The Dummies Guide To MyProtein Protein Powders

Supplements can get a bit confusing. From pre workouts, to post workouts, peri workouts. Now im sure you probably just think im making words up. Not all protein powders are created equal. Some are fast absorbing, some are slow absorbing. Some protein supplements contain pre digested enzymes, and some don’t. For anyone who is serious about making gains, and wants to supplement their diet in the best possible way, then this excellent infographic, courtesy of, will set you on the right track. It covers protein content percentage, the best times to take each supplement, and who would benefit from each different type of protein. You won’t need to buy all of these, but cherry picking the best ones to suit your needs will help you make cold, hard, gains.

My Protein Protein Powders

Now you’ve got a better understanding of what each type of protein does, make sure to check out our my protein reviews¬†and our impact whey review. Remember to use our my protein discount codes. Did you find this useful? Then make sure to like & share it on twitter and facebook!




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