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Creatine Monohydrate is the most scientifically proven supplement available to help build muscle and strength fast. My Protein Creatine offers the best value for money. If you're not using it, you're giving yourself a handicap.

Remember in Dragonball Z when Trunk went from Super Saiyan to Ascendant Saiyan and he got all swole. Creatine. That guy who just put on 10 lbs of lean muscle mass in 10 days.
You thought it was steroids. Wrong. It was Creatine Monohydrate. Well Creatine basically is steroids right…. wrong!

Today im here to present this My Protein Creatine Review, and explain why a My Protein Creatine Monohydrate provides better value than ‘sexy’ creatine products. I’ll share my experiences of using Creatine Monohydrate from My Protein with you, and tell you why a creatine monohydrate supplement (or creapure) should be an essential part of your supplement stack.

Trunks Creatine

My Protein Creatine Monohydrate Overview

My Protein Creatine ReviewIm not going to spend this article talking about what creatine monohydrate is, or looking at scientific studies explaining its many benefits. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve googled My Protein Creatine Review, or found it from one of my articles. If that’s the case, you should already know what creatine is. Or at least have a rough idea of what creatine monohydrate does. I will quickly summarise some of them for your convenience however. Because that’s how I roll. Im a man of the people.

  • Creatine Helps Build Muscle
  • Creatine Help Make Faster Strength Gains
  • Creatine Provides Improved Muscular Endurance
  • Creatine Makes Your Body Retain More Water In The Muscles, Which Gives a Fuller, Larger Look
  • Loading Creatine Is Not Necessary
  • Creatine Is One Of The Few Supplements That Is Scientifically Proven To Work Time After Time

Chances are you already knew this, but for the minority who may not have, consider yourself an expert on Creatine. Ok maybe not an expert, but you should have a decent understanding of what it does incase your mom asks you what the hell that white powder is scattered in lines all over the kitchen table. You’ll also be able to blag the skinny guy in the gym as to the many benefits of creatine now.

Enough of providing a creatine 101 lesson however, let’s get on with this My Protein Creatine Review. Unlike protein powders, pre workouts or blends of supplements which contains dozens of ingredients, sweetners, undergo slightly different manfufacturing processes brand to brand, and come in different flavours, creatine monohydrate is simply an amino acid available in bulk powder. Its a homogenous product. For some reason, people want to spend money on supplements they think are new or exciting. Creatine Monohydrate is one of the few supplements that has had years and years of research on its use and effectiveness, and is proven to work. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. My Protein Creatine Monohydrate adheres to this, and sticks with what works. A pure, creatine monohydrate without the bullshit and the hype. Just a supplement that works.

As creatine monohydrate is proven to work, its been marketed to death. It doesn’t matter which brand you get, what packaging it comes in, a creatine monohydrate is a creatine monohydrate. This My Protein Creatine Monohydrate I dare say will be manufactured in the same factory as many other creatine brands. This isn’t a fact, however, its just my speculation. Remember how i said creatine doesn’t contain sweetners and other ingredients, well that statement was slightly wrong. As you can actually buy sweetened versions. I’ve tried samples of the berry ones, however its not something i personally feel the need to buy. My Protein Creatine Monohydrate is available in tropical, berry blast and unflavoured. Some people find the taste of creatine sickly, however when mixed in with a protein shake, it has not taste. Drinking it with just water does leave a slightly odd taste, nothing too off putting from my experiences, certainly not enough to warrant having to buy a flavour. However Myprotein provides the option for those who want to be tango’d.

So why am i reviewing My Protein Creatine Monohydrate if their all pretty much the same thing? Because its the one i use most regularly, and have done so for the past number of years.

My Protein Creatine Monohydrate Or My Protein Creapure

Before you think this whole article is  lie, there is a difference between Creatine Monohydrate and Creapure. Think of Creapure as being a higher quality Monohydrate. The creapure brand (which supplies) is the only creatine monohydrate in the world which is tested conistently to be free from by products and any other impurities. It’s manufactured in Germany by AlzChem and is the purest, best quality microniszed creatine available in the world. There’s nothing ‘fancy’ or extra ‘sexy’ about it. It simply undergoes consistent testing to ensure that the product is the highest standard. Creapure is 99.99% pure creatine monohydrate. This makes it the best. That’s why i use it, and its why you should to.

My Protein Creatine Effectiveness

As i’ve already mentioned, creatine is one of the few supplements that holds up in all testing. Users can expect to:

  • Notice Increased Muscle Endurance
  • Faster Weight Gain
  • Faster Muscle Gain
  • Faster Strength Gains

Now i’ve heard absolute retards in the gym talking about how they used creatine for 4 weeks and doubled in size, or added 40 kg to their bench. This is straight up hi-tech BS. If you hear these morons, nod your head and back away. Its pointless educating them as then they’ll be stuck to your ankles asking for advice, yet ignoring it, for the rest of your gym life.

You can read more about how creatine works here. I’ve explained the basics of what it does, but for those of you who may want more info then check that out.

