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4 Signs you’re overtrained – What is Overtraining?

signs of overtraining

Most of you will hopefully know that there is a correlation between recovery in-between training and your level of performance. However, how do you know if you have recovered enough? Over training is a phrase used by many but do

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Best Fitness Gifts – Ultimate Guide to Gifts For Fitness Lovers

best fitness gifts

Thinking of fitness gift ideas for your loved one’s isn’t the easiest job. Speaking as a fitness lover and bodybuilder, I know that my friends & family sometimes struggle to think of healthy gift ideas. For me, alcohol is off

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Must Follow Periodisation Guide For Maximising Muscle Growth

Scott Edmed is back with another fantastic article. Today he talks about Periodisation. I want to explain the term and training cycle of periodisation. When I first started training back at Uni for rugby I just did a number of

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How Muscles Produce Energy – What You Need To Know

Shreddybrek Posing

How do Muscles Produce Energy? This question might not be as common as “how can i gain muscle fast?”, “What is the best budget protein powder?” or “What gear are you on” among gym rats. However it is still an

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6 Protein Baking Tips For Beginners

chocolate peanut butter protein cakery

Long gone are the days when protein powder was simply thought of as a supplement to help muscle bound bodybuilders develop their hulk like physiques. Today’s generation is more health conscious, and understands the benefits of protein, and the downfalls of saturated

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