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Pizza is back on the menu with this protein packed, low carb & low fat option. A thin, crisp base grounds this protein pizza, with the choice of 6 different toppings. An absolute life saver when dieting - all the taste with none of the guilt.

MuscleFood is on the money when it comes to providing cheap, bodybuilding diet staples in bulk.

We all need to eat enough protein to build muscle, from good food sources. Think your chicken breast, egg whites, steak. MuscleFood caters to these basic dietary needs, along with including out of the box foods such as ostrich, protein cookies, supplements & every bodybuilding diet staple – pizza.

Yeah, that’s right, every bodybuilders number 1 muscle building food.

Spicy Beef Muscle Food Protein PizzaRemember when you first started to training and looking up the diet & nutrition plans of top pro bodybuilders. They all include Pizzas don’t they?

…dont they?

Ok so we all know pizza isn’t a stereotypical bodybuilding food (IIFYM right?). Its more commonly known as a cheat meal, bro bulk food, or a sure fire way to become a fat ass, also known as the staple of an American diet (oh how i jest).

MuscleFood have done us all a favour, by creating a lower carb & fat, high in protein guilt free Pizza.

No longer do you have to wipe the sweat away from wearing your turtle neck sweater of guilt after smashing a 16inch Domnio’s all to yourself (and trying to justify it because its “its leg day, so i need more calories”).

Seriously, you shouldn’t be wearing a normal turtle neck, never mind a guilt ridden turtle neck.

Protein Pizza Fitness Meme

I’m not a sucker for “protein fortified foods”. I can quite easily get enough protein from normal protein sources & protein supplements. However I was eager to try this “protein pizza” by MuscleFood more so out of curiosity. That sense of curiosity killed the cat, so what’s the worst a protein pizza could do to me?

Well, let me tell you in my Muscle Food High Protein Pizza Review.


MuscleFood’s range of protein pizza’s aims to put pizza back on the menu for anyone looking to build muscle, and lose fat. I’ve seen a lot of “healthy pizza” recipes online, tried a lot, and they all taste like mush topped with cheese and meat as opposed to a pizza.

With this in mind, i was apprehensive before trying my first MuscleFood Pizza. Think along the lines of a virgin about to have sex for the first time. You know, that when done right, its great. But you also know that when done wrong, could be dreadful, and would leave a messy, disgusting aftertaste.

Protein Pizza from Muscle FoodThey sent me 3 different flavours of protein pizza to try, these were;

  • Spicy Beef High Protein Pizza
  • Mighty Meat High Protein Pizza
  • Chicken & Pepper High Protein Pizza

Musclefood also offer ham & mushroom, as well as tuna, onion & olive. Why the hell anyone would want to put tuna on a pizza is a different article completely however.

Should You Try It?

If you love pizza – try it.

If you like pizza – try it.

If you rarely eat pizza – skip it.

Taste & Texture

After some failed cauliflower pizza recipes, I honestly wasn’t expecting mush from these. Sure the topping would be quite hard to balls up, but as for the base I wasn’t expecting it to resemble pizza.

This concern was heightened after a quick check of the ingredients list. The first ingredient listed for the base was water, then pea protein…. not what i’d expect from a traditional tasting pizza.

Casting doubts aside, like a teen mom casts her children to go out on the piss every saturday night, i ploughed ahead, and put it in the oven for 12 minutes.

When I was a kid, if I saw my cheese starting to turn even so slightly brown, I would deem the pizza ruined. It’s not often i eat pizza now, but when I do, i keep my eyes glued to the oven, like peanut butter on jelly.

Anyway after 12 minutes it looked just to my liking, I was ready to try it.

Much to my surprise, it tasted pretty much like a normal pizza. There was definitely a “different” kind of texture to the base, as it wasn’t wheat based. However, it was nothing like the abominations known as cauliflower pizza.

Musclefood have made a “macro friendly (as in lower in carbs and fat in comparison to the regular version), high protein pizza, that doesn’t taste like shit.

Fatboy pizza meme

The first one I tried was the Mighty Meat. This was packed with chicken, ham and beef, and overall tasted good.

My only criticism lies with the base. It wasn’t “bad”, but not as enjoyable as a regular pizza. I suppose there has to be some sacrifice when reducing calories.

I wasn’t sure if i had perhaps undercooked this protein pizza, which is what gave it a soft & powdery texture.

For my 2nd protein pizza, the chicken & pepper, I decided to leave it in the over slightly longer to crispen up.

Just like my aforementioned virgin metaphor, cooking these pizza’s is a lot like having sex. Practice makes perfect, and each attempt is pretty enjoyable.

My second protein pizza from Muscle Food was more enjoyable, as the extended cooking time made the base crispier, and much more like a regular pizza.

I probably gave this second (and subsequently the rest of the protein pizza stash that Muscle Food sent me) about 15/16 minutes to cook. Enough to get the base crispy, without burning the cheese and ruining the topping.

Quick thoughts on each flavour:

  • Spicy Beef High Protein Pizza

The beef was pretty spicy, but not too much. I’ve had Asda “build your own” pizza’s before, and the beef on those are spicier. The “spicy” in a Muscle Food Protein Pizza is more flavoursome, as opposed to burn your tounge off.

