’, might as well be throwing you the scraps of your dog’s left over dinner from last night. The remaining protein sources listed after concentrate doesn’t really matter, as chances are they’re just listed to make you think you’re getting quality protein (it’s marketing!)

It doesn’t matter if your protein label has 10 different sources, if a protein concentrate is listed as the first ingredient, it pretty much means that you’re getting 99% crap, low quality whey protein concentrate and 1% of all the other ingredients. Don’t be fooled!

5 dirty tricks supplement companies use when selling whey protein concentrate

Trick 3 – Expensive Amio Puffing

Further padding the cheap filler amino acids outlined in trick 1, the smallest amount of good amino acids will be added to the mix such as BCAA. This means a supplement company can technically get away with advertising and stating that their whey protein concentrate contains it, despite having the smallest amount of it in. They’re basically buttering your bread, and feeding you the crumbs.

Trick 4 – Creamers

Ever seen that horrible, fatty looking liquid polluted with corn syrup solids and hydrogenated fats that some people put into tea or coffee? Well, fortunately for supplement companies this is cheap, and many put it into whey protein concentrate. This is most commonly used as a way to improve the taste of protein shakes, at the expense of nutritional value.

Trick 5 – Physique Destroying Carbs

What better way can a supplement company jack up the price of their protein? By giving you more of it? Not quite. By making you think you’re getting more of it! That’s the one. In a bid to fill up a tub, or meet a weight quota, supplement companies will add carbohydrates to the mix in an effort to increase weight. A carb such as maltodextrin, is a good quality carb for post workout consumption, however unknowingly consuming it through your protein powder will spike your blood sugar levels unnecessarily. This trick leads you to believe you’re getting more protein that what you actually are.

whey protein concentrate scam

How Not To Get Ripped Off When Buying Whey Protein Concentrate

The next time you’re buying you’re protein remember to bare these points in mind. I always look online at supplement reviews before parting with my cash. This will allow you to research what you’re buying, what’s in it, and if its crap or not.

Remember that when you buy whey protein, there are in fact 3 different types of whey protein on the market. Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate and Hydrolysed Whey Protein. Concentrate is the most common as its the cheapest option. When buying whey protein concentrate, this is where supplement companies can bend you over and have their way with you. Follow the above steps, but most importantly make sure you buy a whey protein concentrate that states it is 80% concentration. This means you’ll know for a fact you’re getting quality.

Which Whey Protein Concentrate Do We Recommend?

cheap whey protein concentrateI have personally used Impact Whey from Myprotein for years. Impact Whey is Myprotein’s Whey Protein Concentrate. It contains over 80% concentration, and offers fantastic value for money. Check out this impact whey review for more information. However as long as you’re protein states it is 80% + concentration, and doesn’t contain any of the above tricks, you’re good to go ahead and buy. We have a ton of whey protein reviews on the site, along with an expansive myprotein review section. Be sure to check out our True Whey vs Impact Whey arm you with the right information before you make your next whey protein purchase.

Remember to also look at whey protein isolate and hydrolysed protein, along with casein protein.

There are literally thousands companies selling protein. You don’t have to settle for crappy quality, and you certainly don’t have to get ripped off when buying protein powder. Whey protein concentrate is the cheapest whey protein supplement available, that doesn’t mean its bad quality. Its the best selling protein supplement for a reason. Unfortunately not every brand out there sells a quality whey protein concentrate. Check out our myprotein discount codes and our supplement discount codes to get the best deal possible. Be smart when making your next purchase.


Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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