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MP Max Protein Cookies capture the taste, texture and authenticity of softbaked cookies, and cram 37.5 grams of protein into each one, making them a perfect bodybuilding snack.

Protein Shakes are one of the most convenient, and tasty treats to help with your muscle building goals. Sometimes though a protein shake just doesn’t fill that void inside my stomach. Sometimes I get an urge, I feel a monster inside screaming out, in the vein of Ryback, feed me more. Sometimes we just need to give in to our inner cookie monster. MyProtein’s Mp Max Protein Cookie’s please our inner cookie monster, in the most spiffingly way possible. Find out why we’re cookie mad for My Protein Cookie’s in this MP Max Protein Cookie Review.

MyProtein Protein Cookie Overview

MP Max Protein Cookie’s are soft baked, protein packed cookies from MyProtein. Unlike, say, a Maryland cookie, which are hard and crunchy biscuit type cookies, these MP Max protein cookies are soft and chewy. The closest comparison I can think of is a cookie from the fresh basked section at Asda or Tesco. Normally the ones packed with smarties, yorkies, rolo’s or other sugar laden, sweet, 100% guilt treats. MP Max cookies define the term ‘melt in your mouth’ and are so easy to chow down on. 

MP Max Protein Cookie Review

The cookies themselves aren’t small either. I’m not getting scientific on this and pulling out a tape measure, but these MP Max Protein cookies are definitely too big to dip into a cup of tea (why the hell you would want to do that I do not know). They are a lot thicker, larger, and weightier than a regular cookie. Exactly what you need to feel full. While some people may just adopt the if it fits your macro’s mantra, and go for a regular cookie, i say what’s the point, when you grab a protein cookie instead. You’re not putting crap into your body, and you’re still getting a great tasting food that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Myprotein Protein Cookie’s are packed with 37.5 grams of protein, making it an ideal, high protein, quick snack. When im not preparing for a bodybuilding contest, i’ll always make sure to have a couple of these on hand for emergencies. You know, because not eating protein every 3 hours = gains lost. Sometimes if im in a rush, or for times when carrying a meal or protein shaker with me isn’t practical, i’ll put a protein cookie in my pocket. Instant meal. Instant gains.

MyProtein Protein Cookie Nutritional Information

Per 75g:myprotein protein cookie review
Energy: 1342kJ
Energy: 317kcal
Protein: 37.5g
Carbohydrate: 19.55g
(of which sugars): 7.32g
Fat: 9.93g
(of which saturates): 3.9g
Fibre: 1.4g
Sodium: 0.27mg

As you can see, these MP Max Protein cookies have a solid nutritional profile. With only 3.9grams of saturated fats, and just 7.32 grams of sugar, and a jam packed 37.5 serving of protein, these things are exactly what you need as high protein meal replacement, or a quick snack.

MyProtein Protein Cookies Taste & Texture

I love protein shakes. We’ve covered a ton of supplement reviews, and protein shakes are always my favourites to review. Our MyProtein Review section show how awesome protein shakes from Myprotein are (as I’ve explained in my Impact Whey Protein Review and Myprotein Micellar Casein Protein reviews). Sometimes though, protein snacks just don’t live up to expectations. This is not the case with MP Max Protein Cookies.

As i’ve already mentioned, these are soft baked cookies, literally defining the term melt in your mouth. I like breaking chunks of and just letting it sit on my tongue. It looks so wrong yet tastes so right. Unlike some protein bars which are too chewy, and will give you a hgh jaw when eating them, these protein cookies are so soft and easy to eat. They actually taste and feel like a regular, gooey, soft cookie. MP Max protein cookies definitely have this nailed down, and aren’t just a rehash of a flattened out cookie shaped protein bar.

The texture isn’t grainy, gritty or powdery, they literally taste like a regular cookie. I was surprised to see how moist these were the first time i opened a MP Max protein cookie pack. Think lillian garcia imagining The Rock’s stroodle moist. You get the picture. The cookies are chewy, but do not mistake this for the over chewy types of protein bars i’ve just mentioned. Eating these protein cookies is very reminiscent of cookie dough. Not quite as chewy, but just soft enough to light up your taste buds. Did i mention these are soft and melt in your mouth? I thought I did, i just wanted to ram it down your throats once more.

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If you’re looking for a real cookie dough texture, then you can pop these in the microwave for about 10 seconds. It will melt the cookie every so slightly, giving it a more dough, fudge like, warm consistency. I will warn you though, if you have just one of these out of the microwave, you will become addicted. Eat at your own risk.

This Protein Cookie Review wouldn’t be complete without covering flavours. You have 4 to pick from, as MP Max Protein Cookies come in chocolate mint, chocolate orange, double chocolate chunk and white chocolate almond. I’ve tried them all, that’s how much I like these. My favourite is by far the white chocolate almond. The cookie itself has the blood of almomnd essence empowering it, and is married up with perfect white chocolate chunks. The perfect marriage in my eyes. Each of the other flavours are a chocolate flavoured cookie, with either a hint of orange or mint to keep you on your toes. Think terry’s chocolate orange or mint matchsticks in a cookie. I would always recommend the white chocolate almond flavour, however my girlfriend loves the chocolate orange ones, so it really comes to preference here.

This may sound greedy, and I haven’t often done it, but when eating 2 in a row, I found that I get somewhat of a dry mouth and a ‘claggy’ throat afterwards, which does require a drink just to ‘freshen up’. When eating just one this has never happened, but binging on them does leave my mouth feeling a bit funny.

Bang For Your Buck

These MP Max Protein Cookies from Myprotein come in at £16.99 for 12 x 75gram cookies. That makes them just £1.41 a cookie. A lot cheaper than the majority of protein bars out there. Where I think these protein cookies show their value however is in just how big, dense and filling they are (that’s what she said). Seriously though, you could easily use this as a meal replacement between breakfast and lunch and not find yourself counting down the minutes until your next meal. They’re also invaluable for anyone living a busy lifestyle. Just pick one up, throw it in your bag or put it in your pocket and you’ve got a healthy, high protein, muscle building snack or meal replacement. What’s even better is that our MyProtein Discount Codes will let you save money when you place an order, making these MP Max protein cookies even cheaper.

MP Max Protein Cookies – The Verdict

myprotein protein cookie reviewFor anyone looking for a protein bar alternative, or just wanting to satisfy their cookies monster without becoming a sloth, then I would highly recommend these MP Max protein cookies. I don’t eat them every day, as Im quite consistent with planning my diet, however I will always have some on hand incase im in a rush, or if I just fancy something to satisfy my sweet, cookie monster, tooth. MP Max Protein cookies are, to put it bluntly, a delicious, high protein snack that taste’s like a real cookie. The nutritionals are great, but not perfect, as they do contain sugar, and a small amount of fat. Still these are fat better than a regular cookie, and without this sugar and fat content, you wouldn’t be getting that cookie consistency or experience.

It would be so easy to binge on these, so be careful to restrict yourself. If you’re bulking like a bro, pig out! However I find just 1 at a time as a meal replacement to be enough to hold me over until my next meal. You won’t need a gallon of water to wash these down either, as they really are so easy to eat. I don’t use these when prepping for a show, however I don’t eat protein bars, or any other type of protein snacks during contest prep either. However if you’re looking to lose weight, or bulk up, you will easily be able to fit these Myprotein Protein Cookies into your macros.

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