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Cream Of Rice is gluten free hot cereal, perfect for those with celiac disease, a gluten intolerance, or just looking for a cream porridge alternative.

There’s nothing quite like a hot breakfast. From a big bowl of porridge, or hot wheetabix, a hot bowl of awesome tasting food makes breakfast my favourite meal of the day. I love it so much so that im always on the look out for foods similar to create a hot cereal. I’ve had cream of wheet (basically hot wheetabix) but then entered cream of rice.

This is one of those foods that I see cropping up quite often among bodybuilding diets printed in Flex or MD. The problem is, Cream of rice isn’t a common food in the UK. I’ve search world food isle, ebay, amazon and asked on twitter, but nowhere seems to sell cream of rice in the UK.

GoNutrition has recently launched cream of rice+. What the hell is cream of rice you might be thinking? Fear not! As this GoNutrition Cream of rice+ review will reveal all.

GoNutrition Cream Of Rice+ Overview

GoNutiriton Cream Of RiceGoNutiriton’s Cream Of Rice+ is a hot gluten free cereal, derived from rice with added minerals & vitamins, along with probiotics and digestive enzymes to help maintain healthy gut function.

Think of it almost as a rice porridge. Just like regular porridge, you can enjoy cream of rice with a variety of flavours and sweeteners, or have it plain if you prefer more of a savoury dish. You can even throw in some of GoNutrition Whey Protein Isolate to flavour it and boost your protein intake.

If you love a hot breakfast, but are looking for a porridge or oatmeal alternative, then cream of rice is the way to go.

I like cream of rice so much, that I usually make big batches of it on a weekend and will have 2-3 bowls of it. Seriously, I love this stuff.

Why Cream Of Rice and Not Porridge?

Variety is the spice of life! There’s nothing wrong with oats, nothing what so ever. But if you’re the type of person who likes a hot breakfast (aka me), it makes a great healthy alternative.

One of the main reasons I ditch porridge in favour of cream of rice however is because Cream of Rice is gluten free. Not only is Cream of Rice+ from GoNutrition gluten free, but all cream of rice i’ve ate is gluten free. This is because its made from… (you guessed it) Rice!

During show prep i cut gluten from my diet. I find my stomach functions better, and i get leaner when not eating gluten. Gluten Free Oats are pretty expensive, so cream of rice is a great alternative hot breakfast.

oatmeal meme

If you suffer from celiac disease, then it means you’ll often find yourself paying over the odds for ‘gluten free’ variations of foods that normally contain gluten. As rice is gluten free, cream of rice is a more affordable, gluten free, hot cereal that is suitable for those with a gluten intolerance.

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Cream Of Rice isn’t necessarily better than porridge, not at all. Just like regular rice isn’t necessarily better than other carb sources such as oats or potato. It all comes down to preference. I like to start my day off with a hot cereal, so cream of rice is perfect for that.

This isn’t a ‘special’ food that will enhance your gains over porridge, or even over a plate of regular boiled rice. Cream of rice is just a high quality, clean, carb source that can be included in any fat loss or muscle building diet.

Now i’ve only just recently tried GoNutritions Cream Of Rice +. I normally follow this home made cream of rice recipe. So what is so special about Go Nutrition’s? Well lets take a look at the nutritional information.

Nutritional Information

gonutrition cream of rice nutrition

GoNutrition recommends that each serving size is 50 grams.

Per Serving:
Carbs 40.2g
Protein 3.3
Fat 1.4g
Calories 177

Pretty much the same as any white basmati or long grain rice. No crap added, just pretty much rice.

Its also packed with a ton of vitamins and minerals which you can see more of by clicking the nutritional panel to the left.

For anyone keeping track of the Glycemic Index, it also scores 65, making it a fairly medium absorbing carb source, especially in comparison to glucose which scores in at 100 on the GI scale.

It contains 98% white rice flour. The remaining ingredients are natural flavouring, along with a vitamin and mineral blend containing magnesium, vitamin a, zinc, vitamin d just to name a few.

Taste & Texture

I would compare the texture of cream of rice to a very smooth rice pudding (no rice lumps) or a creamy, very fine oatmeal, something along the lines of readybrek.

It contains no lumps or clumps, it is a very fine and smooth cereal. The thickness of your cream of rice depends on how much water you add and how long you microwave it for (i’ll speak about how to make cream of rice+ shortly)

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GoNutrition Cream Of Rice+ comes in Vanilla flavour. This contains a just a hint of vanilla flavouring (not overpowering), which really sets it apart from a regular, unflavoured cream of rice.

