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On August 17, 2015
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A tasty, expensive protein packed muffin with a questionable ingredients list and macro profile makes this hard to recommend as a "healthy" food option. Muffin lovers would probably enjoy them however.

The big UK Bulk supplement retailers seem to have a hard on for adding protein to everything.

I remember when I first started training and you could get a protein powder & a protein bar. Supplements were simple back then.

Over the past few years though i’ve seen everything from protein cookies, bread and even crispies (they’re crap by the way).

The latest protein delight to hit my mouth are Freshly Baked Protein Muffins from GoNutrition.

The muffin man used to be a stereotypical fat ass. However the modern day Muffin Man is a hulking… hulk of a man. Alliteration damn it.

I’ve had a few of these protein muffins now, so read my entire GoNutrition Protein Muffins Review for my full thoughts.


GoNutrition Freshly Bake Protein MuffinsGoNutrition Freshly Baked Protein Muffins are a high protein muffin. I like the straight forward simple approach. GoNutrition could have marketed these up as something with a fancy name, leaving us customers guessing as to what exactly the product was. However “Protein Muffins” doesn’t take much explaining now does it?

They come in 2 flavours, double chocolate & sticky toffee pudding. I would have preferred the sticky toffee pudding flavour in all honesty, but beggars can’t be choosers.

That means i tried the chocolate flavour.

Each muffin weighs in at 95g and contains 22.5 of protein, a pretty jacked up muffin if ever i’ve seen one.

I can guarantee Sainsbury’s Muffin don’t come packing this much muscle.

The full macro breakdown for each high protein muffin is:

GoNutrition Protein Muffin Macros

As a comparison, lets take a look at what Sainsbury Double Chocolate Muffins Contain

sainsbury muffin

The GoNutrition Protein Muffins contains 37 extra total calories over the Sainsbury Muffin. These extra calorie however come largely from the protein content, which is around 18grams higher in the GoNutrition muffins. Fat, carbs & sugars are all slightly slower in GN’s offering.

You see this is where people get confused, and in some ways, mislead. They see a regular food with “protein” in the title and assume “it’s healthier”.

However the total caloric value of the food product tends to be higher than a “regular” version. Sure the extra calories come from protein, which is good if you’re not eating enough protein to gain muscle currently.

However if a person was to swap their regular muffin for these high protein muffins, they could actually end up gaining weight, unknowingly.

This isn’t a jab or complaint towards any brand in particular. However it is clearly an area that the general public needs to be made more aware of.

GoNutrition Protein Muffins Ingredients

The Protein content comes primarily from Soy Protein Isolate, with whey protein isolate being the second. Its good to see that isolate’s are being used, as opposed to concentrate. Whey Protein Isolate is a superior form compared to concentrate, as is the case with the Soy type of protein.

The rest of the ingredients are pretty standard, comparable to regular muffins. Are “regular” muffins healthy? That’s hard to say, and depends on what “crowd” you’re part of.

If you’re a cool kid using the #iifym approach, then anything is healthy (as long as it fits your macros). However asking a registered nutritionist, im sure they’d urge that a muffin shouldn’t be part of your daily diet.

Im not hear to say what is or isn’t healthy, however im just pointing out the ingredients are pretty standard compared to a regular muffin, with the addition of some extra protein.

Go Nutrition High Protein Muffins ReviewTaste & Texture

So, this is the main event, the reason you’re reading my review.

How does it taste…. like a muffin. Honestly, you wouldn’t think this is an “healthier” alternative or a “protein food” like some of the high protein junk food swaps out there. This could be to do with the choice of ingredients listed above however.

It honestly tastes like a regular muffin.

The centre tasted very “muffin” like. The top is coated with a slightly different texture, almost like “glossy” cake, if that even makes sense.

Towards the bottom of the muffin lies a chocolate gooey sauce. I think if this was a regular bakery muffin, the sauce would flow from the centre, all the way down, gushing out like blood in a mortal kombat fatality. The gooey chocolate sauce, was nice, however i would have preferred more – note: i am quite greedy however.

Where the taste gets turned up a notch is when you microwave one of these high protein muffins. Anywhere from 12-25 seconds, seems to be the sweet spot. Trust me, i experimented.

