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Protein Bites InterviewProtein Bites is changing the misconceptions that bodybuilders and the fitness industry has about protein supplements and ‘healthy’ protein snacks. Protein powders, protein shakes and protein supplements are nothing out of the ordinary in the bodybuilding world. These protein supplements are becoming increasingly popular in main-stream society as meal replacements or weight loss shakes.


Many consumers, misbelieve, the notion that adding the word ‘protein’ in front of something automatically makes it a healthy alternative to a regular food choice. Protein bar’s are readily believed to be a healthy chocolate bar. Protein cookies are thought to be magical weight loss biscuits. For some strange reason protein flapjacks and protein pancakes are considered to be access all area’s by casual gym goers. The truth however is that, whilst these protein snacks are convenient ways to add protein to your diet, they aren’t always optimal for weight loss, and aren’t always the healthiest food choice available. So in a culture where ‘Protein <whatever you want to think is a healthy snack goes here>’ why do people have such a hard time believing that protein crisps, or a protein potato chip is a viable protein supplement?

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Bodybuilder Andrew Coulson, supplement industry expert, training partner of Dorian Yates, and owner of Novo Nutrition and the mastermind behind behind Protein Bites is on a mission to change this perception with his protein potato chip snack. At the 2014 Bodypower Expo, we were able to catch up with Andrew to speak about Protein Bites, perceptions of the protein crisp, protein snacks, bodybuilding & Dorian Yates.

Interview Key Points

  • Speaks about Dorian Yates Training Style
  • Modern Day Bodybuilding Training Approach
  • Warm Up Sets & Working Sets
  • Protein Snacks
  • Protein Supplements
  • Misconceptions of Protein Crisps
  • Protein Bites Joint Ventures

A marketer at heart, Andrew has recently forged relationships with two giants in the retail sector, giving Protein Bites a far wider reach than ever before. Regular readers of our protein bites myproteinsite,and users of our Myprotein Discount Codes can now find the joint venture potato snacks at and in the near future, consumers all over the UK will be able to pick up a back of these high protein crisps from England’s biggest supermarket chain, Tesco. Protein Bites have been available on line from Muscle Foods for sometime, as well as specialist sports & bodybuilding supplements shops. However these new distribution channels will lead to massive growth and an increased awareness for the high protein snack.

Protein Bites are available in 3 different flavours, sour cream & onion, peri peri chilli and grilled chicken. We will be bringing our thoughts in a Protein Bites Review in the foreseeable future, over in our supplement reviews section. For many people looking to gain lean mass, lose weight, eat healthier, crisps are one of the hardest foods to eliminate from their diet. They’re tasty, convenient and cheap and available everywhere. So being able to substitute a regular pack of crisps for a bag of Protein Bites will be a god send for many.

Andrew Coulson The Bodybuilder

andrew coulson 1 interviewYou might have heard of Protein Bites, but you may not have heard of Andrew Coulson before however. Andrew isn’t just a ‘suit’ looking to exploit a gap in the fitness industry. He is a former IFBB judge, bodybuilder and close friends with Dorian Yates. In this interview with Andrew Coulson from Bodypower 2014, his passion for training is evident, as he speaks about the notoriously famous HIT style of weight training, utilised by Dorian Yates to claim 6 Mr Olympia titles. Both Andrew & Dorian are firm believers in 45 minutes being enough to stimulate the muscle enough to force growth, and lead to a bigger, stronger and more muscular physique.

Where Andrew’s approach differs to Dorians’ however, is that he would recommend 2 working sets, as opposed to Dorians’ 1 working set method. This is following a series of moderate warm up sets to prepare the muscle for the strenuous working set.

Andrew openly admits vanity as being one the main reasons he got into bodybuilding. Who doesn’t want to look good? Although he has spent much of his live in bodybuilding, and following a bodybuilding lifestyle, competing on stage is something that never appealed to him. The primary reason he never pursued competitive bodybuilding was due to the lack of money the sport pays. This makes sense, and I can definitely relate to this mindset. Rather Andrew used his profile, and knowledge of bodybuilding to build up multi-million pound businesses, and has never looked back.


If you want to hear more from the horses mouth, then i’d definitely recommend checking out this Muscle Foods Interview, in which he discusses his bodybuilding workout split, speaks about the sport of bodybuilding and his supplement companies. You can also stay up to date with all things from Protein Bites on social on social at the following:



If you want to try Protein Bites you can do so, using our protein discount codes, and pick some up from My Protein or Muscle Foods. Make sure to keep an eye out for our reviews of them, and subscribe to our Youtube Channel to never miss any future interviews, bodybuilding or supplement videos!

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