What Is The Best Nut Butter? The Ultimate Nut Butter Review & Taste Test Guide

nutshotWelcome to the best nut butter taste test guide! If (like me) you’re a peanut butter, almond butter or any kind of nut butter eater, then this nut butter guide is for you!

My personal best nut butter reviews guide will help you find what the best peanut butter, almond butter, cashew nut butter, heck, any kind of nut butter is! From the best tasting peanut butter, to the best natural almond butter, along with looking at the best high protein nut butters.

For those new to the site, or my Youtube videos, My name is Adam. As a self confessed nut butter addict, i’m always trying different kinds of nut butters. From high protein peanut butters, to flavoured almond butters, and everything in between.

Some people enjoy wine tasting. Some enjoy sampling the finest cheeses known to man. I enjoy trying to find the best nut butters.

Since i was in a kid i’ve loved peanut butter. On crackers, sandwhiches, toast, and my most favourite… straight out of the tub, onto a spoon, and into my mouth!

My Peanut butter love (addiction) was only intensified when I started lifting and following a more typical “bodybuilding diet” when I was a teenager. My hauls of supermarket nut butters eventually lead into natural peanut butters, which led to almond butters, and eventually a world of nut butters available online.

Because of my nut butter love, I decided to start a mega tasting session over on my Youtube channel, and decided to keep a written guide about the best nut butters to go along with it.

I’ll be keeping this page updated with all the different nut butters i’ve tried, giving my thoughts on them. I’ll also be posting more in depth nut butter reviews, so keep an eye out for links to the full reviews of anything on this page.

Is there a nut butter that im currently missing? Let me know! I’ll put my nuts on the line for you!

Nut Butter Reviews

In my best nut butter review & taste test guide, you’ll find all of my taste testing videos, which im dubbing “Nut Shot”. I’ll write an accompanying piece with each video entry, giving a run down of each nut butter in that video, and what i think of it.

I will also be doing more indepth nut butter reviews of some of them, which i will link to from this page.

My nut butter stash is always being updated, however if there is a nut butter you’d like to see me get balls deep in (pun intended) then let me know! The easiest way to contact me is on



Nut Shot Episode 1

Nut Butters Featured In Part 1:

Kirkland Natural Peanut Butter (Costco Peanut butter)

This is a good, wholesome, natural peanut butter. Its “gloopy” nature is a result of the peanut oil separation. Its a healthy natural peanut butter, and tastes really nice. Not too sweet, not overly savoury, “just right”. You can get 2 x 1.13kg tubs for £12.99. A pretty standard price.

Meridian Cashew Nut Butter

Taste…. buds…. tingled.. DAMN! This was good. As you can see in part 1 of the Nut Shot (above), I really enjoyed my first taste of cashew nut butter. Because of this…. im going on record to say it is the best cashew butter out there! I’ll keep this updated as I try new ones though. This natural cashew nut butter had a sweet taste, almost biscuit or cookie like. However as it was a natural cashew butter, there is no crap added to it. Just cashew nuts. If you’ve never tried cashew butter before, then give meridian natural cashew nut butter a try,

Nuts N More Toffee Peanut ButterRead my nuts n more reviews here

Ah sweet memories. Nuts n More is the brand that popped my high protein nut butter cherry.

This is arguably the brand, in my opinion that can take claim to the titles of; best peanut butter, best almond butter and best high protein nut butters.

But im just talking about the Toffee here. This is soooo good. Its a real sweet treat. When i say diet destroyer, i mean it. If you have a problem with self control, then steer clear of this…. or just get a tub and eat it all in 1 sitting. That’s what i would do! (Don’t judge me)

Whole Earth Smooth Peanut Butter

This is an average peanut butter. When i first tried this years ago, I really enjoyed it, until I started trying more peanut butters on my quest to find the best tasting peanut butter. It has a firm consistency and texture, so does not require any mixing. It is really smooth, not grainy or bitty. It has a pleasant taste, that is slightly more salty than other nut butters. It feels like a “healthy peanut butter” if that makes sense? I used to love this peanut butter. Over the years, it has slipped down to average. Better suited as a spread over something, as opposed to off the spoon.

P28 Banana Raisin Peanut Butter

This is the worst of the P28 range. For me, the combination of banana and raisin is a bit odd. Even more strange is the combination of banana and peanut butter. It just doesn’t seem to blend together as well as other flavours i’ve had. The banana flavour is easily identifiable, and there are plenty of raisins mixed in. It’s not a bad taste, but just not very desirable in my opinion.

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Nut Shot Episode 2 – Added 6/3/15

Nut Butters Reviewed in Part 2:

Peanut Butter & Co Honey

I love peanut butter (durrr). I also love honey. In oats, on rice cakes, drizzled over some cereal even. Combining the 2 is like love and marriage, or a horse and carriage (Married with children reference anyone).

The peanut butter & co honey is nice, if not a little bit disappointing. Let me emphasise however, it is nice!

I think my high expectations just led me to expect something more. The honey taste doesn’t hit you straight away. Its more of a linger aftermath after you’ve ate the peanut butter.

To be honest, its probably just the right blend. Not overpowering, and not too sweet.

Peanut Butter & Co Mighty Maple

This is some good stuff right here. Similar to the honey i’ve just spoken about, the might maple peanut butter & co has more of an after taste, rather than the feel of a maple leaf slapping you in the face.

This is just right however. The maple flavour is clearly distinct, without coming across as sickly (which would be very easy to happen).

This is one of the best flavoured peanut butters i’d buy on a regular basis. Off the spoon, or spread over something, you can’t go wrong with the Mighty Maple peanut butter & co.

