Vanilla Almond Homemade Quest Bar Recipe

Todays recipe has been brought to you by Si of The Diet Kitchen. The Diet Kitchen

Although today’s recipe isn’t a regular recipe. Its a spin on the ever popular Quest Bar. Everyone loves Quest Bars. Even my fiancée! If she likes ‘protein snacks’ then that’s a good indicator that they actually taste nice.

Even though Quest offer a ton of flavours, being able to make your very own homemade quest bar would be great wouldn’t it?

Take it away Si…

How To make a Homemade Quest Bar – Vanilla Almond Flavour

Why buy original quest when you can make your own for a fraction of the cost!? Unlimited flavour choice, even less ingredients going into it, no salt confusing your tastebuds, win win!!

Todays flavour is going to be a vanilla almond bar with a rich marzipan flavour and it couldn’t be easier!

The Diet Kitchen Vanilla Almond Quest Bar Recipe


Home Made Quest Bar Ingredients:

55g Vitafiber – Get it here for just £5 from musclefood.

30g Whey protein (I used vanilla)

15g Flaked Almonds

1 cap full of almond extract/flavouring



  1. First thing you’ll want to do is heat up the vitafiber in the microwave for 30ish seconds until a nice bubbling has started.
  2. Add all the other ingredients and give it a good mix together
  3. Squeeze all the ingredients together until a nice dough like ball/shape has formed
  4. Shape into a bar (I find using a baking tray and pushing against the edges is the easiest)
  5. Set in the fridge for at least an hour and then enjoy!


I get asked alot can you use an alternative, in short no! There are work arounds using different recipe’s, but to make an authentic homemade questbar, you’re going to need vitafiber. If it aint broke, don’t fix it! A DIY Questbar would be like changing a lightbulb without having a bulb!

You can also heat up the vitafiber in a suacepan over heat. I use the microwave as its quicker, but either way, just heat it until it starts to bubble. Vitafiber is available from Musclefood if you’re in the UK. Use a Muscle Food Discount to get it on the cheap!

When it comes to which protein supplement to use, you can go with whey or casein. My Protein Supplement of choice is impact whey from myprotein. They’ve got a ton of flavours, and using a my protein discount code you can pick them up for really cheap. Experiment with the flavours and you’ll be able to create a ton of unique quest protein bars from home. Make sure to check out Adam’s Lucky Charms Homemade Quest Bar Recipe!

Lucky Charms Homemade Quest Bar

I have loads of other flavours on my channel and I also talk you through the making process so give the videos a watch down below and if you like what you see, hit that subscribe button 😀

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Thanks everyone!


You Can use any brand of protein powder, and our bulk protein discount codes page lets you save a ton on your favourite protein powders and supplements. Have you got a recipe you’d like to feature on our site? Get in touch! Don’t forget to check out Si over at his youtube channel, and to share this using the buttons down below.


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