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If you like granola, chocolate and caramel, SPOILER ALERT - you're gonna' like this. However you will pay a premium for the protein content. In all fairness, it blows its competitors macro's out of the water, to make for an amazing tasting and nutritionally awesome granola.

Granola is one of my favourite kinds of cereal. I remember being a lil’ clanger & banger, watching Marvel’s “action hour” on Fox Kids, Pokemon, and WWE(then WWF Smackdown) on Saturday mornings, perched in my living room, as my Mam would bring me in a massive bowl of granola drenched in milk (and a chocolate biscuit).

Damn, I was bulking from a young age.

Should You Try Protein Granola?

Protein Granola MyproteinYes If:

  • You enjoy regular granola
  • You are looking for a great tasting granola
  • You want a convenient way to boost your protein intake
  • You’re a hippy and aren’t satisfied unless all of your food is protein fortified

No If:

  • You like high volume food
  • You’re on a budget
  • You have a big appetite and don’t need “easy ways” of getting protein into your diet
  • You don’t like regular granola (durr)

Every flexible dieter, #iifym obsessed instagram poster, hippy and wanna-be bodybuilder or physique athlete gym seems to have a hard on for taking their favourite foods, and finding a high protein version of it.

Supplement companies are going to take advantage of this, and be like that doting mother feeding this appetite, despite not being hungry (the analogy there is we don’t need these high protein foods, but damn it, we’ll take them anyway)

That being said, My Protein have thrown one of my favourite cereal, along with the essential macronutrient for building muscle – protein – into a love shack, and gave birth to the creatively named “protein granola”. Priced at £9.99 for 750g the question is – should you add it to your cereal breakfast cupboard? I’ll give you my thoughts in this MyProtein Protein Granola Review.



What You Need To Know

  • Super high protein content in comparison to competitors
  • Strong Macro Profile (Almost 1:1 carb to protein ratio)
  • The chocolate caramel flavour tastes amazing
  • 30g serving is laughably small
  • Pricey

Protein Granola from My Protein is a protein fortified granola. Pretty self explanatory right.

It comes in just 1 flavour at the time of writing this, chocolate caramel. It’s a safe starting flavour, because lets be honest, who doesn’t love chocolate and caramel?

Much as the “protein” in it’s name implies this is high in protein. Surprisingly high. Usually when I see “protein” slapped in front of a food, more often than not the protein content is actually only a few grams higher than the regular version, however the price is sometimes over double.

The biggest offender of this is “protein special K” packing a whopping… wait for it… 6g of protein per serving!

My Protein haven’t skimped on packing their granola with as much protein as possible, providing an almost 1:1 ratio with the carbohydrate content.

My Protein Granola Nutrition

I decided to compare this with the newest “protein granola” i’ve found in the Supermarket. Nature Valleys Protein Granola. To keep the comparison as close as possible, I took a look at the nutrition for their chocolate flavour.

nature valley protein granola nutrition

In Comparison to MyProtein’s Protein Granola, Nature Valley’s offering is almost laughable. My Protein has less overall calories, less fat, less carbs, less sugar, and provides over twice as much protein as Nature Valley.

It’s not all roses and unicorn farts for My Protein though. They recommend a serving size as 30g. Sounds reasonable right?

Let me paint you a picture.

Im a grown man. I weigh around 205 lbs. I like wearing comic covered pyjama pants whilst eating my cereal. I like feeling full after i’ve ate.

30 grams looks like this.

myprotein protein granola serving

In all fairness, i’ve never came across any granola that is “high volume”. It’s why I rarely eat it when im looking to lose fat, as you don’t get much bang for your macro-buck.

Sure I could fit it into my macros whilst cutting, but when im on limited calories, i’d prefer something that lasts a little longer.

Even looking at the nutritional info, 100g is much more in line with what i’d be looking at for a typical meal. Add some almond or semi skimmed milk, and im good to go.

Taste / Texture

This is what you all want to know.

TL:DR – If you like granola, you will like this.

End of review?

That’s the best i can describe it! Sometimes a protein fortified food can taste not as good as the regular version.

For example, some protein pancake mixtures turn out a bit rubbery. Baking cakes or cookies with protein powder produces a decent dessert, but not quite the same as the real thing.

Protein Granola from My Protein however hits the spot perfect. I honestly can’t knock the taste of this, in comparison to a regular granola.

Protein Granola by my protein


As soon as I opened the tub I knew I was in for a treat. The strong chocolate & caramel infused aroma blasted me in the face, and gave my tastebuds goosebumps.

There is no doubt that this is a chocolate caramel flavour. The baked oats, small crispie pieces and crumbled up cookie style pieces are the proverbial icing on this tasty, tasty cake (and I do love me some good icing).

My only criticism of the granola overall is that there were not more “clusters” in it. I like granola when its has clusters of oats, and whatever the hell else is in the mix.

Do We Really Need More Protein in Our Granola?

Some will say yes. Some will say no.

At RRP I personally wouldn’t be paying £9.99 for a 750g of granola. You can grab a bag of the laughably named “protein granola” from Nature Valley for £2.49 at Tesco RRP. This is a 360g bag. So for just over £5 you’re getting roughly the same quantity.

What you’re paying the premium for with My Protein’s Protein Granola is the macro profile.

I’ll be honest, I can’t fault it. Considering it tastes damn good, the lower carb and higher protein content is spot on.

For me personally though, I just don’t think its worth that additional cost.

I think a fairer price for this would be £7.50. Then you’re paying pretty much £1 per hundred grams.

We all know that the RRP at MyProtein isn’t the RRP though. Im constantly updating the My Protein Discount Code page on site with discounts for anywhere between 10,20 or 30% off.

Let’s pretend you could never use a discount code at MyProtein, or that they never ran a sale (in that pretend world, pigs also fly, and Peanut Butter makes you lose fat – ah if only) then i couldn’t recommend this. You may think its worth £9.99, but I dont.


At the RRP of £9.99 I’d personally say grab a bag of regular Granola and mix up a protein shake with a scoop or 2 of impact whey (budget protein granola).

However at a cheaper price, whether its in sale or you use one of our Myprotein discount codes, then get all over this.

It has a genuine great chocolate & caramel taste. The combination of all ingredients creates a really nice texture. My Protein have managed to create their protein granola with a solid macro profile.


This makes for a must try product for anyone who loves granola, and is looking for an easy way to boost their protein intake.

You can try Protein Granola from My Protein HERE.

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