If you’re the type of person who can’t eat unflavoured oats, then cream of rice+ from Go Nutrition will hit the spot for you.

When I make my own cream of rice, i tend to add in a vanilla flavouring (I get it cheap using a my protein discount code), cinnamon or a combination of both ( i also do this with micellar casein to get a great protein dessert). Just the vanilla alone tastes amazing. However if you’ve got a really sweet tooth, you can also swirl in any jams, syrups or nut butters (i’d personally recommend nuts n more nut butters).

As previously mentioned you can also throw in some whey protein, just as you would with oatmeal, (Maple Syrup Whey 90 from GoNutrition is a good choice, and you can also check out our impact whey review if you’re on a budget) to create a high protein cream of rice dish.

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How To Make GoNutrition Cream Of Rice+

Cream of rice is so simple to make. As per the Go Nutrition instructions:

  • Add 150ml of water to 1 scoop of cream of rice+ (1 50g serving)
  • Shake in a blender bottle
  • Poor into a microwavable bowl
  • Place into the microwave for 30 seconds
  • Remove & stir
  • Repeat until your cream of rice+ reaches the consistency and texture you desire

You can also drink it mixed just with water if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to cook it.

Simple right? Well so is making homemade cream of rice from scratch. Which brings me to the big point for me, value for money.


Cream of Rice+ from Gonutrition is priced from  £0.23 a serving. This is based on a 5kg bag, and 50g servings, which costs £22.99. This is a fair bit more than porridge oats. However cream of rice in the UK is almost impossible to come by.

For an actual cream of rice uk supplier, you’re going to have to turn to importing from ebay. To put the price that GoNutrition charges into perspective, take a look at this listing from cream of rice from ebay.

cream of rice uk price

£3.22 doesn’t look bad does it? However to get cream of rice in the UK you’re paying an additional £15.72 for delivery alone. That means you’re paying almost £20 for 400 grams. In comparison, 1kg of cream of rice+ from Gonutrition is just £7.99.

So to get an authentic cream of rice in the UK, GoNutrition is cheap. However because you can make cream of rice from ground rice, which is pretty much the same thing, the price seems a bit steep. See below.

Cream of rice can easily be made using ground rice. Ground rice can be bought from Tesco for £1.79 for a 500g bag. Over on amazon you can buy it in bulk for even less. 5kg for just £6.37

The process for making either Go Nutrition’s Cream Of Rice+ or a regular, homemade cream of rice does differ slightly, as its best to make homemade cream of rice on a pan on a hob.

Go Nutritions’ Cream of rice+ can be easily made in the microwave.

You’re also getting the added digestive enzyme and lactospore, which aid in healthy gut function from Go Nutritions Cream Of Rice+ – something you don’t get with regular ground rice. You might have heard of lactospore if you’ve ever used MyProtein’s True Whey.

So you’re paying a premium for the added vitamins, minerals, digestive aids, and the convenience of being able to quickly throw it in the microwave, or even drinking it just mixed with water.

Its a similar position to buying a bag of regular oats, compared to buying ground oats or the microwavable sachets of oats.

Is the convenience worth the additional cost? Well that’s down to you. I never buy sachets of oats on a regular basis. I always have some in the house for ’emergencies’. Whether i’ve ran out of my normal oats, or im in a rush.

However, we have to remember that Cream Of Rice+ isn’t simply more convient and quicker to cook than regular cream of rice. It also contains the added vitamins, mierals and digestive functions.

breakfast for dinner meme

Whether this additional cost is worth it comes down to you. For just £0.23 a serving (based on a 5kg bag costing £22.99) its not breaking the bank.

If you’ve never tried cream of rice before, then you can always give it a go and pick up the 1kg bag for just £7.99.

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I’d recommend trying GoNutrition’s Cream Of Rice+ ifGoNutirition Cream Of Rice Review

  • You love hot brekfast
  • Are looking for an alternative to porridge
  • Enjoy rice pudding
  • Wanting a tasty, clean carb source
  • Looking for a convenient quick breakfast, or meal idea

If you can get away with eating porridge day in day out, and aren’t looking for an alternative then missing out on cream of rice won’t kill you. Likewise if you’re the type of person who can stay at home all the time, and never has to worry about being in a rush, then opting to make your own cream of rice might be the way to go.

If you’re looking to give cream of rice a try, whether you’re looking for an alternative to porridge, love rice pudding, or are just curious as to what cream of rice tastes like then i don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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If you do are a lover of homemade cream of rice, or any other brands, and decide to give cream of rice+ a try then i’d love to hear what you think of it down in the comments below. Thanks for reading this GoNutrition Cream Of Rice+ Review everyone!

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