MuscleFood Protein Pizza Review - Spicy Beef

  • Mighty Meat High Protein Pizza

This is pretty much any LADS go to choice. Plenty of meat here. All tastes good. Topped with chicken, spicy beef and ham. Im not a huge fan of ham, it’s not something i’d ever go and buy, but i don’t mind it as a topping on a pizza.

Muscle Food Protein Pizza Review - Mighty Meat

  • Chicken & Pepper High Protein Pizza

I love me some chicken (breast is best) and i also love peppers. This would probably be my “go to” if i was buying them again.

Each of the flavours i’ve tried were all good, and if i was in a restaurant, i’d be genuinely pleased with any of them.

A traditional, thing & crispy pizza, not swimming in horrible grease, and not skimping on the flavour, or toppings.

Protein Pizza Review Muscle Food - Chicken Pepper

Nutrition & Macros

So this is the drawing point of these protein pizzas. Muscle Food are marketing these things as a “protein pizza” due to the high protein content in them – far greater than a regular supermarket pizza.

We all know that any gym dummy will lap something up if it has protein in the title. I might start fating into a bottle, and stick a “protein farts” label on it. I’d probably be a millionaire in no time at all. Infact, that description sums up some of the protein shakes i’ve tried over the years.

Anyway, these protein pizza’s do indeed live up to their name, packing a hefty amount of protein per pizza. Around 65g per whole pizza, and I can easily eat a whole one of these to myself. Anything less would leave me feeling hungry.

Each pizza is 350g as a reference point.

Mighty meat flavour pizza macros

mighty meat protein pizza macros

Spicy beef flavour pizza macros

spicy beef protein pizza macros

Chicken & pepper flavour pizza macros

musclefood protein pizza macros

Compare this to a popular supermarket pizza (Tesco’s meat feast)

tesco pizza vs musclefood protein pizza

Based on 100g serving, the calories in the Tesco pizza are 276, far higher than the highest calorie protein pizza from MuscleFood which sits in at 188. Obviously the fat and carb content in the Muscle Food Protein pizzas is far lower than Tesco, whilst the protein is much much higher.

Most of the calories are saved through the base. However the use of Muscle Foods leaner leaner meat, and lower fat cheese also makes up a good caloric deficit. Thankfully these calorie cuts don’t come at the expense of taste.


You can pump up your protein intake (and pizza consumption) with a protein pizza starting from £4. That’s miles cheaper than a takeaway, and about in line with what you’d pay for a premium brand Pizza from a supermarket.

To compare, the Tesco pizza mentioned above is in their 2 for £3.50 range, whilst a pizza express supermarket pizza can cost £4.50 (prices taken from the Tesco website).

So the price definitely carries a premium, but its not a stupid price tag, like many protein supplements carry.

Muscle Food Protein Pizza Review

Ultimately, this is a pizza that costs £4 and tastes good. The cost, in my opinion, is justified by the excellent macros, and high protein content – something you just won’t find from other brands in the supermarket. Of course you can always get a good deal on these protein pizzas from MuscleFood by using a discount code from our Muscle Food Voucher Codes page.

For someone who isn’t into the gym (see “loser”) then they will scoff at the price tag, yet they’d probably be happy to order a domino’s, pizza hut or buy a pizza express from the Super Market.

Not only do these pizza’s taste good, they are lower in carbs & fat, and higher in protein than regular pizza’s, so you can fit these into your macro’s far easier and feel full after eating. Rather than starving yourself for a slice or 2 of take a way pizza, and still feeling starving after you’ve ate it.

That being said – would I buy them on a regular basis?

1 a week, or 1 a fortnight would be more than enough for me. Definitely not a food i’d eat every day.

The good thing is, you can freeze these, so if you buy a few of them in bulk, you know they’ll keep for months and months. You never know when a brutal leg session is going to leave you feeling fubar and needing pizza on a cut.


If you love pizza and are cutting, then these will be a diet saver. No need to restrict yourself of a food you love. You’ll still be able to stick within your macros easily with a MuscleFood Protein Pizza, and make the gains you’re looking for.

However let’s say you’re bulking, or train for strength, and you’re physique or body fat is irrelevant. In all honesty you would save money by just getting a pizza and stacking it high with the meat of your choice. Dirty bulking at its core.

Protein Pizza Review - Muscle Food Protein Pizza

Weigh up your goals, and your dietary needs before deciding if you want to buy one.

If you’ve never tried them before, then definitely let you curiosity get the better of your, and at least make 1 order to try them. You’re not going to be too out of pocket, and in all honesty, I’d be surprised if you didn’t enjoy it.

However don’t get roped into “ohhh its got protein in the name – it must be healthy for me”. Yeah it is “healthier” than most regular pizzas, as in it has a better macro profile (lower carbs and lower fat), it’s not magical. If you don’t eat pizza already, don’t think by simply adding this to your diet, you’re going to become the next Ronnie Coleman.

Should You Try It?

If you love pizza – try it.

If you like pizza – try it.

If you rarely eat pizza – skip it.

You can buy a Muscle Food Protein Pizza from the Muscle Food website here and you can get money off your order by using one of our MuscleFood Discount Codes.

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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