Almond Butter Benefits – What is Almond Butter?

almond butter benefitsIm nuts about…. nuts! Specifically nut butters. They taste so awesome, and in moderation, are an awesome addition to your fat loss or muscle building diet and workout plan.

For years i’ve ate peanut butter as part of my “bodybuilding” diet. I stared out with Whole earth, but quickly upgraded to MyProtein’s Natural Peanut butter. I was loving it, content with the moreish, nutty goodness that this healthy spread would deliver. Packed with healthy fats and a moderate serving of protein I would enjoy it every night before bed.

I thought it was the bee’s knees. That was until I tried almond butter. It was something I had never had until 2013, and boy was I missing out. But what are the almond butter benefits we can see from eating it?

Since first sampling almond butter, I’ve tried a ton of different ones. From Nuts n More high protein almond butters, to regular almond butter, to flavoured almond butters. This thing is even more addictive than peanut butter. What are the almond butter benefits though?

It is good in moderation… the problem is, keeping it in moderation! The damn this is just too tasty!

Well the nut butter market seems to have exploded, particularly on twitter. That is where I met Laura aka Peanutbutter_nLashes. Aka – nut butter mega fan!

Almond butter, whilst growing in popularity, is the less popular little cousin of peanut butter. If you’ve never tried before, then you need to! Still not convinced?

Ok, well Laura is here to tell you about some of the awesome benefits of almond butter!

What is Almond Butter?

why eat almond butterAlmond Butter is the new and up coming craze at the moment. Thanks to the internet, social media, and nut butter addicts, the popularity of almond butter has exploded over the past few years.

Just what exactly is almond butter though? Almond butter is a food spread made from ground almonds. It’s very similar to peanut butter in texture and consistency, just made from almonds.


Almond butter is available in natural “stir” variety, along with no stir, which contains additional ingredients to keep the oils from the almonds separating.

Almond butter is available in a raw and roasted form. This describes how the almonds have been handled prior to being ground into almond butter. It is recommended that natural almond butters should be stored in a fridge to prevent the spread from spoiling due to the oil separation from the nuts.

Almond Butter as an Alternative to Peanut Butter

Almond butter is the most popular substitute for peanut butter. Anyone who suffers from a peanut allergy would be able to opt for almond butter as a peanut butter alternative. Even if you don’t suffer from a peanut allergy yourself, but live in a house with someone who does, almond butter is the perfect peanut butter substitute.

Heck, after having almond butter instead of peanut butter, you’ll probably never want to swap back!

peanut butter alternative

Almond Butter vs Peanut Butter

Almond butter has many benefits over peanut butter, which i’ll discuss shortly. However some of the most obvious almond butter benefits in comparison to peanut butter are:

  • Almond butter contains more fiber, potassium, iron, manganese & calcium in comparison to peanut butter.
  • Almond butter contains about half the amount of saturated fat than that of peanut butter (albeit a slightly higher overall fat content)
  • Unlike peanuts, almonds are not legumes. If you’re looking to avoid consuming legumes, then almond butter is suitable for your diet.
  • Tastes awesome! (This point is just my opinion of course :)!)


Almond Butter Benefits

Having nuts as part of your diet supports health by helping your body regulate blood sugar levels and can help lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. However, do you know the benefits of Almond Butter?

Not only are almonds (and by default – almond butter) delicious, they are known to be healthy for our brains. Almonds aid in brain function, helping to boost brain activity. A general serving of Almond Butter has approximately 18g of, primarily, unsaturated fats.

Eating unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats can help lower cholesterol. However we all need a balance and do need some saturated fat in our diets. So far, so good on the almond butter benefits for our diets right?

Other Benefits of Eating Almond Butter

benefits of almond butterAlmonds also contain a good amount of fibre. Fibre is essential in a healthy diet, as is helps lower your risk of heart disease. Did you also know almonds contain Calcium and Copper?

The benefits of almond butter just keep getting better!

Some of the benefits of Almond Butter come from their Calcium and Copper Compounds, both of these play a role in brain function and in keeping your nervous system functioning.

Copper helps you to make melanin (melanin is a pigment and it helps to protect our body from the sun.)

Calcium keeps our bones strong and aids muscle function, calcium has many benefits to our bodies, a diet lacking calcium can be at risk of developing diseases such as osteoporosis.

Calcium is necessary for maintaining bone mass and supporting the structures of our bodies. Vitamin E and Magnesium are also present in Almonds, like calcium magnesium helps to aid in bone health, it helps your body to produce energy and also energy storage.

Vitamin E prevents blood liquid oxidation which is a process that is linked to cardiovascular disease.

A serving size is 2 TBSP of Almond Butter (Although if you love it as much as i do, then its two very VERY big TBSP!) The best Almond Butters, in my opinion, are the ones that are free of sugar and other additives.

If your looking for a healthy addition to your diet, or a peanut butter alternative, then look no further.

Grab a Spoon & Go Nuts with this Peanut Butter Alternative

You can use Almond Butter in the exact same way as Peanut Butter, spread it on toast, have it in porridge, on top of an apple or banana, yoghurt and granola! It really is the best peanut butter substitute!

That means if you’re looking to follow any protein baking recipes that use peanut butter in them, you can simply swap it for almond butter. Here are 10 must try whey protein baking recipes to give you some inspiration!

The possibilities are endless.. or just do what i do, grab a spoon and enjoy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 2 cents on almond butter benefits. I’ll be bringing more nut butter related articles, along with reviews in the future.

peanut butter n lashesPeanutbutter_nLashes (Laura PBNLASHES)

My Favourite Almond Butters are, Barney Butter, Meridian and also Justin’s Almond Butters!

If you’re wondering where to buy almond butter, many of the bulk supplements suppliers sell it online, so make sure to visit our supplement discount codes page, to get the best deals!


Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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