This really loosens up the chocolate centre, and makes the entire muffin almost like a chocolate pudding.

I made a chocolate casein sauce, warmed it up, poured that over and added some cashews. Instant dessert. Maximum taste.

Lets pretend macro’s didn’t exist. Would I go for one of these or a Sainsbury’s Finest Muffin, fresh from their bakery section? I’d go for the Sainsbury muffin. However these high protein muffins from GoNutrition still taste nice.

Value For Money

This is where the product takes a nosedive. A box of 6 protein muffins cost’s £9.99. That’s only £1.67 per muffin, which isn’t all that expensive, however it’s still not cheap. Sainsbury finest muffins cost £1 each. In a coffee shop you might even be charged more. However, you’ve got to buy a box of them for £9.99!

The price hike is clearly due to the protein content but damn, I don’t think they’re good enough to warrant getting a full box at £9.99. If they were £1 each, then we’d have a deal on our hands. Unless you’re a die hard muffin eater (in which case, you probably aren’t that concerned about your diet) they’re hard to recommend at this price.

If you’re looking for a high protein “healthyish” sweet-treat then i’d probably recommend something like;

  • Protein Bars
  • Protein Cookies
  • Protein FlapjacksProtein Muffins and cashew flexbowl

Be careful however, as some of these contain far worst macros than the “regular versions”. You can never go wrong with quest bars, however if you’re looking for something with a different texture, then the Dynabar Protein Bar from Protein Dynamix is pretty much a lion bar with more protein.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more authentic to the kind of treat you’d find in a bakery, then a protein cookie or PHD’s Protein Flapjack would be good alternatives. All are cheaper when you buy them as a box, or use our supplement discount codes.


They deliver exactly what you’d expect, a good tasting muffin with a good serving of protein, 22.5g to be exact.

However they also contain 341 calories, and almost 16g of sugar. They aren’t overly filling, and I could probably go through 3-4 of these before I felt “full” or “content” from a satiation point.

If you’re on a cut, then i’d look to avoid these. Sure you can make them fit your macros, but I would personally rather use 341 calories on something more filling if I was hungry in a calorie deficit.

If you don’t have a big appetite, or if you’re bulking, then these are far easier to justify. They would make a good addition as a snack between meals, or even as a dessert after a meal. Like I say, they aren’t overly filling. I could easily polish one of these off after a meal, or as a snack between meals.

Perhaps you’d look to include these into some kind of flexbowl, covered in peanut butter, cereal and other crazy shit.

Should You Try Them?

Yes If:

  • Muffins are your favourite food and you struggle to hit your protein
  • You’re bulking & want an easy & tasty way to increase your calories & protein
  • You’re curious to see how a high protein muffin tastes compared to a regular muffin

No If:

  • You can take or leave muffins – they’re not your favourite thing
  • You prefer a “clean eating” approach as opposed to IIFYM
  • You follow IIFYM and would rather eat a regular muffin & have a protein shake
  • You prefer cheaper protein sources


Go Nutrition Protein Muffin HalfAfter having a box of these, i personally wouldn’t part with my cash for them. Im not a huge muffin man, and if i really wanted a muffin, id be happy getting a regular muffin, and making my protein up with a shake.

They do taste better than alot of other “protein alternative foods” i’ve had, but the macro profile & ingredients on these protein muffins aren’t outstanding, which is why they taste so nice.

That being said, if you absolutely love muffins, and i know many people do, these would be a good way to easily boost your protein intake.

The reason this gets 3 starts, instead of 2, is because they genuinely do taste nice, and they do contain a decent amount of protein. Coupled with a discount code, which you can always find for GoNutrition, will bring the price down a little bit. These 3 factors drag it to a 3 star rating – just barely.

Whilst I personally wouldn’t buy them again, I think someone who really loves muffins would appreciate these more than I did.

How To Buy

You can get GoNutrition Freshly Baked Protein Muffins here. Their product page will give you further info about the ingredients, nutrition and anything else you want to know.

I definitely would not pay the full £9.99 asking price for these. So if you do decide to try them, definitely pay a visit to our GoNutrition Discount Codes page, so you don’t get stung paying the full price.

If you do decide to give these a try, let me know what you thought. Maybe im just not enough of a muffin lover to appreciate these.

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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