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A perfect healthy snack for all pancake lovers out there. Packing over 30g of protein, under 5g of carbs and less than 3g fat per pancake, there's no reason not to add these Protein Pancakes to your diet. The Rock loves Pancakes nuff' said.

Everyone loves pancakes, but unfortunately we don’t love the high sugar and fat content that comes with traditional pancakes. Fortunately MyProtein has us covered with their Protein Pancake Mix. How does this Protein Pancake Mix stack up against the competition? Find out in this MyProtein Pancake Mix Review!

MyProtein Pancake Mix Overview

The MyProtein Pancake Mix is a quick, convenient high protein pancake mixture allowing you to make perfect pancakes in just minutes, minus the fat and sugars that come with normal pancakes. Pancakes or crepes are delicious, especially when covered in golden syrup or maple syrup. For anyone on the fence about pancakes, and who doesn’t believe how tasty they are, the entire white family eats them almost every day for the entire 5 series of Breaking Bad. And you would not want to disagree with Walter White.

Breaking Bad Pancakes

When dieting, often we have a bigger desire to eat what we can’t have. Rather than depriving yourself of foods you enjoy however such as pancakes, you can opt for a healthier, anabolic option such as Protein Pancakes. The MyProtein Pancake mixture is made of 3 types of protein, whey, milk and egg protein. It contains a very small amount of carbs and fats, and comes in an unflavoured or chocolate.

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Per 50g: myprotein protein pancakes
Energy: 191kcal
Energy: 806KJ
Protein: 34.3g
Carbohydrates: 5.9g
Sugars: 2.1g
Fats: 3.2g
Saturates: 1.1g
Fibre: 0.7g
Sodium: 0.3g

How To Make MyProtein Protein Pancakes

This protein pancake mixture is the easiest way to make protein pancakes i’ve found to date. A recommended serving for 1 pancake is 50 grams, and this makes a thick, plate filling pancake. So take 50 grams of the mixture and add it to 100-150ml of water or milk. I use a regular shaker to mix this together for easiness, but you could mix this in a bowl. Simply pour this mixture into a pre-heated non-stick pan. If you don’t have a non-stick pan you can use a 1kcal spray to greese the surface. Leave it to cook for 1-2 minutes then flip the pancake and leave it for another minute. Voila!

I’ve only tried the unflavoured version, which taste’s just like a regular pancake. However using a sweetener or flavouring powder, you can add a taste to your protein pancakes. I’ve made vanilla, strawberry, cookies and cream and banana. My favourite is cookies and cream, although id recommend you experiment to find your favourite flavour. This being said, you can also pick up the chocolate flavour from myprotein, or eat it unflavoured.

Taste & Texture

The unflavoured version tastes just like you’d expect a regular pancake to. A 50g serving of mixture is enough to make a pancake that is thick and large enough to fill a regular sized plate. Of course you can experiment with the thickness by adding more or less liquid to the mix. As already mentioned, these Protein Pancakes are so easy to make. 50 grams of mixture in just 100 ml of water creates a smooth batter, with no lumps, clumps or unmixed powder, perfect for pouring into the pan.

Whilst the unflavoured version is nice, I find that I have to add something extra to it to satisfy my sweet tooth such as fruit, jam or a low sugar sweetener. What I find is the better option, is to use one of the MyProtein Flavouring systems to add some taste to the pancake. When doing this it makes the entire Pancake much more enjoyable, and will mean you don’t have to add any extra calories through toppings. There a ton of flavour drops and powders available from MyProtein so i’d recommend you try a few of them out.

When To Use MyProtein Pancake Mix

Im not your god damn mother! You can eat these Pancakes whenever the hell you like! Cheat day? Pancakes. Breakfast? Pancakes. Quick snack? Pancakes. Sleep The Rock Pancakeseating? Pancakes. Hell do what The Rock does and have a full stack of them for breakfast!

Because these are so easy and quick to make, you can literally have them any time of the day. I find them to be quite filling, so they do work well as a meal. For those on a low carb diet 1 50g pancake contains just 5g of carbs, and 30g of protein, so its a low carb, high protein food choice. I’d recommend having these for breakfast in combination with a carb source such as oats or cereal, or as a meal replacement through the day when you’re rushed for time. Of course the best time to have a MyProtein Protein Pancake is when you’re overcome with a sugar rush.

MyProtein Protein Pancake Mix Verdict

The MyProtein Protein Pancake Mix is an excellent snack to beat those sugar cravings. Its high protein, low fat and low carb nutritional information makes it the perfect healthy snack for anyone looking to lose weight. For those looking to bulk up, simply eat 1 of these with a carb source. They’re very easy to make, and leave almost no mess to tidy up. The end result is a healthy, high protein pancake that tastes just like a real pancake.

If you don’t enjoy pancakes then this won’t convert you. However if you’re like Walter White or Walter Jr and love pancakes, then this high MyProtein Protein Pancake Mix is the perfect choice for you.

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