In my experience of using Creatine however, I do definitely notice strength gains after a couple of weeks of using it. Creatine works in an acute fashion, so you won’t notice gains within the first week. Using it for pro-longed periods of times will build your stores, and this is when you start to reap the benefits and start to make gains. If using a loading phase, which I have done in the past, i’ve put on up to 5 lbs in 1 week before. Bearing in mind during my old ‘bro bulk’ days I would aim to put on 2 lbs of mass per week, the additional creatine weight was water retention. Exactly what you want from creatine.

Creatine Myprotein

Many companies, including will recommend a loading phase of 5 days, in which you take 5 x 5g servings for the first 5 days. After this you drop the dosage to 2 x 5g servings for 8 weeks then stop creatine usage for 4 weeks. Rinse and repeat. I no longer cycle creatine, and no longer follow a loading protocol. The reason I don’t load creatine, is because I never come off it. The idea is to quickly get your bodies’ creatine stores saturated so it takes effect quicker. While sound in theory, many studies show that creatine loading is not necessary. I have done it before however, so its up to you if you want to try it. Im not here to play god, all i can do is offer my recommendations based on my research and my experiences. Many believe the loading phase to be a ‘supplement scam‘ as a way for companies to extract more money out of the consumer, by making them use more creatine quickly. As creatine isn’t very expensive, especially not when using our myprotein voucher codes, I don’t see this as too big of a cash shoot.

My Protein Creatine Dosage

As mentioned, if loading you should take 5 x5g servings per day. Following this take 10g per day split over 2 dosages. The most common timings would be pre and post workout, however studies have shown that it doesn’t matter what time you take creatine, as the effects aren’t short term, like a pre workout for example.

Forgetting about the loading phase then the common dosage is 10g a day split between 2 servings. Recently however I have read that taking 20 grams of creatine is more beneficial. I adopt a ‘better to be safe than sorry’ approach to my supplementation. I wouldn’t take higher dosages on a whim, but if there is credible research to back up claims, then i’ll give it a shot. As i’ve mentioned, even if it will only give a small % improvement, its worth it to me.

As I’ve only began taking 20g per day, I cannot really comment on the effects, other than peace of mind. I would recommend either 10 grams a day or 20 grams a day of creatine monohydrate. I tend to take it pre and post workout, however it doesn’t really matter, I just find it convenient to do so. I sometimes take my full serving post workout. On non weight days I usually take it with breakfast or as part of my bcaa drink whilst performing cardio. Don’t get too hung up on the dosages and timings of creatine guys, its not worth losing sleep over.

Which Creatine Do I Recommend?

Adam001A creatine monohydrate is fine, however for literally just a few quid more, I would go for the creapure. If supplements cost a ton of money, but their claims aren’t backed up by research I steer clear. However if supplements are proven to work through studies and through experience, im happy to pay more money, even for just a few % of an improvement. I understand why people are reluctant so spend money on supplements, due to cost. However you need to ask yourself, how serious are you about your training. Do you want to make serious gains? If the answer is yes, then man up and pay the money for your supplements.

Remember our myprotein discount codes allow you to save up to 50% at myprotein, so they’re not really that expensive. If you were to stay in 1 night and save your beer money, you could kit yourself out with supplements for about 2 months, probably even more if using a myprotein discount code and ordering from True story bro. So for even just a small improvement and better grade of product, I’m more than happy to spend a top dollar on my supplements. Luckily, however, Creapure is a much higher quality product, for just a fraction of the price more. Either My Protein Creatine Monohydrate or Creapure is a good choice, but if you ask for my opinion, it would be Creapure.

The Verdict

We all know a basic cheap creatine works, so theses supplement companies don’t make as much money off it due to increased competition driving the prices down/ So what do these companies do to grab us by the balls and extract more of our cold hard cashola? Add unneccasry shit to it. A bodybuilder will buy anything if they think its going to make them bigger or leaner. A teenager will buy anything if they think they’re going to look like the cover model of muscle and fitness. They’re buying into the beliefs and claims of marketing. Not the actual product results.

Supplement companies try to reinvent the wheel and bring ‘sexy back’ to a product that doesn’t need any more sexy adding to it! If a supplement is cheap and works, it pretty damn sexy to me (no homo srs). Surely you should be happy and content with taking it right? Why would you want to go and spend additional money on something that doesn’t have as much research to back up its claims? Because as humans we like the unknown. We like ‘new things’ We like ‘sexy’ packaging. We like holding onto a belief that ‘this new thing might be 10 times better than this old white powder that we know 100% works. Crazy right?

A basic bulk powder Creatine Monohydrate works. End of. You do not need to pay a higher price for faster absorbption, increased anabolic rates, or swole in a day marketing BS. My Protein Creatine Monohydrate, or the 99.99% pure Creapure works exactly the same as every other creatine monohydrate out there. Hell, id even go on record and say it will work better than many other brands that add crap to it, as creatine from is just creatine. No crap added to it. A creatine powder is a creatine powder guys. Im reviewing, and recommending MyProtein based on the price they offer it at, and the service they provide. When coupled with a myprotein discount code you’re onto a winner.

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My Protein Creatine Review




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