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Dynabar Protein Bar Review

After trying so many protein bars, you sometimes have to skew your expectations when trying a new brand. The packaging looks completely different to anything you’ve ever seen. The name is spun slightly different, it’s not just chocolate mint, ice

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Sweet Spreads Coconutter Review – Coconut Butter UK

Sweet Spreads Coconutter Review

What You Need To Know: Sweet Spreads “Coconutter” are flavoured coconut butters. They are made coconuts primarily, along with different kind of nuts & flavourings They are billed as a “nut butter alternative” …. but are nothing like nut butters

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DynaPro Any Time Protein Dynamix Review

Dyna Pro Anytime Protein Dynamix Review

The Scoop: 26g Protein Per Serving 0.4g Fat Per Seving 0.5g Carb Per Serving Whey Protein Isolate, Concentrate & Hydrolysed Protein Blend Added Leucine & Digestive Enzymes Great Tasting (Even With Water) Limited Selection of Flavours (Only 5) DynaPro Any

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Matrix Nutrition Pancake Mix Review

Matrix Pancake Mix Review

High protein Pancakes are one of the most popular snack/meals among the fitness community. A quick scroll through facebook, twitter or instagram, and i think im scrolling through a pancake recipe feed. Whether it is the simple egg & bananas

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Oomf Bench Pressed Oats Review

oomf banana bench pressed oats review

Bench Pressed Oats from Oomf have managed to combine a few of my favourite things. Porridge – Check Protein Supplements – Check Bench – Check First impressions, so far so good! Oomf Bench Pressed Oats are a high protein porridge,

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