Bellplant Nation 1883 Smooth Peanut Butter

*WARNING – Diet Destroyer Inbound – END OF WARNING*

As you can see in the above video, this is just like opening up a jar of awesome sauce. For a non flavoured, “regular” peanut butter, this is one of the best.

1883 smooth peanut butter from Bellplant Nation has such a smooth & soft texture. It’s easy to have spoon after spoon and wonder why the tub is empty.

Usually, a regular peanut butter is pretty easy for me to resist. Sure it’s nice, but i can have a serving, put the lid back on the tub and put it away.

That doesn’t happen with 1883 smooth… it just doesn’t.

The taste is more on the sweet side, in comparison to natural peanut butter, and the silky soft texture means you can just go through it like no bodies business.

Skippy Smooth Peanut Butter

The poor man’s 1883. Coming off the holy grail of smooth (half natty) peanut butter that was 1883, the skippy just seemed like mutton dressed as lamb.

Its a decent peanut butter, but nothing more than average. It’s one of the peanut butters that has higher sugar content in it, but it certainly doesn’t make it taste much better.

This is a one i’d personally not bother with buying again.

Manbake Almond Butter

Trying Manbake Almond Butter was like running into the living room on Christmas morning, finding Santa holding the gift sack, only to tbag me and leave me with the taste of bitter disappointment.

Funnily enough, that’s the same taste I experienced when trying Manbake almond butter.

I had such high hope for this, I really did. I had originally wanted to try their cookie butter, however it was out of stock. So i went for, what I thought, would be a solid replacement. Almond butter.

This was just such a major let down. Unflavoured almond butter isn’t the sweetest thing in the world, but it has a distinct, recognisable and moreish taste. More so than peanut butter in my opinion.

Manbake’s take on almond butter was not pleasant. It tasted savoury & burned. It was a surprise, and not a pleasant one.

Sure i expected it to be different than a regular almond butter. But this difference just backfired completely. 0/10 do not buy.

Nut Shot Episode 3 – Added 25/3/15

In episode 3 of the Nut Shot, we review the following nut butters:

P28 White Chocolate High Protein Peanut Butter


Take one of the best tasting things to ever pass your taste buds. Turn it into a spread. Pack it into a tub.

That is exactly what we get with P28 White Chocolate Peanut Butter. This is hand’s down of the best tasting nut butters i’ve ever tried.

Without any doubt, the white chocolate taste is so distinct. If you were to blind taste test this, there would be no doubts that it was white chocolate flavoured.

The p28 white chocolate high protein peanut butter is a natural peanut butter, so you need to stir this round before you have it. Once you’ve given it a good stir, the texture compliments the taste perfectly.

No word of a lie, i could go through a full tub of this and give zero consideration to my macros.

This isn’t a hyperbole, it’s that good. The only way you wouldn’t like this peanut butter, is if you don’t like white chocolate. In which case, why would you even try it!?

Meridian Crunchy Natural Peanut Butter

Im sure that Meridian peanut butter, and MyProtein Peanut butter are made in the same factory. The stuff tastes identical.

The Meridian peanut butter is a pretty standard natural peanut butter. It needs a mix when you open it, and for the first few times you eat it, you’ll need to give it a stir.

It’s quite gloopy in your mouth, as is the case with most natural peanut butters. The crunch peanuts in this are pleasant & plentiful.

If you’re looking for a no-frills, unflavoured, healthy peanut butter, you cannot go wrong with this one. Try the smaller tub, and if you like it, stick to the 1kg tubs as its much cheaper.

Barney Butter – Honey Almond Butter

Similar to the Peanut butter & co honey flavour peanut butter, Barney Butter’s almond honey butter has a hint of honey that hits you after it’s been in your mouth for a few seconds.

Again, i was expecting a stronger taste of honey, but what you get is good.

The shining star of Barney Butter however is the texture. Never have i had an almond butter that is so silky soft.

The term “silky” get thrown around a lot, however that is a true representation of Barney Butter. It isn’t just soft. It isn’t just “easy to eat”. It really is silk-smooth.

The Barney Butter almond butters are natural, and require a lot of stirring. More so than any of the others. As you can see in episode 3 of the Nut Shot (above).

I can definitely see this need to mix putting a lot of people off, which is a shame, as once you’ve given the time to mix it thoroughly, it tastes so good.

The honey flavour is nice, and is a one i would buy again, but it’s by no means out of this world in terms of flavours.

Sunpat Crunchy Peanut Butter

This is probably the brand that most people think of when they hear peanut butter. It’s in all the supermarkets, it’s cheap, and its a recognised brand.

Overall, it gets a “meh/10” from me. There is just nothing special to write about in terms of the taste or texture. It’s just average in every way.

If you’re not a huge nut butter fan, and sunpat is all you’ve tasted, that is probably why. It isn’t moreish, it has nothing to wow the taste buds, its just average.

Personally, it’s a one i would never buy. Its biggest redeeming factor is that its one of the cheaper options available in supermarkets.

Nut Shot Episode 4 – Added 27/4/15

In Episode 4 of the Nut Shot we review the following nut butters:

Bellplant Nation 1883 Crunchy
Peanut Butter & Co Old Fashioned Crunchy
Peanut Butter & Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl
P28 Signature Blend High Protein Nut Butter Spread
Jif Crunchy Peanut Butter

Nut Shot Episode 6

In Episode 6 of of the Nut Shot we review the Sweet Spreads range of coconutter. The coconut butters we taste test in this episode are

White Chocolate Coconutter
Cinnamon Roll Coconutter
Vanilla Cupcake Coconutter

You can check out my entire Sweet Spreads Coconutter Review if you’d like more information on these flavoured natural coconut butters.

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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