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On May 28, 2014
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If your sick of your Branched Chain Amino Acids tasting like Ass, try IBCAA. This easy to drink bcaa powder is a refreshing way to kick start protein synthesis and maximise your muscle gains.

Much like Shreddy himself, I use MyProtein for all of my supplements. Knowing Adam in real life, I asked for his recommendations on where I should get my supplements from when I started training. I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but I didn’t want to buy crap. I wanted good quality supplements, at cheap prices. Adam recommended MyProtein and i’ve used them as my sole supplement provider ever since. I always find myself going back to MyProtein for their excellent prices, offers and high quality performance products (cheap plug over, freebies anyone? No im not sponsored with them but damn it i should be!).

IBCAA Overview

my protein ibcaa But let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this Myprotein review. We’re looking at IBCAA’s today. Whereas usually I would purchase the regular unflavoured BCAA when I was putting in my last order I noticed that this new, crazy-ass supplement, iBCAAs, was on offer at My Protein. Now I have always purchased the standard, unflavoured powder just because I’m a tight bastard and want the most for my money so this deal was right up my street.

A quick glance at the product information will show you that the iBCAAs are almost identical to the standard BCAA powder with the same 2:1:1 combination of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine and the only difference being the ‘instantised’ element of the powder. Being instantised means that as well as being more soluble in water, the amino acids can be absorbed (for want of a better word) into the body much quicker.

But should you part with your money? We all want dem gains, of course we do, and what better way to make the most of your gains, than doubling up with making them lucratice, cost effective gains. But are these iBCAAs going to help you along the road to swole? In my opinion, the undeniable irrefutable factual evidence indicates you should buy the hell out of these.

My Protein iBCAA Effectiveness

The use of BCAA is strongly recommended by leading experts within the bodybuilding and fitness industry such as Layne Norton and Lyle Mcdonald. However for some reason ‘casual lifters’ insist that merely following a high protein diet means that you do not need to use a BCAA supplement. I personally would agree with the experts, and don’t mind spending a bit of money on some branched chains. I use MyProtein Impact Whey, as well as a branch chain amino acid supplement, its not going to do me any harm. This in conjunction with a diet consisting of a wide variety of protein sources, I am covering all basis of ensuring I am getting an adequate amino acid profile. I will consider adding in different types of protein supplements, such as micellar casein to help bump up my intake of slow digesting protein (as I hate cottage cheese) however that’s something, I personally, have not experimented with yet.

After approximately 7 weeks of use at varying times of the day (pre-morning cardio, pre post and intra-workout) I haven’t noticed any difference in terms of DOMS, performance or recovery. Absolute zero. So why buy? Two reasons, price and taste. The regular unflavoured amino acids always tasted more like amino ASSids to me and were a ball ache to take some days but with these more soluble amino acids I’m able to take my vitamins, say my prayers and take one step closer to Hulkamania style pythons with the greatest of ease.

Amino Acids Taste

Ultimately I buy BCAAs anyway, and if there is no change in performance and I can save myself some cash then I will jump at the chance.

Can I guarantee that changing your regular BCAA supplement to iBCAAs will be beneficial? No. Just like I couldn’t copy anyone else’s diet plan and expect to get the same results. But is it worth taking a chance now while the product is on offer? You bet your bottom dollar it is.

Value For Money

For a 1kg bag if iBCAA from Myprotein, which is the largest size they supply it in, you are looking at spending £39.99, which is only £5 more than regular bcaa. Obviously if you buy a smaller size, then the price increase will be even smaller. However even for the extra £5, the texture and drinkability of iBCAA in comparison to BCAA is well worth the money. Out of all the cheap bulk supplement suppliers in the UK, this is also one of the MyProtein is one of the cheapest suppliers. Couple this with one of our myprotein discount codes, and you’re grabbing yourself one hell of a deal here. Lets face it, there are worst ways to spend money on supplements.

As already mentioned, its impossible to say just how more effective iBCAA’s are compared to regular BCAA’s. What you’re paying a few pound more for here is an enhanced taste and texture, which makes this supplement a lot easier and more enjoyable to drink. Following a bodybuilding diet isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, so anything that can enhance the taste of my supplements and food choices is always a bonus, and in my opinion, worth paying a little bit more money for.


If you’re serious about maximising your gains in the gym, then you should be using a BCAA supplement to enhance recovery and to maximise your protein synthesis to aid in building muscle. Whilst a regular BCAA or even a 4:1:1 ratio of BCAA would be a wise choice, I would personally recommend paying the little bit extra and to use this iBCAA, especially in the berry blast flavour. I’ll be using this as my regular choice of BCAA supplement for the future, and you should to.

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