6 Protein Baking Tips For Beginners

Long gone are the days when protein powder was simply thought of as a supplement to help muscle bound bodybuilders develop their hulk like physiques.Peanut Butter Cookie Protein Cakery Recipe

Today’s generation is more health conscious, and understands the benefits of protein, and the downfalls of saturated fats and too much sugar. Want to turn a traditional cookie into a protein cookie? Swap the butter for a high protein peanut butter such as nuts n more.

We recently interviewed Andrea from Andréa’s Protein Cakery who is an expert in protein baking. She has shown that it’s possible to make healthy cakes, fudge, cookies and other treats, by substituting traditional ingredients with healthier alternatives and protein powders.

If you want to try your hand at any of the Protein powder recipes you’ve seen from Andrea or online, then these protein baking tips are for you!

Baking with protein powder can be very different than traditional baking. Here are some important tips, written by Andrea from Andréa’s Protein Cakery to get you started. Take it away Andrea!


1 – Protein batters stick to the pan.

Even a non-stick pan. Even if you grease the non-stick pan. Silicone bakeware is a great choice, but if you already have traditional bakeware (as I do) just be sure to line them with parchment paper first. And keep in mind that waxed paper is not the same as parchment paper.

2 – Don’t over-bake a recipe that uses whey protein powder.

Over-baked whey gets dry and rubbery, and is not appetizing at all. Always be double careful to set the timer, and be near the oven when its due to go off!

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3 – Respect the recipe.

If you want your result to look like what’s pictured, you have to use the same ingredients (or comparable ones). Whey protein powder is not a substitute for plant proteins like pea protein powder or pea blends.

If you make this kind of substitution, your result will be very different from the original recipe (see video below for examples). Different types of protein powders bake up very differently.

For the best results, be sure to follow the recipe and only make the protein substitutions recommended by the recipe author.

4 – Know your recipe source.

Some recipes call for “one scoop of protein powder.” (This drives me nuts, by the way.) What kind of protein? How big is the scoop? Knowing the source of your recipe can help you find answers to these questions. If the recipe author is not known to be vegan, this probably means a 30g scoop of whey protein powder such as impact whey.

But keep in mind that some whey powders come with smaller scoops, so read the label on your whey. It also could mean a whey blend (whey and casein, or whey, casein, and egg). If the recipe writer is sponsored by a particular product line, you can assume that is the protein powder they are using.

Protein Baking Tips


If your recipe comes from a known vegan athlete, or a known vegan product line (like Vega or SunWarrior), they are probably talking about pea protein or a pea protein blend. Knowing a little about the recipe writer can certainly help you determine which type of protein powder is best for that particular recipe!

5 – Coconut flour is very drying.

If you are trying to substitute coconut flour for another flour, it won’t be a 1:1 substitution. Coconut flour is much more drying than other dry ingredients like oat flour, so I suggest using half the amount in coconut flour.

6 – Experiment!

You’ll learn the most from experience! Don’t be afraid to try your own recipes. Start with a recipe that works, and switch around the flavors.

Try adding something in, or leaving something out. Have fun, and enjoy your protein baking experience!

If you’re not sure what brand of protein powder to use, you can always check out our supplement reviews for some ideas.

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Start Cooking!

If you’ve tried your hand at protein baking in the past, and things haven’t quite turned out right, don’t let this discourage you!

When I first saw a protein pancake recipe, things tasted a bit, erm… cardboardy! With these 6 tips though, you should now be able to get cracking, and most importantly, be able to experiment with some protein powder recipes of your own.


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Find Andréa’s recipes at www.proteincakery.com, and follow her blog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (@proteincakery)! 

Andrea Proteincakery

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